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have used HIGH5 to help their individual or corporate clients to unlock their full potential.

Every day thousands of people discover their strengths with HIGH5.

You, more than anyone else, know that identifying one’s talents is just the first step. The real positive impact on one’s lifestyle is reached by fully developing and applying their strengths over time.

Studies show that focusing on what people do well instead of fixating on their weaknesses has a significant positive effect on their physical, mental and social well-being. When these happier and healthier individuals come to work, their companies enjoy the higher engagement, productivity, and retention.

Would you like to help others be at their best by doing what you do best – coaching?

HIGH5 is a holistic coaching tool that will enable you to bring the best in others by giving them the language, confidence, and action plan to achieve their life and career goals.


how strengths help coaches

Strengthen yourself

By understanding and owning your strengths, you will be more effective and conscious in guiding others in your practice

Strengthen your clients

By consciously focusing on personal strengths in your clients, you can empower them to improve their quality of life in and outside of work

Strengthen your business

By adding the strengths-based approach to your practice, you will expand the service portfolio in line with the latest developments in psychology


how HIGH5 helps coaches

Understand yourself

HIGH5 Full Strengths Report reveals in-depth insights into your unique strengths sequence, which is as rare as 1 in 1.86 million. It helps you understand your own strengths in order to be at your best when coaching your clients.

Get insights into your clients

HIGH5 platform enables you to manage as many clients as you want, track their progress and get necessary reports for your next coaching session. Look into the client’s Full Strengths Report before the meeting to be more effective when guiding them towards actions that make a difference to them personally and professionally.

Help building strong relationships

HIGH5 Relationship Report helps you analyze the strengths fit between your client and the people important to them. From life partners and kids to business partners and colleagues – strong relationships are the backbone of being at one’s best and, as a result, being successful in life.

Build strengths culture in companies

HIGH5 Team Report helps your corporate clients tap into their individual and collective strengths. Help teams, departments, and entire companies collaborate better by fostering the culture, where everyone can bring their best selves to work.

Get certified and stand out

HIGH5 Strengths Coach Certification is a bullet-proof way to separate yourself from the rest of the coaches. Gain confidence, full qualification and subject matter excellence in providing strengths-based coaching to anyone – from individuals to companies.

Strengths-Based Resources For Practitioners

We have translated our extensive experience in facilitating strengths workshops, presentations, and individual coaching conversations into handy guides, workbooks, and activities that you can apply right away. Whether you’re coaching a manager, team, student or a couple, these physical resources will deepen your own expertise in strengths and help you unlock the full potential of people you’re working with.

go beyond

Taking the HIGH5 test is the first step towards understanding what makes you unique as an individual and as a coach.

It’s also the first step before helping others bring out their full potential – whether you’re a life, relationship or career coach.

People from 97% of countries in the world have trusted HIGH5 to discover their strengths and the best version of themselves.

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