• Thinker

    Your objective is to think. Some get excited by exercising their biceps and triceps, but you prefer to stretch your “brain muscles” through deep thought. This, however, does not necessarily mean that you are very focused. It simply means that you enjoy mental activity and meaningful conversations. In fact, you are your own best companion on your mind journeys. This introspection allows you to digest complex information and ideas before communicating them with the outside world. Who wouldn’t like to have a team member who can simplify sophisticated concepts in a way that even three year olds can understand?

  • Optimist

    Your mission is to bring in a positive spirit. You believe that the glass is half-full instead of half-empty. You always find a way to make things more exciting, whether it’s a work project or an everyday situation. You infect others with your enthusiasm, and that’s why they love being around you. Sure, there are people who don’t buy your positivity, but does that stop you? No way! Your optimism simply doesn’t allow it. In a team environment, you are grateful for people and circumstances, generous with praise and quick to point out the positive side of every situation. This is key to motivating people and mitigating conflicts.

  • Empathizer

    Your objective is to be empathetic to others’ emotions. You have a natural ability to step into another person’s shoes, even if you don’t agree with their feelings or perspective. You understand what other people are going through, and this allows you to connect with others on a deeply personal level. You appreciate everyone’s differences and particularities. You treat people fairly and don’t exclude anyone, which naturally draws others to you. When part of a team, this strength based on kindness is valuable for mitigating conflict. You use it to ensure that everyone takes the others’ challenges and emotions into consideration.

  • Believer

    Your objective is to believe and to do ‘the right thing’. Of course, ‘the right thing’ differs from person to person, but what’s certain is that you are not ready to compromise your values. Your impeccable set of values is like a compass that guides you. It provides direction and gives your life meaning and satisfaction. For you, money is not the ultimate measure of success. Some people call you the ‘person of purpose’. And it’s true - you choose to surround yourself with people who respect and align with your ideals. You only participate in projects you believe in, and team members respect your integrity, consistency and reliability.

  • Coach

    Your goal is to develop people’s potential. You believe that, contrary to what some might think, everybody has the potential for development. No-one has ever reached the ultimate level of excellence — there is always room for growth. It is your personal mission to help others realize and use their potential to experience success. As a result, you always look for ways to facilitate their learning, from challenging their thoughts in a discussion to creating environments that facilitate progress. As a leader, you truly care about the development of your team members, and they respect you for that.


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