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90% of Fortune 500

companies have forward-thinking leaders who have used HIGH5 to discover their personal strengths or strengths of their divisions, teams and individual employees.

Research shows that organizations that have implemented the strengths-based approach have higher performance, profitability and employee retention.

It’s not difficult to guess why. The leadership personality test helps better understand unique traits of the team members.

Your people don’t need a yet-another perk at work. All they seek is appreciation and development.

Those organizational leaders or HR professionals who get it – they invest in strengths.

The strengths-based culture is transformational, focusing on continuous growth and collaboration.
It is when employees are appreciated for what they are good at and developed to be at their best every day.
HIGH5 professional personality test equips you with tools that are essential to empowering your managers, developing your employees and improving your organization’s performance.


how strengths help organizations

Strengthen performance

By positioning people in roles where they can leverage what they are naturally good at, you unlock their full potential

Strengthen engagement

By tapping into what people love doing, you will make sure they will be looking forward to every morning at work

Strengthen retention

By recognizing and developing what makes people special, you make sure they feel valued in your organization


how HIGH5 helps organizations

Understand your people

HIGH5 Strengths Reports give every employee an opportunity to discover in detail what they are naturally good at. It gives a profound understanding of how to perform at their best, to develop their strengths on a daily basis and to build collaborative relationships with colleagues.

Equip your managers

HIGH5 Team Report provides managers with a holistic analysis of strengths present in their team. It helps a manager to build a high-performance team, where every member can synergistically contribute their best talents, leading to innovation, creativity and dynamic performance results.

Develop strengths internally

HIGH5 Strengths Insights offers an interactive learning experience for every employee to access actionable insights about their strengths and strengths of their colleagues on a continuous basis. It inspires lasting behavior change and serves as a platform for the continuous personal development of every employee.

Bring on the best people

HIGH5 Group Fit enables scenario planning for forming new teams and analyzing the impact of adding new members to existing teams. Invite, track and manage a large number of test-takers in one place to identify who and where fits your talent management plan.

Align your organization

HIGH5 Organization Report helps the organization to leverage the best strengths of its people for a strategic purpose. Whether you are preparing for a restructuring or a cultural change, these insights will give you a holistic understanding of the culture, behavior, and development needs in every part of the organization.

Strengths Platform for Your Organization

One Time Team Report


per person, one time

Great for team building & workshops

1 x Team Strengths Report + Individual Full Strengths Reports for every team member

Full Interactive Platform Access


per person, per month**

Great for ongoing use, new hire integration & new team formation

Individual Full Strengths Report for every user

Working Together Reports between all users

Unique Group Contribution Reports for all users

Unlimited team dashboards & reports

Unlimited number of invited people

Flexibility to create new insights as teams change

Add additional users at any time

Cancel at any time after the first 12 months

**Requires annual commitment of $96 per year per user

Every order for +25 people qualifies you for a complementary workshop for your group on the introduction into the strengths-based approach  by a HIGH5 certified strengths coach

go beyond

Any change on the organizational level starts with an individual. Start your own strengths exploration journey – whether you’re a senior team leader or a junior team member.

Join leaders from more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies have used HIGH5 tools to discover the best version of themselves.

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