Category: Leadership development

Employee Development Plan: How To Create It & Examples

An employee development plan is a helpful tool to assist employees in their personal and professional career growth. An employee development plan with clear action steps can help improve their abilities and progress in their career. Current Employees will have more tools at their disposal to help your organization push forward to great heights.

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Performance Management: What, How, Practices & Examples

In order to become a good manager, one must provide his employees with regular feedback. And that’s where employee performance management comes into play. Nowadays, most big and small corporations do have a system that helps managers evaluate the work of their subordinates. In this article, we will discuss what employee performance management is and the benefits it brings to an organization.

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15 Key Leadership Strengths & How to Become a Great Leader

Leadership has evolved immensely over the past decade. While some aspects of managing changed drastically, planning for future success and making difficult decisions remains a constant yet challenging chunk of a leader’s everyday life. Being an effective leader can be immensely stressful. After all, the future of an entire organization relies on your ability to lead. Failure to effectively lead can lead to disastrous effects on a company’s future. Thus, learning the proper way to use your strengths is crucial.

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