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Studies show that focusing on using one’s strengths instead of fixing weaknesses has a significant positive effect on physical, mental and social well-being. In other words, strengths help you live longer, feel happier and build better relationships.

Wouldn’t that be great to wake up every morning to do what you feel excited to do in the surrounding of people that get it?

The key to this version of your life is not a secret. All it takes is your willingness to discover and apply your strengths on a regular basis. HIGH5 career personality test helps you do just that.

Take the step towards understanding how your strengths guide your actions, decisions and thoughts. Whether it’s for finding a new job or a life-partner – these insights on your personal strengths will empower you to transform your life for good.


how strengths help individuals

Strengthen yourself

By understanding what motivates you and why, you will be happier, more confident, and able to achieve your goals easier

Strengthen your career

By passing your career personality test and consciously doing more of what you love, you will be more productive, engaged and successful at work

Strengthen relationships

By taking the character test and bringing out the strengths in yourself and others, you will be able to build truly complementary relationships


how HIGH5 helps individuals

Understand yourself

HIGH5 Strengths Reports reveal in-depth insights into your unique strengths sequence, which is as rear as 1 in 1.86 million. It helps you understand what really makes you stand out and how to use the natural abilities for reaching your full potential, growing your strengths further and building complementary partnerships.

Get a different perspective

HIGH5 Peer Strengths Review enables you to see an external perspective on what you are really good at. Scrutinizing the difference between internal and external perceptions of your strengths is the key to improving your communication skills, building positive relationships and developing a lasting career.

Build your personal brand

Add your HIGH5 Strengths Certificate to LinkedIn to communicate your strengths in an effective way. By letting others know your personal strengths, you position yourself to do what you love every day and to be surrounded by people who truly get you.

Develop your strengths

HIGH5 Strengths Insights offer an interactive learning experience for you to access new actionable insights about your strengths on a continuous basis. Invest in your ongoing personal development and reap the benefits in both personal and professional life.

Improve your relationships

HIGH5 Relationship Report helps you analyze the strengths fit between you and the people important to you. Build stronger positive relationships that enable both of you to flourish by complementing each other’s strengths.

Find a new job during the pandemic

HIGH5 team helps you find the new opportunity based on your strengths by conducting a pro-bono 1:1 strengths interview. Not only you will be able to showcase yourself at your best, but also we will help you get maximum exposure to land your new dream opportunity.

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Taking the HIGH5 personality test is the first step towards understanding what motivates, energizes and gives you purpose. It’s also the first step in helping others bring out their full potential – whether you’re a team manager, organizational leader or coach.