80 Self-Love Affirmations for Instant Boost in Love & Self Esteem

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80 Powerful Self-love Affirmations Attract More Love & Boost Yourself

While many people think that self-love affirmations are a new trend, this is not true at all. They have been around for centuries and were used by many highly successful individuals from all walks of life to get rid of self-doubt and boost their confidence levels.

In this article, you’ll find out how self-love affirmations help by reprogramming your subconscious mind if you make them a daily ritual.

What is Self-Love Affirmation?

Self-love affirmation is defined as a statement or sentence that is repeated to oneself with the aim of programming the subconscious mind to experience positive change in self-perception.

Another definition that can be attributed to self-love affirmation is the act of making positive statements about oneself which are often repeated daily.

Self-love affirmations are often used by individuals to help enhance their feelings of self-worth, increase confidence levels and allow them to accept themselves for who they truly are.

The belief behind this form of reprogramming is that what one tells oneself regularly will eventually become true.

Why Self-Affirmations are Important?

Self-love affirmations are important because they can help you change your self-perception for the better. This, in turn, can help you to attract more love into your life.

When you love and accept yourself for who you are, you send out positive vibes and this will attract people and situations that are positive into your life.

Benefits of self-affirmations

Self-love affirmations also have other benefits such as:

  • Boosting confidence levels
  • Allowing you to see yourself through new eyes
  • Helping you get rid of self-doubt
  • Providing a sense of worthiness
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Making you more focused and productive
  • Allowing you to accept yourself for who you truly are
  • Helping you believe in your dreams and goals
  • Making you a happier person
  • Helping you to get rid of negative thinking

80 Amazing & Inspiring Self-love Mantras, Quotes & Spiritual Affirmations

Below, we have listed lots of different affirmations (including mantras, quotes, and affirmations) to choose from.

Pick the ones that resonate with you the most and start saying them out loud every day to yourself. You will start noticing a difference soon enough.

15 Positive Self-Love Mantras

  1. I love myself for who I am, just as I am.
  2. I have unlimited potential within me.
  3. I am worthy of all the good that this world has to offer.
  4. My inner beauty radiates and influences those around me to be better people too.
  5. Every day in every way, my life is getting better and better.
  6. Today I will share my love with the world and open my heart to receive it back tenfold.
  7. The past cannot dictate how wonderful today can be… let’s make it amazing.
  8. I came into this world beautiful… Now it’s time to show it to the world.
  9. I am talented, smart, and beautiful.
  10. Today is my day, I own it and I will not let anyone take that away from me.
  11. It’s my time to shine.
  12. A new day has begun… Let’s make it spectacular. I am ready for what life has to offer.
  13. It’s okay to make a mistake… Just pick yourself back up and start again.
  14. Everything is going to be okay.
  15. I am worthy of sharing my love with the world.

25 Self-Love Mantras

  1. I am happy just as I am today; I accept myself fully.
  2. My weight, shape, or size does not define who I am.
  3. My soul is beautiful.
  4. I choose to see myself positively in everything that I do.
  5. I accept my true beauty.
  6. I am beautiful; I AM SPECIAL.
  7. It’s OK if I don’t have abs or a flat stomach. I can be healthy without flaunting it off.
  8. I love myself even though others do not appreciate me yet.
  9. I matter. Don’t ever forget that.
  10. My acne scars and blemishes do not define me as a person.
  11. I am worthy of love and respect no matter what I look like or where I come from.
  12. My cellulite does not define me, but my heart does.
  13. I will always treat myself with the same kind of respect that I give to others.
  14. Even though life has been tough so far, I am confident it will get better soon.
  15. The past few years haven’t been pleasant at all but I know there is so much more happiness ahead for me.
  16. Love myself first before beginning to love others.
  17. I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to do. And with hard work, I will succeed.
  18. My inner beauty is more than enough.
  19. I deserve the best in life because I am deserving of it.
  20. I don’t need anyone’s approval but my own. Approval-seeking will get me nowhere in life except miserable and lonely.
  21. I will love my body as long as I have it.
  22. My confidence comes from within. It’s not something others can give or take away from me.
  23. Every day is a battle, but I’m okay with that because today I won this battle.
  24. All the obstacles in the path of my success are already eliminated by my self-motivation and determination to succeed.
  25. No matter how many people put me down, nobody can stop me from achieving my dreams except for myself. Because no one else can do it better than ME.

