5 Best Personality Tests (Free & Paid) You Should Take in 2024

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Learning about your personality type is crucial for your long-term well-being. It can help you choose a career path, increase your emotional stability, boost personal development, and offer a wide array of other benefits.

With so many different online personality tests available, it can be tough to decide which test is right for you. Many people are overwhelmed by this vast array of choices and end up never taking a test at all.

Online assessments are one of the best ways to learn about your abilities. They are usually quick and many are free. Read further to discover what makes each of the many types of personality tests unique and to learn which is best for you.

5 Best Personality Tests You Can Take Online Free and Paid [2023]

What Makes a Personality Test “the Best”?

Individuals take personality assessments for a variety of reasons. Some want to improve career development, while others are more interested in their relationships.

Regardless of why you want to take a personality test, these test qualities make an assessment more accurate and helpful:

Validity and Reliability

When someone takes a personality assessment, they want to get accurate results. The more accurate and detailed the test’s results are, the more information someone can discover about them.

If a test were inaccurate, individuals could get incorrect conclusions from it. This would decrease their insights from the assessment and could even hurt their personal development.

By ensuring that a test is backed with science, you can gain more trust in your results. Scientific backing means a test is consistent and offers genuine insights, rather than just empty statements.

Comprehensive Assessment

It is ideal for personality tests to be comprehensive. Comprehensive tests give you the most ‘bang for your buck.’ They provide you with a more in-depth analysis and cover many different personality traits.

When a test is comprehensive, you learn more about yourself. You can see both your flaws and strengths. Such tests are not one-sided and oftentimes share personality information that may surprise you.

Tests that are not comprehensive often oversimplify your personality. They may not give you the full picture of who you truly are. This leads to you misunderstanding elements of your personality, which could backfire on your growth journey.

User-Friendly Interface

Having a user-friendly design can greatly improve a test’s simplicity and usability. These assessments often take less time to complete and give more straightforward results.

You will not have to worry about poor website design or awkwardly worded questions if the test has a user-friendly interface. That way, you can clearly understand your personality and gain an immense amount from the test.

The experience of taking the test is also more enjoyable when it has a user-friendly interface. Such tests are easier to use and understand, thus saving you time and frustration.

Professional Interpretation

Even with the best and most popular personality tests, interpreting your results solo can be tough. Having trained professionals help you understand your personality type can be extremely useful.

Reading into the results on your own can confuse you. You might not understand all the different dimensions of personality. This can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations, which defeats the purpose of taking the test.

Qualified professionals can analyze the results of your online personality test and give you deeper conclusions from them. They can even use data to give even more detailed results to you. That way, you maximize what you gain from the test.

Top 5 Personality Tests for Self-Discovery

Every individual taking online personality quizzes has a unique background as well as unique goals and desires. Different personality tests are available to you based on the above factors and more.

To one person who wants to focus on a strength-focused test, one test is better. For someone wanting to learn about their weaknesses, another is better suited to their needs.

Below are some popular types of tests focused on different aspects of your personality:

1. 16 Personalities

16personalities test

The 16 Personalities test, based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, is one of the most popular online personality tests. Millions of people have taken the assessment.

By taking the test, you can learn more about both your strong qualities and weaknesses. You can see how you respond to stress, how you work with others, aspects of your communication style, and much more.

The test analyzes many different aspects of your personality. You can get quite specific results, as the test assigns you one of 16 personalities that best matches your responses. Take the test here.

2. HIGH5

HIGH5 personality test logo

One of the greatest strength tests available online is the HIGH5 assessment. Your strengths are one of the most important aspects of your personality, after all.

HIGH5 is unique, for it focuses solely on strengths. This allows you to efficiently implement a strengths-based approach to personal growth and helps you maintain a positive mindset.

By learning about your strengths, you can increase your productivity in your professional life, start going outside your comfort zone, and truly grow as a person.

If you are interested in taking a free, quick, and accurate personality and strengths test, consider taking the HIGH5 here.

3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

16 personality types test mbti

As previously mentioned, the MBTI is one of the most easily recognizable online personality tests. There are dozens of versions available online and many of them are free.

The MBTI has great scientific backing. Research done by psychologists such as Isabel Myers and Carl Jung validates the clarity and accuracy of the assessment. It is great for acquiring broad knowledge about your personality.

