Set of Strengths Reference Sheets

This Reference Sheet was designed to be a practical resource to have a quick overview of all 20 strengths identified by the HIGH5 strengths test as well as their short descriptions. Order your set below:

Strengths Reference Sheet
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What is a Strengths Reference Sheet?

Whether you keep them on your desk or distribute them to others in a team meeting, the HIGH5 Strengths Reference Sheet is a versatile resource that is meant for keeping strengths on top of mind.

In addition to listing all 20 HIGH5 strengths, the Sheet is designed with dedicated spaces for reflection and note-taking. It means you will not only have the overview of strengths but also of all people that you know, their strengths, and their unique contributions.

Key benefits of the Sheet:

  • Get knowledge of all 20 strengths identified by the HIGH5 test;
  • Keep strengths always in focus with this portable, versatile and durable resource;
  • Record who has which strengths and what their unique contributions are.

Examples of frequent use cases:

  • A coach who would like to run a strengths session with a team / organization;
  • A manager who would like to introduce the team to the strengths approach;
  • A manager who would like to make the team members more aware of each other;
  • A conference organizer who would like to include strengths into the agenda;
  • An educator who would like to have a quick reference of who in the classroom has which strength;
  • An HR manager who would like everyone to have a quick reference of strengths in every meeting room.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is inside the set of Strengths Reference Sheets?

This set contains 10 HIGH5 Strengths Reference Sheets printed on both sides of the high-quality hard stock and shipped in a resealable clear plastic bag. For each of 20 HIGH5 strengths, the Sheet features: strengths name, brief strengths description, attribution of strengths across strengths domains, reflection space with prompts.

What are the specifications of each sheet?

Format: Paperback
Print: Double-sided
Delivery method: Registered mail
Number of copies in the set: 10
Language: English
Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm or 8.3 x 11.7 inch

Do I have to take the HIGH5 test to use this Strengths Reference Sheet?

No, it is not necessary. However, it is important to understand that it is not a substitution of the strengths assessment, but a resource that facilitates a deeper understanding of the strengths-based approach.

Is it available in the digital format?

No, for private clients, the HIGH5 Strengths Reference Sheet is only available in the paperback format. 

Can I buy just one sheet instead of a set of 10?

No, the HIGH5 Strengths Reference Sheet is only available in sets of 10, which perfectly suits the most common use cases for this resource.

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