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HIGH5 Affiliate Program gathers together, empowers and rewards individuals & companies that want to help others become the best version of themselves through the power of strengths. Join us on this mission!


HIGH5 is a free strengths helping people find out what they are naturally good at. By now, it has helped over 500,000 people discover, apply and grow their personal strengths in order to live the life of happiness & fulfillment.


Our goal at HIGH5 is to bring awareness of strengths to at least 10 million people by 2020, but we not want to reach this ambitious mission in solitude. The HIGH5 Affiliate Program aims to unite, empower and reward all forward-thinking, opinion leaders individuals & businesses that are active in helping people reach their full potential.


When you join the program as an affiliate, you will receive a unique affiliate link to share. Both you and us will be able to track all the sales generated by people who came via this link. At the end of every month, we total your commissions and send your money.

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Thanks to its versatility, HIGH5 has quickly become among the most popular personality assessments on the web. Whether you are a life coach or a recruiter, a personal development blogger or a professional training company – you can provide extra value to your clients by providing them access to the HIGH5 state-of-the-art strengths assessment.


There is no risk, no minimum commitment, or participation fee. Join the HIGH5 Affiliate Program and help your audience become the best of themselves.


Generous commission level from 20%


No limit on the payout reward sum

full month

30 day tracking &  payout window

templates and other resources

Banners, templates and collateral for sharing

Enhance your strengths

Access to real-time tracking system

identify team strengths

Dedicated & committed affiliate team

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Please submit your application for the HIGH5 Affiliate Program by filling in all the necessary information about your website / blog and we will get back to you within 3 working days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Step 1: Apply to become a member of the affiliate program by filling in the form above.

Step 2: If your application is approved, our affiliate team will send you the access credentials to your unique affiliate account with personal links, images, templates and other collateral.

Step 3: Share these links with your audience by integrating them onto your website.

Step 4: For every person, who came to HIGH5 and ordered HIGH5 services via your affiliate link, you will receive +20% commission.

Step 5: At the end of every month, we total your commissions and send your money.


Do I need to pay to join?
No. The program is absolutely free to be part of. It’s you who would be receiving the rewards for bringing HIGH5 to your audience.


Do I need a website to join?
Since a person can take the HIGH5 test only online – it’s only through the online sharing you and us would be able to track results of your outreach. Hence, your audience should be reachable only. Whether it’s through a website, blog or a newsletter – it’s your choice.


How do you track people from my website?
We use a proprietary tracking software to identify people who are coming from your website via unique links that you receive as an affiliate. As a member of the program, you will have an independent access to a real-time tracking platform to see your performance at any time.


Who should be my target audience?
Ideally, your target audience should consist of people who want to make a positive transition in their life. Fresh graduates to the first job, subordinates to a managerial role, boring job to a job of one’s dreams, employee to an entrepreneur – here are just a few examples of these positive transitions where knowing one’s strengths is essential.


Can I promote HIGH5 on more than one website?
Yes. The more the merrier! The more links you post, the more chances your audience can benefit from the strengths test & premium based on it and, as the result, yield you additional commission.


How will I get paid?
For smaller volumes of sales, we prefer to use PayPal. If you’re making large numbers of sales, then we’re happy to accommodate other preferences.


What if I live outside the US?
As long as your website is relevant to our field, we’re happy to partner with you. Many of our customers are based outside of the US.

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