You’ve decided to dig deeper into your strengths – now what? Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to get your Full Strengths Report to apply & grow what you are naturally good at.

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Step 1: Take the HIGH5 test

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If you have yet to take the HIGH5 strengths assessment –  start by completing it here. It is free of charge and takes only 15 minutes to discover your top 5 strengths. Every strengths profile is as unique as 1 in 2 000 000! If you have already taken the HIGH5 test, simply login to your profile here.  

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STEP 2: Preview The Full Report

On your strengths profile, click on the ‘DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT’ button at the bottom of the list of your top 5 strengths. Please see the screenshot above for visual instruction.


After clicking on the button, a new page will open with a sneak peak into your Full Strengths Report, previewing the blocks of insights you will gain by unlocking it.

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STEP 3: Unlock The Report

Click on the  ‘Unlock The Full Report’ button in the top right corner of the preview page. Please see the screenshot below for visual instruction.


You will be automatically taken to the checkout page. Fill in your billing details, choose the payment method and place your order. Don’t forget to use a discount code if you happen to have one. 

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Congratulations! You have now unlocked your Full Strengths Report and can start applying your strengths in your personal and professional life today.  


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