Life Coaching Services: Empowering Your Life Through Private Life Coaching

Work with a certified coach who will help you understand your strengths, make better decisions and see your life with more clarity.

60 minute personalized conversation


Your personalized one-on-one coaching conversation will last 45 minutes. It will take place on the phone at a time that is most convenient for you.

personalized coach approach


Based on your questions about HIGH5 results, your coach will personalize the discussion to address strengths in the areas of your life that matter the most to you.

learn to apply your strengths


As a result of this coaching call, you will build a greater understanding and appreciation of your personal strengths. Together with your coach, you will identify specific actions to apply your strengths in meaningful ways for pursuing the goals most important to you.

Life Coaching Services -Empowering The World Through Coaching

Life Coaching Session Benefits


Gain clarity about yourself to design the life that would enable to start living the best version of your life based on what motivates and energizes you.


Understand the core values that guide your decisions and priorities in life, which will enable your long-term personal and professional growth.


Learn what your strengths enable you to do and how they can help you find your dream job. Achieve greater performance and deliver better results by focusing on what you do best.


Learn how to tap into the strengths of people around you. Create true win-win partnerships where, instead of conflict and competition, you and others can be at your best.

Who Needs a Life Coach and Why?

If you are looking to improve your abilities and accomplish more today than you did yesterday, consider hiring a professional life coach.

These individuals often work with thousands of clients, most of them being goal-oriented people wishing to maximize their potential. Lifelong growth and efficiency are another desire for coaching clients.

A personal life coach is not limited to coaching in select industries. Clients can include a CEO, small businessman, manager, executive, or even a homemaker.

Individual one-on-one coaching allows each individual to receive attention to their specific need; coaches do not use and recycle templates for their approach. Instead, they change their coaching methodology to fit the client’s needs.

All of these individuals recognize that there are gaps in their performance, and they believe professional coaching services could assist them in improving their performance and achieving their goals.

Specific life events or bad habits may signal the need for a coach. For example, consider your current eating and drinking habits. Are you using alcohol or food as a coping mechanism?

If yes, a coach may help you stop these habits and replace them with productive behavior. Negative self-talk often holds back leaders; even the most confident person may need help getting the right outlook on life.

Maybe a major life transition or stressful event is constantly worrying you, or your fear of failure prevents you from taking a risk. Coaches understand these issues and would surely be able to help.

How Long Does Life Coaching Last?

The length of each session and duration of a coaching relationship depends on a client’s desires, needs, current situation, and the pace of result attainment.

Therefore, coaching fits into the client’s session, not the other way around. This way, if the client experiences an extra need for coaching in one month, they may receive more sessions then usual.

However, in other months you may not need direct conversations with a coach. Instead, you can simply use the skills you already learned to advance your life or career.

Then, you can lower the amount or length of sessions. Once a client feels fully able to achieve their goals and desires alone (for they have sufficiently improved), coaching can be limited.

In case they need more assistance, the coach will still be available. For the most part, the time in which this occurs relies on the individual’s specific goals.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Life Coach?

The coaching price depends on your specific need, the type of coaching you desire, and for how long you hire a coach.

In general, you can expect to pay about $75-$200 per hour of life coaching. Therefore, dedicate about $200 to $750 for this coaching type in a month.

However, one type of coaching stands out as significantly more expensive than others. Over 55% of coaches pay over $300 per hour for executive coaching.

The good news is that most clients do not need executive coaching and would do just as well with the less expensive life coaching.

Before investing in coaching, a call with the coaching team can help reassure you that a particular program is right for you. These calls are very affordable (around $60 a call).

Of course, you could also dive in immediately and start the growth journey now!

Why focus on strengths?

Positive psychology research unanimously suggests that the strengths use is essential for human flourishing. People who are aware and frequently leverage their strengths are:

be satisfied with what you do in life

More satisfied with their life

More confident & less stressed

More engaged & productive at work

use your talents to achieve goals

More likely to achieve their goals

careed based on your strengths

Move faster in their careers

Develop stronger positive relationships

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Strengths Report + Coach Call


per report + call


Personal Full Strengths Report ($29.99 standalone price)

List of your top 5 strengths

Actionable insights for development

Watch out areas to avoid

Best partner suggestions

Career applications

30-min debriefing call with a HIGH5 certified coach


What will happen after I pay?

Right after completing the payment, you will be presented with a unique code to unlock your Full Strengths Report, link to the HIGH5 strengths assessment as well as an easy step-by-step tutorial guiding you through the whole process. Within 1 business day, the HIGH5 team member will reach out to you for scheduling the call with you to debrief your test results based on your availability.

What will the coaching call be about?

The focus of the coaching call is you and your strengths. The purpose of the call is to help your fully understand and embrace the strengths that you have. Every call is personalized based on your needs in order to bring the maximum impact to your personal development journey.

What kind of coaching do you focus on?

Our coaches are certified to use the HIGH5 strengths-based coaching model which can be applied across life domains. Whether you are looking for career coaching, leadership coaching or life coaching, they will be glad to help you gain clarity in the subjects that matter to you.

Could you give examples of what your coaches helped other clients with?

Sure, to give you a few examples, our coaches often work with clients to enhance their professional development, management effectiveness, team dynamics, conflict resolution, team performance, career transitions and leadership skills.

What kind of coaching do you provide?

Our coaches are certified to use the HIGH5 strengths-based coaching model which can be applied across life domains. Whether you are looking for career coaching, leadership coaching or life coaching, they will be glad to help you gain clarity in the subjects that matter to you.

I have received the code to unlock my report, but where can I see the instructions?

The link to instructions will be both displayed on this page after making the payment and will be sent to you over the email you specify in the form above. If you still cannot find it, you can access the step-by-step tutorial here.

I liked the discussion with my coach, how can I get more of them?

If you liked your session with the coach, you can continue the conversation with her / him and schedule the next sessions you would like to have. You can also request a change in the coach for subsequent sessions – just drop us a line via the contact form here.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

In short, if you no longer need the code you purchased and you haven’t used it – please feel free to reach us via the contact form here to request for a refund. The detailed list of Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Do you offer team or organizational packages?

Yes, we do! In fact, most of our corporate clients get coaching packages to maximize the effectiveness of their strengths-based initiatives. Please drop us a line via the contact form here and we will get back to you to discuss it further.

I have a different question, how do I contact the support team?

Please feel free to submit your inquiry or support request via the contact form here. A relevant team member will contact back to assist you in the process.