relieve stress

27 May Coping with Ambiguity: 7 Ways to Relieve Stress

 As human beings, we’re hardwired to seek consistency. Habit and routine actually help us to relieve stress. So it’s understandable that, for many of us, dealing with ambiguity is a difficult concept. From relationships to careers and everything in between, ambiguity...

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manager strengths

19 Feb The Right Manager Strengths: Do They Exist?

 When we do workshops in companies about strengths-based leadership, we couldn’t help but notice how organizations choose who to promote to managerial roles. Most of the companies prefer to advance those who work the hardest and achieve great results in...

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Character traits and personal strengths as a way to build inner confidence

24 Oct Use Your Strengths To Build Confidence

 We will all face difficult situations at various times in our lives, at school, at work, and in our everyday experiences. These complications and setbacks are likely to lead us to doubt ourselves, our strengths and our character traits. We...

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How to balance your positive thinking

28 Jul How to balance your positive thinking

 What is your leadership style? Are you an "authentic leader"? Does your organization have a strong focus on "being positive"? Do you know the importance of using your positive thinking in balance?In many western societies, positive leadership is now a...

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