Personality Test for Building The High-Performing Teams Based on Strengths

Whether you are building a new team or trying to make the best of the existing team, HIGH5 team strengths assessment is designed to unlock the full potential of your team strengths.

Trusted by 90% of Fortune 500

Stronger engagement, higher productivity, better collaboration? The world’s most successful companies have already chosen to focus on the strengths of their employees to unlock their full potential.

High5 is used by top companies

What makes our team special?

Some call it ‘team spirit’, some – ‘camaraderie’. Regardless of the name, everyone wants their team to have it.


With the HIGH5 Team Strengths Report, you can uncover the unique combination of strengths that turns a group of individuals into a true team.

How do we mitigate conflicts?

Diversity is at the core of innovation. However, without awareness, it can lead the team to continuous performance risks.


By focusing on the unique contributions of every team member, HIGH5 Team Strengths Report shifts the perspective from competition to collaboration.

How do we work better together?

Every team has broader patterns of how it makes decisions, sets goals and gets things done on the subconscious level.


The HIGH5 Team Strengths Report not only demonstrates these patterns but also gives provides actionable insights on how the team can leverage it for better collaboration.

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Minimum number of participants in the Team Strengths Assessment is 3.

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Why teams love HIGH5

find strengths over weaknesses

Empowering Approach


HIGH5 focuses on what people are great at, in contrast to focusing on their weaknesses

path of developing strengths

Development Paths


HIGH5 suggests every team member clear ways to apply and develop their strengths further

high5 confirmed by huge research

Backed By Science


The validity of HIGH5 has been confirmed based on the research on over 1 000 000 observations

choosing collaboration over competition

Collaboration Focused


HIGH5 results give team members actionable insights on how to leverage each other’s strengths

identify team strengths

Team Strengths


HIGH5 helps managers to identify strength gaps and overlaps in their team to achieve better results

strengths report for the entire company

Company Culture


HIGH5 is easily scalable to cultivate strength-based culture of the entire organization