• Strategist

    Your objective is to see the big picture. Have you heard of “taking the helicopter view”? Well, you are constantly on this helicopter! This special way of looking at the world at large is more than just a skill — it’s a perspective that allows you to see how everything is interconnected. Others may be confused by your short-term moves, but in your mind you have a vivid multi-step strategy to get you to your goal. You don’t take paths that lead nowhere. Instead, you find clear direction in even the most complex situations, which makes you an essential asset to any forward-looking team.

  • Peace Keeper

    Your objective is to resolve conflicts and establish harmony. You believe that, because conflict divides us, we need to find areas of agreement in order to move forward. You always wonder why people waste so much time in confrontations when it is much more productive to look for consensus. As such, you always seek common ground with others, even if you must sacrifice your own opinions for the sake of balance and harmony. You also have a strong sense of forgiveness. Your strength helps your team sail smoothly along and mitigate any conflicts as you search for win-win solutions for all those on board.

  • Philomath

    Your objective is to learn new things. You have a genuine thirst for knowledge and others appreciate your curiosity. You’re not necessarily interested in becoming a subject matter expert - it’s the process itself that excites you. Because you enjoy the process, you like to experiment with different styles of learning, and you know that each style comes with its own valuable lessons. You like to learn things quickly then shift your attention to something new. That’s why you thrive in short projects and dynamically changing environments. Thanks to this strength, you’re always able to contribute valuable new knowledge to your team as well.

  • Thinker

    Your objective is to think. Some get excited by exercising their biceps and triceps, but you prefer to stretch your “brain muscles” through deep thought. This, however, does not necessarily mean that you are very focused. It simply means that you enjoy mental activity and meaningful conversations. In fact, you are your own best companion on your mind journeys. This introspection allows you to digest complex information and ideas before communicating them with the outside world. Who wouldn’t like to have a team member who can simplify sophisticated concepts in a way that even three year olds can understand?

  • Empathizer

    Your objective is to be empathetic to others’ emotions. You have a natural ability to step into another person’s shoes, even if you don’t agree with their feelings or perspective. You understand what other people are going through, and this allows you to connect with others on a deeply personal level. You appreciate everyone’s differences and particularities. You treat people fairly and don’t exclude anyone, which naturally draws others to you. When part of a team, this strength based on kindness is valuable for mitigating conflict. You use it to ensure that everyone takes the others’ challenges and emotions into consideration.


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