Character traits and personal strengths as a way to build inner confidence

Use Your Strengths To Build Confidence

We will all face difficult situations at various times in our lives, at school, at work, and in our everyday experiences. These complications and setbacks are likely to lead us to doubt ourselves, our strengths and our character traits. We may even believe that these failures could have been prevented if only we had done more. Giving in to these negative voices can have a serious implication on our self-esteem and self-confidence, possibly resulting in poor performance and consequently, negative feedback from others.

Whilst we all tend to give into this vicious cycle from time to time there are ways which we could educate ourselves to react differently. By self-evaluating, we are already improving our quality of life and further developing our character traits. Plus, focusing on our strengths, rather than our weaknesses, allows us to maximize our self-confidence and potential, thus having a positive effect on our career and life success.

Here are some of the ways you can build your strengths, bringing you one step closer to self-improvement:




It is vital to identify and foster your own strengths. To do this, consider important “defining” moments in your life and career. Take into particular consideration times where you feel your character traits have been developed through a particular “defining moment”.

  • When did you feel and perform at your best?
  • What did you learn from the experience?
  • Which activities are more gratifying for you?
  • What boosts your confidence?
  • How could you do more of what you like and makes you feel at your best?


Quick Tip: It is often useful to write things down. Exploring your personal development is not always an easy task.




On the basis of what you’ve learned by compiling your list of character traits, it is possible to build new strengths that will help you achieve your new life goals. This insight can help you establish a path towards personal development or provide a new understanding of your leadership qualities!

There are multiple ways in which to develop new skills; training courses, one-to-one teaching, self-study, on-the-job development, websites and blogs are all brilliant places to start. By building new personal strengths has the potential to further your career, improve your already established character traits, or simply help you to become an upgraded version of yourself.

Quick Tip: Don’t expect to develop strengths overnight, but remember that with time and a little effort you will have built a new strength in no time.




Keep in mind that building your strengths will not always begin as a positive experience, unintended consequences will occur. Let’s take ‘Jane’ as an example, she is a very organised and effective person.  At work, she sometimes completes more work than is required of her and without being asked to do so. Great, except this can be seen as a negative by those covering higher positions who may see it as Jane overstepping boundaries. Taking this into consideration it is vital to learn when and where to use our strengths, otherwise, they may transform into weaknesses. Learning to do this will leave you feeling more in control of yourself, your abilities and will overall positively impact your personal growth.

Quick Tip: At first it will be difficult to know when using your strengths will allow you to stand out and when you may be stepping on someone’s toes by going too far beyond your role. Remember to watch out for praise and criticisms. Use this as a marker for when to take full advantage of your strength and when to hold back.




It is important to remember not to give in to self-doubt. Instead, focus on being positive and proactively changing the situation. Talking negatively to yourself when something goes wrong will benefit no one and may result in you feeling helpless. Instead, use the experience as an exercise towards greater self-development.  Consider how you can turn a difficult situation into something you are more than capable of with your countless strengths.

Quick Tip: Remember, you are perfectly competent and capable of facing any situation, all you need is already inside of you! Why not try to overcome and fight against your weaknesses by using your strengths?




Although it will take time and effort to understand and build your strengths, patience and endurance will pay off! So, what are you waiting for? Find out what is your greatest strength by taking the free HIGH5TEST! It is up to you how you choose to use the information. Perhaps for future educational choices? Maybe you want to identify areas for leadership development? Or simply for your own personal growth? By identifying your BIG 5 strengths you are already on the path to creating a better you!

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