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Frequently Asked Questions

Most common support inquiries are answered in our knowledge base here, but, just in case, we list a few frequently asked questions below as well.

Is your personality test reliable and valid?

You can find a detailed description of HIGH5 methodology here together with the reliability and validity data of the model.

Do you offer team assessments?

Of course! If you are particularly interested in the team strengths assessment, please take a look here. Otherwise, we we have listed all relevant HIGH5 features for teams on a dedicated page here.

Is there an offline version of your personality test?

There is no offline version of the HIGH5 strengths test as of this moment.

Is the test free because you sell the personal data to advertisers, political parties etc.?

No, HIGH5 is offered free of charge because we believe that everyone in the world would be better off if each one of us focused on our strengths. Our mission is to help people become more self-aware by making transformational tools available to the public. Therefore, we won’t ever sell your personal data just as you won’t see any 3rd party ads on our platform. To offer the test free of charge to the wider audience, we provide premium services for individuals and organizations who would like our help in applying and growing their strengths on regular basis.

Can I use your personality test to screen potential job applicants?

No. While strengths might be easily confused with skills (you can read our methodology here to understand the clear distinction), the assessment is not designed to measure skills levels of individuals. It goes against our philosophy to suggest that only certain personal strengths predict success in specific professional areas. Besides, the industry practice shows that, when forced, personality assessments rarely capture true types of candidates, as they try to imitate what they think is expected.

How secure is your checkout process?

All data on our servers go through an encrypted channel to provide extra level of security. You can see the padlock in the address bar as an indicator of that. In addition to that, we do not process your card details, but use world’s most renown payment processors to do that on our behalf. This way none of your card data is recorded on our servers, which makes the checkout even more secure.

Is your test available in French, German, Spanish, or other languages?

At the moment, the platform is available only in English. However, we are actively working on making it translated into as many languages as possible. If you would like to help making HIGH5 available in your language, you’re more than welcome to contribute either as a translator or as a reviewer. You can find more information and express your interest here.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Sure, you can read more about our partner & affiliate programs and apply for them here.

Can I link to your website from my blog / project / book / materials?

Of course, just make sure that you’re linking to a public page (not the one that requires others logging in).

What are your working hours?

While the majority of incoming inquiries get answered earlier, we aim to respond to the relevant ones within 2 business days. Please keep in mind the working hours of support team (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm GMT) when expecting an answer.

If you have questions about our terms & conditions, you will find answers directly here: Terms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy and Shipping Policy.