Strengths Profile Assessment: Free Online Alternative Test

If you want to unlock key insights that can benefit your career and even your home life, consider taking the strengths profile assessment. Many people make the crucial error of overlooking their strengths.

They neglect their abilities and only vaguely understand what separates them from other employees. If you think the only way to learn about your strengths is through expensive and time-consuming tests, you are in for a surprise.

One of the best ways to understand your strength profile is through a quick strengths profile assessment. This test will reveal important strength-related information, which can help you grow as a candidate and improve yourself as a person in general.

Why is Strengths Profile Assessment Important & Their Benefits

Why is Strengths Profile Assessment Important & Their Benefits

There are many reasons to take the strengths profile assessment. The benefits of the test can improve many aspects of your life, ranging from standing out as a candidate to being a better spouse or boss.

Tests such as the strengths profile assessment can help you reach your future potential, serving as an invaluable tool to improve your current career path. They can benefit individuals of all ages, ranging from candidates to senior employees.

Some specific benefits of this tool include:

  • Improving career readiness and giving career suggestions
  • Boost your confidence
  • Increase your ability to make smart decisions
  • Become more positive
  • Allows for increased efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, profit

How Does Strengths Profile Assessment Work?

Every individual has a unique set of strengths. These strengths allow you to excel at work, differentiate yourself from other candidates, and maintain strong, positive relationships.

The strength profile assessment asks you a series of questions to determine which strengths dominate your profile, and which of your strengths are underdeveloped.

The strengths assessment covers numerous different types of strengths. In fact, there are 60 different strengths tested in the assessment. These results will help you realize your strength hierarchy, or a list of your top strengths.

There are a few key differences between the strengths profiles assessment and other similar strength tests. Most tests will simply give you a list of your strengths. However, this assessment goes further in depth than that.

You will also get a list of your unrealized strengths and realized strengths. Realized strengths are your commonly used strengths which help you succeed and feel positive, motivated, and energized. However, unrealized strengths are less used. This, you can get exposed to new strengths that you should focus on.

In addition to this, the strength profile test will also help you realize your learned behaviors and weaknesses. The list of learned behaviors will help you understand the impact of your habits.

This can assist you in overcoming bad habits and ultimately reaching your maximum potential. Knowing your weaknesses can also help you stay self aware and focus on what you do best.

How Long Does Strengths Profile Assessment Last

For Whom Is Strengths Profile Assessment?

The strengths profile assessment can serve to benefit almost any individual. However, for certain people, it is an absolutely invaluable tool. For instance, students are likely to benefit from this tool than those already well into their career.

Many students are unsure of their strengths. This is a crucial time in their life, for many of them will soon be choosing a career and investing in an education. They may have career concerns, such as thinking no career aligns with their strengths.

Many teens and students in general also suffer from confidence issues. They have never been validated at work. This assessment can serve as validation, essentially proving to them they are skilled.

It will serve like a career guide, giving them tips on which strengths they use well and how to find careers with those strengths. It will also result in a boost in positivity, confidence, and motivation.

In addition to students, new professionals or individuals who recently changed their careers could especially benefit from taking this assessment. These individuals also often feel confused about their talents and goals.

In addition, they may not feel like they fit in to any industry. Understanding your strengths will help new recruits and recently changed professionals to feel confidence in their abilities.

Employees who were fired recently gain similar benefits. The last career-related emotion in someone who was recently fired was likely negative (anger, confusion, sadness, etc.). Most recently fired employees lose confidence in their abilities and feel frustrated in themselves.

Knowing about their strengths could affirm their positive thoughts and switch their outlook on themselves and on their career. It can inspire them to search for new job opportunities, too.

How Long Does Strengths Profile Assessment Last?

The strengths profile assessment is designed to be efficient, easy to take, and relatively simple. The test should take approximately 15 minutes, while it may take a bit longer for some.

It is also important to keep in mind different companies offer different assessments. Some may be more in depth than others, which changes the length of the test. 15 minutes is the general amount you should expect.

It is crucial to understand that your strengths change throughout your job, and certainly throughout your career as well as lifetime. As such, the strength assessment you took as a teenager or newly hired employee offers much less information after 30 years, when you are a manager and co-owner, for example. As such, the test results will not stay relevant forever, and you should periodically retake the test.

How Accurate Is The Strengths Profile Assessment?

The strengths profile assessment is quite an accurate assessment. Many scientists have confirmed the accuracy of strength-based questionnaires. They have been used for decades by Gallup, for example.

Donald O. Clifton, the creator of CliftonStrengths, has done significant research into this topic and repeatedly validated the accuracy of his questionnaires. It was his research into human psychology and traits that lead him to develop CliftonStrengths.

However, the strengths profile test is (in some way) even more detailed than Clifton’s original assessment. For instance, it differentiates between realized and unrealized strengths.

The test gives you feedback in when to use these strengths based on your prior history, too, further increasing its helpfulness. You will also get information about your weaknesses and learned behaviors.

For this assessment to be useful, you have to be honest. Some of the questions will be more objective than others, but when your opinion is involved, ensure you stay honest.

Ask yourself “can I prove I have this skill?” when the test asks for a self-assessment of your abilities. If not, err in the side of caution. If you do this, the test will be accurate and helpful.

Strengths Profile Assessment FAQ

What are strengths assessments?

Strength assessments are tests which have the goal of revealing your strengths. Strengths are the abilities that help you build positive relationships, achieve success at your career, and stay happy and well as meet your goals. Many individuals do not know which specific strengths they have, and to which degree they use them.

The strength profile assessment is one of multiple tests you can take to learn about these strengths and how they impact your everyday life. You will gain insight into your strengths (both realized and unrealized), learned behaviors, and weaknesses.

You will also see how frequently you use these strengths, whether you use them consciously, and which abilities you can improve upon. Other strengths assessments include CliftonStrengths and VIA Character Strengths.

How do you use strengths profile?

A strengths profile provides you with a plethora of valuable insights. First, you need to see which if your strengths is already well developed. You can use these strengths to boost your confidence, and resort to these strengths when making major decisions.

This is so because your top strengths are usually your most reliable and well developed. However, when you are performing small tasks and challenges, consider looking at the lower ranked skills you have listed in your strengths profile.

This could  a time to experiment with using your unrealized strengths, or strengths you do not commonly used. Thus, you could turn these less developed strengths into your top skills given enough time.


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