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Turn A Group Into A High-Performance Team

HIGH5 platform is designed to help teams reach peak motivation, performance and collaboration by leveraging what they are great at

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Teams and groups that use their strengths in the workplace perform better than teams that don't

Both research and evidence shows that when you and your team know and use what you do best, you’ll have stronger team dynamics, better conversations and increased collaboration.


higher profitability


higher productivity


higher engagement


higher retention

Top features for managers & teams

Start with the strengths assessment and go beyond to creating lasting change 

Align your team

HIGH5 Team Report offers a holistic view of the strengths of the team. It enables team members to embrace each other’s differences and leverage each other’s strengths. As a result, both the team and the manager strengthen collaboration and minimize conflict within the team.

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Develop team members

HIGH5 Full Strengths Report discovers comprehensive insights into your top 5 strengths, which are as unique as 1 in 1.86 million. It helps you reveal and understand what really makes you stand out from others and how to use and implement your natural skills and abilities to reach your full potential, growing your strengths further and building complementary partnerships.

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Why Are Strengths Of A Project Manager Important & Their Benefits
Mitigate conflicts

HIGH5 Working Together enables you to analyze the strengths fit between two specific team members. Help your people discover complementarity in their differences, which will serve as the backbone of both long-term personal relationships and effective collaboration.

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List of 10 Strengths & Qualities of a Youth
Build the team that fits

HIGH5 Group Fit enables and helps you with scenario planning for building new teams and analyzing the impact of adding new members to existing teams. Identify the strength gaps the team has and onboard the right people who are aligned with team goals.

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Way Less Expensive Than A Dysfunctional Team

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Improved Team Dynamics

One of the significant benefits of using HIGH5 in the workplace is the improvement in team dynamics. The platform is designed to highlight each team member’s strengths, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

When individuals have a clear insight into their own and their peers’ strengths, they can better communicate and collaborate. This understanding reduces conflicts, enhances team synergy, and promotes a more harmonious working relationship among team members.

You can expect improved performance, productivity, and engagement with better team dynamics.

Better Hiring Decisions

Another advantage of HIGH5 is its role in making better hiring decisions. The Group Fit report enables scenario planning for forming new teams and analyzing the impact of adding new members to existing units.

By understanding the strengths of potential hires, recruiters and hiring managers are better equipped to make decisions that will positively affect the team’s dynamics.

When you’re making hires, it’s critical to consider the strengths of each candidate so that you can build a strong team. With HIGH5, you can analyze the strength fit between two team members and ensure that your new hire will be a great addition to your existing team.

HIGH5’s personality test for teams and workplaces operates on a user-friendly, comprehensive platform designed to bring out the best in your team by focusing on their strengths.

The journey with HIGH5 begins with the strengths assessment, a series of questions carefully crafted to identify each individual’s top strengths. This test is not time-constrained, allowing individuals to respond thoughtfully and honestly to each question.

The questions aim to assess an individual’s preferences, talents, and areas of expertise, resulting in an accurate snapshot of their strengths.

Once the assessment is completed, each response is analyzed using an algorithm that measures the intensity of various strengths within a person. 

This sophisticated scoring system ensures a fair and precise representation of a person’s abilities. The test results are then interpreted in a comprehensive report, offering insights into each person’s top five strengths.

The Full Strengths Report dives deeper into each individual’s strengths, providing detailed explanations and actionable advice on leveraging these strengths for maximum performance.

Working Together is another feature that compares the strengths of two team members, providing a detailed analysis of how they can collaborate effectively.

By utilizing these features, HIGH5 makes it easier to manage your team’s strengths and optimize performance.

Choosing HIGH5 for your workplace is an investment in strengthening your team.

Our platform assesses and leverages individual and collective strengths for maximum team performance.

One of the defining aspects of HIGH5 is the depth of its analytic capabilities. The ‘Working Together’ feature offers a meticulous analysis of the dynamic between two team members, while the ‘Group Fit’ tool is perfect for effective team formation and scenario planning.

These descriptive and prescriptive features provide actionable insights that can significantly change your team’s performance and synergy.

When it comes to results, HIGH5 is backed by significant statistical evidence. Teams utilizing our platform’s strengths have reported a 17% increase in profitability, a 39% boost in productivity, 74% higher engagement, and 21% higher retention rates.

These numbers are not just impressive; they are transformative and capable of taking your team to new heights of success and satisfaction.

Download a team activity (PDF)
Download a team activity (PDF)