Help your students thrive in their studies and career

HIGH5 strengths platform is designed to increase students’ self-awareness, confidence and engagement by giving them the opportunity to discover and develop what they naturally do best 

Students from the world's leading universities use the HIGH5 platform every day

Students who use their strengths perform better academically & professionally than those who don't

As an educator, you know that taking the test is just the start. Help your students put their results into practice to reach outcomes like:


higher life satisfaction


higher confidence


higher engagement


stronger relationships

Top HIGH5 features for school & universities

Take the career services in your institution to a new level

Know yourself and your students

HIGH5 Full Strengths Report reveals in-depth insights into the person’s unique strengths sequence, which is as rare as 1 in 1.86 million. It helps any person understand what makes them stand out and how to leverage these insights for better results.

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Strengthen relationships among students

HIGH5 Working Together Report helps students understand the strengths of their classmates and learn how they can bring out the best in each other. From life partners to colleagues – strong relationships are the backbone of being at one’s best and being successful in life.

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Foster teamwork & cooperation

Teamwork is one of the fundamental skills that students learn at school and apply in life. HIGH5 Group Strengths Report enables you to break your students into groups whether by projects or by classes and help them learn how to tap into their individual and collective strengths when working together.

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10 Must-Have Strengths of a Customer Service Representative
Get certified as a strengths champion

HIGH5 Strengths Coach Certification is a bullet-proof way for you to be fully equipped to champion the strengths movement in your institution. Gain confidence, full qualification and subject matter excellence in providing strengths-based coaching to anyone – from students to colleagues.

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Try It Out Yourself

Take the HIGH5 strengths test and get acquainted with it first hand before introducing it to students.

Full Platform Access For Students

For schools & universities who want large groups of students to get an ongoing access to:

Physical materials for your lessons

We have translated our extensive experience in facilitating strengths workshops, presentations, and individual coaching conversations into handy guides, workbooks, and activities that you can apply right away. Whether you’re counseling an individual student or running an activity for the entire class, these physical resources will deepen your own expertise in strengths and help you unlock the full potential of the students you’re working with.