Group Fit Report: Identify, Maximize & Compare

Trying to understand the unique contribution of an existing or a new member to your team? HIGH5 Group Fit Report is designed to analyze the value an individual brings to the group and to provide actionable insights to maximize this contribution.

Trusted by 90% of Fortune 500

Stronger engagement, higher productivity, better collaboration? The world’s most successful companies have already made the choice to leverage personality tests for building high performing teams by focusing on what their employees are naturally great at. 

Why focus on strengths?

Positive psychology research unanimously suggests that the strengths use is one of the key drivers of employee engagement, productivity, and effectiveness at work. Employees who are aware and frequently leverage their strengths are:

What is in the HIGH5 Group Fit Report?

Identify person’s unique contribution

HIGH5 Group Fit Report identifies not only the strengths of an individual, but also unique ways they contribute to the existing team dynamics. Spot the strengths gaps that exist in your team and see how a specific person helps you fill those in!

Maximize person’s positive impact

Every person has a unique way they contribute to the team. HIGH5 Group Fit Report provides the manager and the team actionable insights on how to leverage and maximize this contribution in a way that would be beneficial both for the team and the individual.

Compare the group before & after

Visualize the impact the individual makes on the team and see how the team dynamics look with and without this person on the team. Run scenarios, seize opportunities, and identify who aligns best with your team development and talent management plan.

Uncover collaboration opportunities

Onboard new members with strengths

Maximize The Contribution of a Team Member


Complementarity score with each team member

Individual full strengths sequence vs. group

Simulation of team dynamics with and without the person

Unique contribution to the group/em>

Insights on how to maximize this contribution

Why teams love HIGH5?

Empowering Approach

HIGH5 identifies what is unique in every individual and how they form the team that is as rare as one in a million

Action Orientation

HIGH5 suggests clear ways ways to apply and develop strengths further both for individuals and the team as a whole

Backed by Science

Robust psychometric model based on +2 000 000 observations uncovers the true self of an individual and the team

Collaboration Focused

HIGH5 results help the team move from competition to collaboration & leverage each other’s strengths

Lasting Impact

HIGH5 results can be used across the employee life cycle – from onboarding, personal development to performance reviews

Company Culture

HIGH5 is easily scalable to cultivate strength-based culture of the entire organization

2,148,529 people unlocked their strengths


If you chose ‘Group Fit Only’ option: you will be presented with a unique code to unlock the Group Fit Report between any selected individual and your group, a link for the individual to take the HIGH5 strengths assessment as well as an easy step-by-step tutorial guiding you through the whole process. Please note you need to have the Team Strengths Report already unlocked for the team you want to make the analysis on.

If you chose ‘Unlimited Reports’ option: right after completing the payment, you will be presented with a unique code to unlock not only the Group Fit Report once, but also for all subsequent reports you will want to unlock for yourself & your team. You will also get the link to the HIGH5 strengths assessment as well as an easy step-by-step tutorial guiding you through the whole process.