Planner 12

It was with high hopes that I tried to use this Strengths Planner, which only took me one week before it helped give back time from procrastination. Not only has it given me more free time but also increased mental health. I am definitely feeling less anxious and more at ease with the way I […]

Planner 11

I have been using my smart planner for two weeks now and it has helped me in many ways. One way that I noticed was an improvement of concentration level during work hours, so much so that everyday at the end of a day not only did I feel more productive but also happier as […]

Planner 10

I have a routine of journaling for the first time. With the prompts, I focus on what I need to center myself and get into that mindset in order to start each day off as best as possible with all aspects considered. The quickness of this process has really helped me not feel intimidated by […]

Planner 9

I am thoroughly impressed by this planner. I love how it makes me feel organized and motivated all at the same time! My favorite part is that each page has quotes on them which are perfect for an entrepreneur like myself who needs a little inspiration to keep going.

Planner 8

Having a productivity planner has been such a great help to my work life. I’m able to stay on top of all the tasks that need completing and have them laid out in order of importance, which makes making decisions easier as well when you include your strengths into the mix.

Planner 7

This planner is helping me to get things done in a more structured way, and it helps by showing what’s most important first. The format is easy to use! I have recommended this book organizer to my colleagues already because of how helpful it has been for my life!

Planner 6

The Strengths Planner is a life-changing tool that, if used for just one day can make your productivity skyrocket! The notebook provides an easy way to stay organized and keep track of tasks. I recommend this product not only because it helped me become more productive but also because the process was enjoyable and satisfying.

Planner 5

It was a wonderful feeling to wake up on the first day of my life, feel so clearheaded and refreshed. I had created goals for myself with time limits that would allow me focus in order to get things done. It felt like, as if this new way of living has given back meaning into […]

Planner 4

The product is a masterpiece. The dedication and hard work that the creators have put into it makes it one of my favorite planners and journals out there.

Planner 3

The productivity bible is a very powerful tool for self-reflection. If you are having trouble with balancing your work and leisure time, this book can help by not only keeping track of all the to dos but also helping analyze what needs to be done on an everyday or weekly basis so that health becomes […]

Planner 2

It’s more than just a simple to-do list. The value of dumping all your to-dos in this book and also reflecting everyday will have you feeling healthy, happy, productive every day!

Planner 1

I became more productive by setting up my next days tasks, prioritizing the most important and least favorite task first. I never achieved this because of a new planner that helped me plan for tomorrow as well!