Strengths Cards Set for Therapists and Coaches: Reflect on Your Strengths

This set of Strengths Cards is designed to help you reflect on what your strengths are, how they manifest in your everyday life, and how to bring out the best of them.

What are the Strengths Cards?

HIGH5 Strengths Cards are an essential resource for anyone practicing the strengths-based approach.

Research shows that more than 75% of people struggle to name their strengths. Even if you have worked with your strengths for decades, this set of Strengths Photo and Image Cards will challenge you to look at your strengths from a fresh perspective.

They will initiate meaningful conversations in any setting – whether it is with your partner at home or with your colleagues at work.

Key benefits of the Strengths Card Set:

  • Understand the link between your strengths and everyday situations;
  • Deepen your knowledge of all 20 strengths identified by the HIGH5 test;
  • Facilitate strengths-based meetings, conversations, trainings, and workshops.


Examples of the Strengths Cards uses:

  • A coach who would like to help their client to reflect on their strengths;
  • A coach who would like to run a strengths session with a team / organization;
  • A manager who would like to introduce the team to the strengths approach;
  • A manager who would like to make the team members more aware of each other;
  • An educator who would like to help their students to reflect on their strengths.


What’s Inside The Strengths Card Set?

This set consists of 42 cards printed on high-quality hard stock and shipped in a resealable clear plastic bag.

Two cards in the set contain activity recommendations and corresponding instructions – 5 activities for individuals and 5 activities for groups.

Each of the remaining 40 cards features an insightful photo and thought-provoking questions on the back to reflect on your strengths and on how to use them in your life.

Applications of the Strengths Cards

Using strength cards is a much more accessible way to help an individual think about the strengths they currently have and the ones they have yet to develop. Visual accessibility allows people to easily channel their inner powers and to also discover, why they need to do that at this point in their lives.

They can also serve as a great reminder of our positive sides and thus generate good energy.

Therapists often encourage their patients to carry their strength cards with them, so they will be reminded of their positive qualities in time of need. This will also help them realize their potential in more difficult situations.

The coaching cards approach can be used in relationships and family counseling, where the emphasis is on understanding each other. By using psychology cards, it becomes easier to understand each other, both in the relationship and in the family.

With this, the connection between family members as well as between couples can be effectively improved.

HIGH5 Strengths Cards Set

Strength cards can also be a great self-development tool. By using coaching picture cards, individuals can write down a list of personal strengths they would like to develop.

By doing so, people often expand their horizons, which enables them to start designing a plan on how they can achieve their goals for the future.

When a career coach uses the “strength cards” approach, they often want to help individuals understand how their actions or way of thinking negatively impacts their career path.

It often is a way to help people understand that by developing some personal strengths and expanding their own character awareness, they can get on the right path and thus increase their productivity and advance their careers.

Studies have shown that people are satisfied with the “strength cards” method, especially in the process of bettering their self-perception.


Format: Paperback
Delivery method: Registered mail
Cards in the set: 42
Language: English
Dimensions: 121 x 176 mm or 4.8 x 6.9 inch