Gain clarity on who you are and what you are great at

Stop wondering what your strengths are; identify yours today and learn how to apply them for a better career, results, and relationships. 

Join 2,798,147 people using HIGH5 strengths to thrive in life

Step 1:

Take the HIGH5 strengths test

Reflect on your best self during a 20-minute scientifically validated psychometric test, specifically designed to identify what you are great at, what you are energized by and what gives you a sense of meaning.

Step 2:

Get Your Personalized Results

Unlike other assessments that put you into one of 4 buckets, HIGH5 results display what is unique about you. The chances of someone getting the same strengths sequence is as rare as 1 in a billion!

Step 3:

Apply Your Strengths In Life

HIGH5 results are immediately actionable. With hands-on development insights, watch-out areas, best partner recommendations, and career suggestions, you will put your results into practice in no time.

Take A Look Inside

Less Expensive Than Unfulfilling Career

Personal Report Only


per report


List of your top 5 strengths

Actionable insights for development

Watch out areas to avoid

Best partner suggestions

Career applications

Full Platform Access


per month*


Everything of your personal report, plus

Unlimited invites of friends, family, colleagues

Unlimited Personal Fit Reports with each of them

Actionable insights on how to work better together

Ways to turn potential conflict into collaborations

Suggestions on how to strengthen your relationships

*Minimum billing cycle is 12 months

Why people love HIGH5?

Leaders from over 90% of Fortune 500 companies used HIGH5 for discovering, applying and developing their strengths. It’s no coincidence as HIGH5 has built an entire strengths-based ecosystem beyond just the assessment.

be satisfied with what you do in life

Empowering approach of focusing on strengths vs weaknesses

discover what motivates you

Focus on what’s unique in you – not what’s the same in others

high5 confirmed by huge research

Robust psychometric model based on 2 000 000 observations

find strengths over weaknesses

Action-oriented classification of strengths

templates and other resources

Self-explanatory results without scientific jargon

Enhance your strengths

Universal applicability going beyond work to home, school and private life


What will happen after I pay?

If you choose ‘Report Only’ option: you will be presented with a unique code to unlock your Full Strengths Report, link to the HIGH5 strengths assessment as well as an easy step-by-step tutorial guiding you through the whole process.

If you choose ‘Report +Coach Call’ option: right after completing the payment, you will be presented with a unique code to unlock your Full Strengths Report, link to the HIGH5 strengths assessment as well as an easy step-by-step tutorial guiding you through the whole process. Within 1 business day, the HIGH5 team member will reach out to you for scheduling the call with you to debrief your test results based on your availability.

Can I pre-pay the assessment for other people?

Sure, the unique code that you will receive after completing the payment will be valid for any test taker that will use this unique code. Hence, you will be able to give it to your clients, employees, or partners at your own discretion.

I have purchased the code, but where can I see the instructions?

The link to instructions will be both displayed on this page after making the payment and will be sent to you over the email you specify in the form above. If you still cannot find it, you can access the step-by-step tutorial here.

What will the coaching call be about?

The focus of the coaching call is you and your strengths. The purpose of the call is to help your fully understand and embrace the strengths that you have. Every call is personalized based on your needs in order to bring the maximum impact to your personal development journey.

I liked the discussion with my coach, how can I get more of them?

If you liked your session with the coach, you can continue the conversation with her / him and schedule the next sessions you would like to have. You can also request a change in the coach for subsequent sessions – just drop us a line via the contact form here.

Can I unlock unlimited personal and team reports with the subscription?

When you purchase a subscription, it is your personal subscription that gives you the full platform access, not to other people. Therefore, sharing it with other people is not possible. The subscription gives you the listed benefits, among which is your personal report, not unlimited personal reports to other people.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

In short, if you no longer need the code you purchased and you haven’t used it – please feel free to reach us via the contact form here to request for a refund. The detailed list of Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Do you provide any non-profit or educator discounts?

Sure, drop us a line via the contact form here and the relevant team member will come back to you with the details on how to qualify and obtain corresponding discounts.

I would like to order +50 codes, do you have any volume discounts?

Yes, we do! Please drop us a line via the contact form here specifying which services you’re interested in and the number of participants. Based on the provided information, a relevant team member will come back to you with a custom offer reflecting the volume discount.

I have a different question, how do I contact the support team?

Please feel free to submit your inquiry or support request via the contact form here. A relevant team member will contact back to assist you in the process.