from a boss
to the leader

Playing to people’s strengths is what
distinguishes an average boss from
the inspiring leader

forty thousand teams

from the world’s leading organizations have already trusted HIGH5 in identifying their unique strengths and developing their strengths.

Studies show that focusing on strengths leads to higher performance, engagement, and retention. Can you afford to leave these benefits of engaged teams on the table?

The key to high performing teams is not a secret: place people in positions where they can do what they do best every single day.

To do that, leaders must be able to understand how to communicate with, motivate, and appreciate the different types of people that compose the team they lead.

HIGH5 empowers both managers and team members to make better decisions, collaborate more effectively, avoid conflict and achieve better results.


how strengths help teams

Strengthen individuals

By doing more of what motivates & energizes team members, they will be more engaged, confident and committed

Strengthen performance

By consciously leveraging what each other is naturally good at, the team will unlock their full performance potential

Strengthen teamwork

By being aware and tapping into each other’s strengths, your team members will collaborate more effectively & efficiently


how HIGH5 helps teams

Understand Yourself

HIGH5 Full Strengths Report reveals in-depth insights into your unique strengths sequence, which is as rare as 1 in 1.86 million. It helps you understand your own strengths and their impact on your leadership style in order to be at your best when leading your team.

Align the team

HIGH5 Team Report offers a holistic view of the strengths of the team as a whole. It enables team members to embrace each other’s differences and leverage each other’s strengths. As a result, both the team and the manager strengthen the collaboration and minimize conflict within the team.

Develop each team member

HIGH5 Strengths Insights offers an interactive learning experience for every team member to access actionable insights about their own strengths and strengths of their colleagues on a continuous basis. It inspires lasting behavioral change and serves as a platform for continuous personal development of every team member.

Mitigate conflicts

HIGH5 Relationship Report enables you to analyze the strengths fit between two specific team members. Help your people discover complementarity in their differences, which will serve as the backbone of both strong personal relationships and effective collaboration.

Build the right team

HIGH5 Group Fit enables scenario planning for forming new teams and analyzing the impact of adding new members to existing teams. Identify the strength gaps the team needs filling and onboard the right people who are aligned with team goals.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Team

One Time Team Report


per person, one time

Great for team building & workshops

1 x Team Strengths Report + Individual Full Strengths Reports for every team member

Full Interactive Platform Access


per person, per month**

Great for ongoing use, new hire integration & new team formation

Individual Full Strengths Report for every user

Working Together Reports between all users

Unique Group Contribution Reports for all users

Unlimited team dashboards & reports

Unlimited number of invited people

Flexibility to create new insights as teams change

Add additional users at any time

Cancel at any time after the first 12 months

**Requires annual commitment of $96 per year per user

Every order for +25 people qualifies you for a complementary workshop for your group on the introduction into the strengths-based approach  by a HIGH5 certified strengths coach

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Positioning your team to bring the best out of its strengths is an important step for any manager. It’s also the first step to transform your organization.

Join leaders from more than 97% of Fortune 500 companies have used HIGH5 tools to discover the best version of themselves.

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