The Original Strengths Planner

Strengths Planner
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The Strengths Planner Process

The Strengths Planner is a 90-day quarterly planner which is designed to help you refine the understanding of your strengths, develop new and build complementary partnerships with people around you. To achieve this, the planner takes you through carefully crafted 3 stage reflection process – daily, weekly and monthly. If the first one helps you get the most of a day, then the last one looks at the bigger picture of your well-being across life domains. 

Daily View

  • Prioritize your tasks for the day and reflect on how your strengths can help you reach great results.
  • Plan for the meetings you have ahead of you and the strengths that you can leverage to make them a success.
  • Get inspired by your vision of a great day and the quotes by famous strengths practitioners. 
  • Take advantage of an entire page to take notes and jot down thoughts during the day.

Weekly View

  • Build conscious links between your successes and your strengths. 
  • Plan and create more peak experiences when you are at your best. 
  • Define your key priorities with the help of your signature strengths.
  • Enhance complementary relationships where you and others help each other the most.

Monthly View

  • Regulate your strengths use to avoid under or overusing what you are great at. 
  • Collect best practices with respect to the application of your strengths. 
  • Set goals for the upcoming month and define ways strengths can help you reach them.
  • Track the impact of the strengths-based approach across different domains of life. 

Undated planner for 1 quarter

24 pages of strengths science

3 Monthly reflection spreads

12 weekly reflection spreads

60 daily reflection spreads

Quarterly well-being review

Total of 186 pages


Hardcover lay-flat

100% natural cotton cover fabric

Deboss stamp on front & back covers

100gsm inside paper

100% recyclable FSC-certified paper

5.8 in x 8.3 in / 148 mm x 210 mm

A5 format


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Align what you do with your strengths

Ready to achieve greater results while living the life with purpose? The Strengths Planner is an elegant solution to align what you do every day with your strengths. Get to do more of what matters to you, what energizes you and what is in line with your values, and, as a result, gain confidence, improve your well-being and reach your goals. With the Strengths Planner living intentionally will not be as hard as it seems. 

Whether you use StrengthsFinder™, VIA Character Strengths or HIGH5 Strengths Test, the Strengths Planner is designed to put your strengths at use for any strengths classification you prefer.