How to Find Yourself: 13 Steps To Self-Discovery (Tools & Examples)

How to Find Yourself 13 Steps for Self-Discover

While finding yourself takes time and commitment, the reward is immense: being better in tune with yourself, both your thoughts, goals, values, and feelings. In this article, we will discuss the most commonly used strategies during the self-discovery process and the benefits of finding yourself.

Strength Cards for Therapists, Coaches, Adults & Kids [2022] | HIGH5

Strength Cards for Therapists and Coaches

Strengths cards are one of the key steps towards self-improvement. Many people often get lost on the path to realizing their full potential and it’s because they don’t have the needed awareness of their personal strengths. Thoughts and inner beliefs can be like a noose around the neck, and sometimes we are often our own […]

Crucial Personal Skills to Master: Improve Yourself at Work & Home

Personal Skills Get Ahead at Work & In Life by Improving Your Skills

Every individual has their own set of personal skills which make them valuable employees. Some are skilled at active listening, while those in management positions typically possess high-quality assertiveness skills. While everyone has some level of soft skills, it is also true that taking time to improve such skills makes one a strong employee and […]

What To Do With My Life? 10 Q&A To Find Purpose in Life

What To Do With My Life Find New Way & Enhance

Whatever has prompted you to ask yourself the question “what do I do with my life?”, there is one thing for sure – it’s time to make some positive changes.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the issues around this topic and give you some ideas to help you move forward and take control of your life.

Positive Emotions: Types, 25 Examples, Effects & Tips

Positive Emotions Theories, 90+ Examples, List & Tips

In this article, we’ll discuss the impact of positive emotions, find out the attitude towards positive emotions in today’s psychology, and see how to transform negative emotions into positive ones. We’ll also provide examples of 90+ positive emotions and give you tips about enhancing them. 

Critical Thinking Skills: Definition, 7 Examples & How to Improve Them

What is Critical Thinking Skills Definition, Examples & How to Improve

Being able to put aside personal biases can lead to discovering new friends or cultures. It also helps you discern between fake news and accurate reporting. However, the critical thinking process comes more naturally for some than others. For those that may need some insight into critical thinking strategies, consider reading the following article.

The Nine Enneagram Types Explained with Complete Descriptions

The Nine Enneagram Types [Complete Descriptions] High5

In this article, I have attempted to describe all nine types. These will help you identify your type within the Enneagram system so that you can begin to understand yourself better. They will also help you identify other people’s types so that you can understand them better as well, and analyze group dynamics with the Enneagram system in mind.

Work Ethic: Definition, How to Develop & Demonstrate

Work Ethic How to Develop & Demonstrate

While developing a strong work ethic takes time and dedication, the rewards on your investments are immense. In this article, we will illustrate the benefits of work ethic and demonstrate how to develop it.