Participate In The Positive
Psychology Experiment

At HIGH5, we are dedicated to advancing the research in the field of positive psychology to understand positive effects of following the strengths-based lifestyle on the individual well-being.


In summer 2021, we conduct a large scale positive psychology experiment, and you have an special opportunity to participate in it. Registered participants will get to try a personal planning technique for 7 days. It will take up to 10 minutes every evening with a chance to increase your well-being and productivity.


Please register your interest in the form below, because the number of participants is limited. We will send you more information prior to the start of the experiment so that you can decide if you want to participate in it. Participation is completely voluntary, and you will be able to withdraw it at any time.

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Have you taken any of the strengths assessments before?
Do you know someone else who would love to participate?