Turn your managers into leaders

HIGH5 equips your managers to lead high-performing teams  and become the future of your organization

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Empower leaders with self-awareness so they can lead others better

Effective leadership hinges on self-awareness—a deep understanding of one’s strengths and blind spots. With HIGH5, leaders gain actionable insights into how their strengths influence their leadership style. HIGH5 equips leaders with the tools they need to lead with confidence and authenticity, fostering environments where teams thrive.

Help leaders connect and manage hybrid teams effectively

In today’s dynamic work landscape, leaders must foster meaningful connections among team members, regardless of their physical location. HIGH5 facilitates the creation of a cohesive team culture that transcends geographical boundaries by providing hands-on interpersonal and team specific insights to nurture connections and drive performance.
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Identify and develop high-potential talent into leaders

With HIGH5, you can go beyond mere identification of high-potential talent and actively nurture these individuals into effective leaders. Help first time managers to transform individual differences of their team members into collective strengths, fueling team performance and driving organizational success.

Uncover employee's unique contributions to your organization

When team members possess vastly different workstyles without effective conflict resolution mechanisms in place, it can lead to a stressful or even toxic work environment. With access to tailored interpersonal insights by HIGH5, leaders can empower employees to assess conflicts constructively and turn their differences into complementarity, preserving team cohesion and fostering a positive work environment.

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Why clients choose HIGH5

HIGH5 offers a holistic solution to elevate employee motivation, engagement, productivity and retention across the entire employee lifecycle

Strengths Focused
Identifies strengths not talents or themes

Action Oriented
Designed to help you put your results into practice

Group Analysis
Allows analyzing strengths of teams & organizations

Interpersonal Insights
Gives hands-on insights to work best with others

Clear & Intuitive No need for someone to decode your results for you

Easily Scalable
Start by yourself and expand to entire company

Based on the latest positive psychology research

Immediate Start
Complete self-service platform without waiting

Growth Tracking
Tracks how you progress in your personal development

360 Review
Get an external view on what you are great at

Strengths Academy
Continue to learn from hundreds of video courses

Cost Effective
Start free and upgrade anytime to what you need

Here is what they say

HIGH5 platform has helped us understand each other and collaborate more effectively. We have a common language to be aware of and work with people’s strengths, getting the best out of people and being most effective. 

Kerstin switched from StrengthsFinder

The UI continues to improve and HIGH5 makes it so easy leveraging the team tool and better understand team dynamics.

Hayley switched from 16personalities

Organizations interested in creating high-performing teams need to take a serious look at HIGH5. I recommend it to all my clients who need to form, develop, and manage teams.

Nick switched from SDI

The insights provided by HIGH5 were incredibly helpful in getting to know new team members and direct reports and how to truly work best as a team and with individuals.

Jerry switched from StrengthsProfile

HIGH5 gives us the ability to spot what our staff do best and help them to do more of it. It is very well received by everyone as it uses language that is appropriate to all individuals, as well as informing managers.

Alison switched from Kolbe Index

HIGH5 helps not only me to develop myself but it also helps me understand my teammates better and it allows us to understand how to work better together.

Andy switched from VIA Survey

We have used strengths profiling to provide an overview of our supervisors and line managers, and it’s been a really useful tool for identifying key strengths and areas for development. We also used it to help with the selection of an equine coordinator to gain a better understanding of personal strengths and how they could use them effectively in their new role.

Luke switched from DISC

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the HIGH5 test measure, specifically?

HIGH5 strengths test is designed to measure your strengths, which are defined by three main criteria: 1) it is something you are naturally good at; 2) it is something that energizes you; 3) it is something that is meaningful to you. 

Are my HIGH5 test results scientifically credible?

The HIGH5 model is scientifically validated to measure what it says it measures. If you are interested in more details about how it was developed and the psychometric evidence behind it, you can check our methodology here

Do we need a coach to debrief group results?

From the very beginning, HIGH5 platform was designed to be accessible, understandable and actionable for every person, without a need to hire a third party. Therefore, a coach is not required for you to understand and act upon your individual or team results. However, many find it helpful as coaches help you develop yourself and get desired results quicker than you might on your own. If you want to offer your team members  ongoing access to coaching with HIGH5 accredited coaches or design a long-term strengths program for your organization, please contact us here

How do I get certified / accredited by HIGH5 as a coach?

Please click here to learn more about getting certified to use HIGH5 with your clients.

Do you provide any non-profit / educator discounts?

Sure, drop us a line via the contact form here and the relevant team member will come back to you with the details on how to qualify and obtain corresponding discounts.

I have a group of +50 people, do you offer any volume discounts?

Yes, we do! Please drop us a line via the contact form here specifying which services you’re interested in and the number of participants. Based on the provided information, a relevant team member will come back to you with a custom offer reflecting the volume discount.

I have a different question, how do I contact the support team?

Please feel free to submit your inquiry or support request via the contact form here. A relevant team member will contact back to assist you in the process.

Download a team activity (PDF)
Download a team activity (PDF)