15 Self-Love Quotes & Affirmations

  1. I am strong.
  2. I am becoming so much stronger than ever before.
  3. I am gaining the power to control my life, and I better believe that.
  4. It is okay if not everyone likes me because there are people out there who will love me until the end of time, and that’s enough for me.
  5. My path may not be easy but I’m willing to push through anyways because my efforts will pay off, in the end, no matter what.
  6. I am strong because I have become so much better than ever before.
  7. I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself.
  8. I am learning to love each part of me unconditionally.
  9. I am accepting all my imperfections.
  10. Even with all the struggles I have gone through in life, it has made me a stronger person than ever before.
  11. I am slowly forgiving myself for the past mistakes that I’ve made because moving on is necessary for living healthy today.
  12. Every single day that goes by, I feel more confident in myself than ever before.
  13. My confidence is at an all-time high as I walk with my head held up high.
  14. I am proud of myself for pushing through all the struggles and obstacles I have been faced with.
  15. I love my hair, my smile, my body, my clothes, and myself.

15 Affirmations for Self-love & Healing

  1. I am an expression of life in its purest form
  2. The energy inside me flows freely throughout my entire body
  3. Every cell within me vibrates with vitality and excitement
  4. My skin radiates warmth and comfort
  5. My hands are gentle yet firm in holding myself
  6. I breathe deeply into my heart giving myself room for gratitude
  7. I am thankful for my body and all of the things it does for me constantly
  8. My shoulders are wide open ready to welcome in new opportunities
  9. The voice within me is soft yet strong, compassionate but assertive
  10. The thoughts that flow through my mind are designed to take me towards positivity, not negativity.
  11. I know what I want out of life, and I am taking action daily to get it.
  12. Every day I make small steps towards the bigger picture of where I want to be. Whether that’s weight loss or building a business, every step counts.
  13. Every time something goes wrong in my life there is an opportunity to learn about myself and about how I can do better.
  14. When everything in my life seems to be going wrong, the pain I feel is helping me grow and allowing me to build up a stronger mind, body, and soul.
  15. When it comes down to it all, this too shall pass. In one way or another life is always changing around me, but what I need to remember is that I am still here.

10 Spiritual Self-Love Affirmations

  1. I see the light in everyone I meet today.
  2. The more love I have for myself, the more love others show me.
  3. As I love myself unconditionally right now, so too do those around me lift my vibration with their unconditional love for me.
  4. Today is an amazing day. It’s filled with opportunities that will help me grow into a better person.
  5. The path of enlightenment lies within every step that I take today.
  6. Today is a new chapter in my life filled with new beginnings.
  7. My spiritual strength enables me to love even more deeply.
  8. I am divinely guided, and all my actions are growth opportunities.
  9. I am a divine being of light and love.
  10. I have infinite potential, for anything is possible in the realm of spirit.

How Can I Practice Self-Love?

Learning to practice self-love is a valuable life lesson that will not only benefit you but everyone around you.

Learn to understand the importance of self-love and how it can help improve your well-being.

Self-love is important because it teaches us about who we are and who we want to be in this world. It provides us with an unlimited amount of comfort, care, and support when times get tough.

Here are some of the best ways to practice self-love.

Take time to be calm

When you are calm, it is easier to reflect on your feelings. Taking the time each day to relax will help you clear your mind and make room for self-love thoughts.

You do not need to spend hours at a spa or beach to practice relaxation; even five minutes of peace can help you reset after a long day.

Create a self-love kit

A self-love kit allows you to create all the tools that work best for you when it comes to practicing self-love.

