Discover what you are great at

HIGH5 is a strengths test for individuals, teams and organizations to unlock their full potential by identifying and maximizing what motivates and energizes them

Step 1

Take the HIGH5 strengths test

Reflect on your best self during a 20-minute scientifically validated psychometric test, and discover your signature top 5 strengths – what you are great at, what you are energized by and what gives you a sense of meaning.

Step 2

Apply your results in practice

HIGH5 results are immediately actionable. With hands-on development insights, weaknesses as watch-out areas, best partner recommendations, and career suggestions, you will put your results into practice in no time.

Step 3

Connect with friends & colleagues

Discover what others are great at and gain insights on how both you and they can bring out the best in each other. Create teams on the HIGH5 platform and take your teamwork to a new level by taking the strengths assessment and unlocking hidden talents and minimizing your team’s performance risks.

Go beyond the strengths test

HIGH5 platform ensures your positive change does not end with just taking the test. Discover the full range of HIGH5 tools for every stakeholder. 

For individuals

 Learn how to use your strengths to achieve personal and professional goals.

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For teams

Discover how to create high-performance teams and grow their performance.

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List of Strengths & Qualities of a Youth
For organizations

Create a strengths-based culture where every person can be at their best.

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Why Are Strengths Of A Project Manager Important & Their Benefits
For coaches

Become a strengths champion and help your clients succeed at work

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Leaders from 90% of Fortune 500 use the HIGH5 platform every day