Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

HIGH 5 Test is a free strengths test helping +500 000 people
to discover their unique talents and to live a life
full of happiness and fulfillment.

Which company to work for? Which position to apply for? Should I switch careers?
What does really drive me? What should I do in my life?


All of us are confronted with these tough questions at one point.

However, instead of looking for answers within ourselves, we run to others for opinions.

But how could others be able to tell you what makes you feel fulfilled if you don’t even know it yourself?


Let’s be clear – we can’t answer these tough questions for you, because we believe only you can do it.

Instead, we help you know yourself a little bit better. By learning what you are really good at,

what brings you joy and fulfillment, you will be able to realign your personal and professional lives

onto the path towards true happiness and well-being.


That’s why we have developed this free test with an overarching goal 1) to increase the well-being
of people around the world by educating and enabling them to do what they are naturally good at;
and 2) to reduce structural unemployment by focusing on their transferrable skills and
cultivating talent diversity.


Strengths are one of the fundamental blocks of positive psychology. Scientists found out
that people who have focused on their strengths on daily basis:

Felt more satisfied with their lives

Experienced less stress

Felt more confident

Experienced faster career growth

Felt their work is more meaningful


HIGH 5 Test is based on the pioneering latest positive psychology research demonstrating that using personal strengths on daily basis leads to higher life satisfaction. The test takes the best of a multitude of methodologies to deliver high precision results for you as a test taker.


The test result will display your true strengths!


Sometimes the world around does not really perceive us the way we are. Where do these differences come from? Are we positioning ourselves the way we want to be seen? Take a look in “the mirror” through the help of your friend / colleague anonymous ranking of your key strengths!


The test result will display your strongest character strengths as perceived by people whose opinion you trust.


Apart from improving well-being of team members, scientists
have shown that leaders and teams focusing on individual and
complementary strengths of each member can benefit up to:


Increased team
member enagegment


Decreased team
member turnover




HIGH 5 Test is a project by 100happydays foundation.If you love the project, please consider donating >here<.