You can include things like lotions, music, candles, etc., in your kit so that whenever you want to be reminded about how much you love yourself, all of these items are right at your fingertips.

The idea here is to give yourself the satisfaction of knowing you have all of these things readily available whenever you need them.

Make your daily affirmations for self-love

Daily affirmations are a great way to exercise positive thinking and remind yourself about the qualities that make you a wonderful person.

It is important to pick a time when your mind is clear and full of positivity, such as in the morning or before going to bed.

For example, if I am feeling down on myself, I may tell myself “I am confident, smart, and beautiful.”

Self-affirmations can be as simple as saying “I will start this day off with love” or “I will not let anything get in my way from being happy today.”

You can work on this personally or have a friend help you come up with affirmations so that you feel comfortable with the words being said.

Surround yourself with good

If there is one thing you should always remember it is that the energy people put out into the world will be returned to them in some way, shape, or form.

This means that if someone tells you they hate themselves, do not mirror those thoughts back to them by saying “I hate myself too.”

Instead, work on lifting their spirits by showering them with love and support.

This only works if you practice what you preach; always make sure your own self-love game is strong before trying to improve others.

Learn to say no

Once again, this makes it so much easier to love yourself when you are not doing things that will harm your body, mind, and heart.

For example, if someone asks you to go out with them on a night when you have plans to work out or relax at home, politely say no.

It is important to take care of yourself first before thinking about others because it will make for a happier life in general.

Feel your emotions

Find comfort in knowing there is nothing wrong with your emotions. Embrace all of the positive and negative feelings because they make you who you are; which is amazing.

Feeling sad can be normal depending on what situation one is going through so let yourself feel it instead of pushing your emotions aside to try and escape from feeling any type of pain.

Bonus: What Signs Show a Lack of Self-Love?

Many signs may indicate a lack of self-love. Some people may have a hard time feeling love for themselves and may find it difficult to practice self-care.

Others may struggle with accepting compliments and viewing themselves in a positive light.

If you find yourself relating to any of these signs, it is important to begin working on self-love affirmations and practices immediately.

10 signs of lack of self-love

These are the ten most common ways that show a lack of self-love:

  1. Having a feeling of unworthiness
  2. Blocking compliments from others
  3. A negative perception of self
  4. Reluctant to take responsibility for your mistakes
  5. Having a feeling of being trapped/being a victim
  6. Feeling the need to please others at all costs
  7. Depression, anxiety, and stress are not managed well or treated by a professional
  8. Turning to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism
  9. Avoidance of mirrors, photos, and anything involving seeing one’s reflection in general
  10. Inability to say “No” when it is needed – most especially if it will help you protect yourself from harm or pain

Self-love Affirmations FAQ

Do self-love affirmations work?

When you give voice to affirmations, your mind begins to accept them as being true. This is similar to how repeating things over and over again can soon become second nature.

If you have any doubt about the truth behind one of these affirmations, it will prevent you from achieving your goal. Therefore, believing in yourself is very important when using self-love affirmations.

How do you manifest love for yourself?

if you want to manifest love to yourself, you must first know what love is to you.

Ask yourself these questions: What does love mean to me? What do I look for in a lover? Am I ready for a romantic relationship?

Once you can answer these questions, it will be easier for the universe to send you the right person at the right time.

When manifesting love yourself through self-love affirmations, find an affirmation that resonates with your current situation and state it every morning when you wake up and before going to sleep.

How do I affirm my self-worth?

If you lack self-worth, it becomes difficult for you to accept that others love you.

Fortunately, there are powerful affirmations that can help boost your confidence and help you believe in yourself more.

By repeating these affirmations about self-love, they will begin to sink into your subconscious mind.

Before long, this will translate into positive changes in the way you think and act daily.

Do you have to say affirmations out loud?

While there is nothing wrong with repeating these affirmations silently to yourself every day, saying these words of encouragement out loud makes it easier for them to enter your subconscious mind and influence the way you think and behave.

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