Strengths Discovery Guide

In addition to giving an overview of all 20 strengths identified by the HIGH5 test, this Guide is designed to help you reflect and collect insights about them to become a better manager, team player, and person.

What is a Strengths Discovery Guide?

This Strengths Discovery Guide is meant for everyone who would like to learn more about the entire spectrum of strengths that could exist in a person, team, or organization.

It is designed to be a continuous resource of strengths knowledge – whether as a reference of the strengths definitions and strengths domains or as a knowledge base to collect strengths stories and examples about other people.

Key benefits of the Guide:

  • Get knowledge of all 20 strengths identified by the HIGH5 test;
  • Learn how to recognize strengths in others, their motivations, needs, and unique contributions.

Examples of frequent use cases:

  • An individual who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the strengths of people they work with;
  • A coach who would like to run a strengths workshop for a team / company;
  • A coach who would like to reflect on the clients they meet and to learn better ways to help them;
  • An educator who would like to build a strengths-based culture in the classroom;
  • An NGO leader who would like to collect insights on how to interact best with their volunteers or their congregation.

What’s Inside The Strengths Guide?

The HIGH5 Strengths Discovery Guide is a powerful resource for anyone who is interested in the strengths-based approach, because:

  • Every page of the Guide is dedicated to one HIGH5 strength, providing a detailed description and highlighting the patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that this strength is likely to express.
  • Every page has a dedicated reflection space with facilitating questions to dig deeper into the motivations, needs, unique contributions of every strength.
  • A separate section is dedicated to the overview of the strengths domain framework, which shows the bigger picture of strengths profiles and explains what people naturally focus on and how they achieve what they value.
  • The Guide gives a primer into the strengths-based approach, its conceptual underpinnings, and researched benefits. Three components of the strength definition are clearly outlined to provide clarity on what distinguished a strength from any skill, talent, or a personality trait.

HIGH5 Strengths Discovery Guide

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What are the specifications of the Strengths Discovery Guide?

Format: Paperback
Delivery method: Registered mail
Page count: 28
Language: English
Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm or 8.3 x 11.7 inch

Do I have to take the HIGH5 test to use this Strengths Discovery Guide?

No, it is not necessary. However, it is important to understand that it is not a substitution of the strengths assessment, but a resource that facilitates a deeper understanding of the strengths-based approach.

Is it available in digital format?

No, for private clients, the HIGH5 Strengths Discovery Guide is only available in the paperback format.

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