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Now you can add your HIGH5 strengths to your Linkedin profile to set yourself apart from the crowd and to attract the best opportunities. Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to do it.

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Step 1: Take the HIGH5 test

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If you have not taken the free HIGH5 strengths test, then you should start by completing it here. It takes about 15 minutes and it is free of charge to discover your 5 most prominent strengths. Every test taker also receives proof of their strengths profile that is as unique as 1 in 2 000 000. If you have already taken the HIGH5 test before, you can simply log in to your profile here.  

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STEP 2: Copy Your Strengths Certificate URL

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On your strengths profile, click on the last sharing button above the list of your top 5 strengths. The button has a hyperlink icon displayed on it. Please see the screenshot above for visual instruction.


After clicking on the specified button, the popup will appear displaying your strengths certificate URL. Copy this link by clicking on the corresponding button on the right side of the field. The full URL full be automatically saved into your clipboard. Please see the screenshot below for visual instruction.


NB! Do not copy the URL from your address bar in the browser. No one will be able to see your strengths if you share this URL externally. Therefore, please follow the instructions to copy the link from the popup window.

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STEP 3: Add It To Your LinkedIn Profile

Click on the button above and paste your unique strengths certificate URL in the credential URL field. Add additional information following the format suggested below. You can also consult an example of the filled out form. Don’t forget to save the certificate in the end.


Name: HIGH5 Strengths Test: [Your Strength #1], [Your Strength #2], [Your Strength #3], [Your Strength #4], [Your Strength #5]
Issuing Organization: HIGH5TEST
Issue Date: Choose the month/year you took the test in
Expiration: Check the option “This certification does not expire”
Credential ID: No need to fill in
Credential URL: Paste the URL of your strengths certificate, which you copied in Step 1.

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Licences and Certifications

Congratulations, you should see your certificate displayed in your LinkedIn profile. Click on “See Credential” to double-check that it is linked correctly.


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