• Philomath

    Your objective is to learn new things. You have a genuine thirst for knowledge and others appreciate your curiosity. You’re not necessarily interested in becoming a subject matter expert — it’s the process itself that excites you. Because you enjoy the process, you like to experiment with different styles of learning, and you know that each style comes with its own valuable lessons. You like to learn things quickly then shift your attention to something new. That’s why you thrive in short projects and dynamically changing environments. Thanks to this strength, you’re always able to contribute valuable new knowledge to your team as well.

  • Brainstormer

    Your objective is to come up with new concepts and ideas. In fact, it’s more than your objective - it’s your way of life. You are open to new perspectives on familiar challenges and are constantly on the lookout for ways to connect unconnectable things. What’s more, you literally light up like a light bulb whenever a fresh idea pops into your mind. You get energized by new angles and approaches, no matter how contrary or bizarre they may seem. As a result, others see you as an innovator who’s willing and able to turn the world around. You are any team’s fountain of creativity, so others naturally come to you for ideas that are “out of the box.”

  • Problem Solver

    Your objective is to solve problems. While breakdowns often demotivate others, they can excite and energize you. When something does not work as it should, you jump at the opportunity to analyze the symptoms, identify what’s wrong and find a solution. In other words, you are great at solving puzzles. Instead of giving up in the face of difficulty, your goal is to restore something to its true glory — this is what makes you particularly special. In a team, everyone knows you as someone who does not shy away from a challenge, but instead actually fixes things back to normal.

  • Coach

    Your goal is to develop people’s potential. You believe that, contrary to what some might think, everybody has the potential for development. No-one has ever reached the ultimate level of excellence — there is always room for growth. It is your personal mission to help others realize and use their potential to experience success. As a result, you always look for ways to facilitate their learning, from challenging their thoughts in a discussion to creating environments that facilitate progress. As a leader, you truly care about the development of your team members, and they respect you for that.

  • Strategist

    Your objective is to see the big picture. Have you heard of “taking the helicopter view”? Well, you are constantly on this helicopter! This special way of looking at the world at large is more than just a skill — it’s a perspective that allows you to see how everything is interconnected. Others may be confused by your short-term moves, but in your mind you have a vivid multi-step strategy to get you to your goal. You don’t take paths that lead nowhere. Instead, you find clear direction in even the most complex situations, which makes you an essential asset to any forward-looking team.


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