How to reach better results by doing what you do best

Realising what you are good at, what energizes you and what’s true and unique to you will help you achieve more of your professional and personal goals. 

People who use their strengths live a more fulfilling life

Three million people have already used the HIGH5 platform to identify and use their strengths and here is what they reported:


higher life satisfaction


higher confidence


higher engagement


stronger relationships

Top HIGH5 features for individuals

Go beyond the strengths test results and put them into action

Understand yourself

HIGH5 Full Strengths Report reveals in-depth insights into your top 5 strengths, which are as unique as 1 in 1.86 million. It helps you understand what really makes you stand out and how to use your natural abilities for reaching your full potential, growing your strengths further and building complementary partnerships.

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Why Are Strengths Of A Project Manager Important & Their Benefits
Work better with others

HIGH5 Working Together analyzes the strengths fit between you and your colleagues and provides actionable insights on how to approach and communicate with them more effectively. Build stronger positive relationships that enable both of you to flourish by complementing each other’s strengths.

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Strengths Of Visual Learners
See a different perspective

HIGH5 Peer Review enables you to see an external perspective on what you are really good at. Scrutinizing the difference between internal and external perceptions of your strengths is the key to improving your communication skills, building positive relationships and developing a lasting career.

Strengths of Science & Their Benefits
Build your personal brand

Add your HIGH5 Strengths Certificate to LinkedIn to communicate your strengths in an effective way. By letting others know your personal strengths, you position yourself to do what you love every day and to be surrounded by people who truly get you.

Start your strengths journey right now

Full Strengths Report

Extended report on how to use and develop your core strengths further to achieve higher success in life.

Full Report + Coaching Call

Develop a personalized action plan guided by a certified coach towards the goal that matters to you.

Full Platform Access

Gather ongoing feedback on how well you use your strengths and track the progress of your personal development.