The reliability of the test (how consistent the test results are when you take it several times) is very high for the Myers-Briggs test (1). This means it is one of the most accurate personality tests on the market.

If this test interests you, consider taking the official test here.

4. Enneagram Institute

enneagram institute test

The Enneagram is another highly popular online personality test. This test covers numerous important aspects of your personality and communicates it in a general as well as easy-to-understand way.

With the Enneagram, you will learn about openness to experiences, motivations, desires, and much more. There are 9 main personality profiles within the Enneagram’s personality inventory.

You are assigned one with a subtype as well. By taking this test, you can improve your understanding of how you communicate with others and how to succeed in a workplace setting, too.

One user shared their experience with the Truity Enneagram test, stating, “The enneagram test results are enlightening. I enjoyed learning about the wing and arrow numbers, as well as the aspects of the personality as we become more “healthy”. I can see myself in my results now, and in the past. My results are insightful” (2).

One great version of the Enneagram test is available here for free.

5. DiSC Profile

DISC personality test

The DiSC model of personality can help you gain clarity on numerous aspects of your personality. The DISC assessment tests 4 different factors of personality: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness.

By testing this variety of psychological traits, you can learn what powers you at work and in your personal life. This test is great for straightforward but specific personality information.

It is especially useful for analyzing behavioral traits in a workplace setting. Because of this, many teams use the DISC test as their main personality assessment.

It offers many benefits for teams and individuals alike, such as boosting confidence, passion, and positivity in individuals, as well as improving team productivity and team effectiveness.

To learn more about your personality, either as an individual or on behalf of a team, you should consider taking the DISC test here.

Choosing the Right Personality Test for You

Every individual has different goals and objectives in mind when selecting a personality test. There is no one best test out there; this all depends on your unique needs.

Therefore, when selecting the personality tool you will use, consider evaluating your needs and desires. You should have some specific goals in mind when taking the test. That way, you can see how the knowledge the test provides you with can help you.

Also, consider the types of objectives you have in mind. If you want to grow personally, a more general, emotion-focused test could be great. If you want to solely focus on your career then another test might be more useful.

Try researching the numerous types of valuable tools available on the market. Look over reviews for the tests, and find what matches your needs the most. Consider looking for reviews from psychologists and other professionals, too.

Many psychology blogs can provide you with easy-to-understand research on the variety of different personality tests available on the market, especially official sources like the American Psychological Association (APA).

Last, but not least, consider acquiring some help from mental health professionals. If you know psychologists/therapists or currently have a career coach, they can help guide you in selecting the best test for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personality test?

A personality test is an assessment that quantifies different aspects of your personality, such as your motivations, desires, communication style, strengths, weaknesses, and much more. It helps you understand which individual traits you use daily, and what makes you who you are.

How Do Personality Tests Work?

There are many different personality theories psychologists have come up with. Every personality test uses a different methodology and bases its results on a different theory of personality.

Many tests will ask you to self-report how you would react in certain situations, or rank how similar statements sound to you. Based on those answers, your results are determined.

Are Personality Tests Scientifically Valid and Reliable?

When taking an online personality assessment, ensure that it is endorsed by data and expert research. Many tests, such as the MBTI or Enneagram, are founded on decades of scientific research by leading scholars like Carl Jung. Those tests that have scientific backing have much higher accuracy and consistency.

What are the Benefits of Taking a Personality Test?

By taking a personality test, you can improve numerous aspects of your life and learn what makes you unique. For instance, individuals who take personality tests become more confident and self-aware. You can find new ways to use your strengths after learning about your personality.

In addition, you can find a career that best suits your personality to maximize success. Other benefits include more positivity, becoming more productive, improving relations, and much more.

Can Personality Tests Predict Job Performance or Success?

Personality assessments can provide highly valuable information about your future career. They can help you understand how well your strengths and abilities align with a certain job, which can help you determine the likelihood of career success. Such tests also help you find new ways to use your strengths. However, no test can tell you with certainty whether you will or will not succeed in a certain position.

How Can I Choose the Best Personality Test for Me?

You should consider numerous factors when determining which personality test is right for you. For instance, think about your goals. What do you want to learn from the test? Are you more focused on your career or personal interests when taking the test?

It can also be helpful to speak to a therapist or career counselor. They can assist you in finding a test that best suits your goals. Additionally, reading reviews of several tests and researching what each test focuses on will help you find your ideal assessment.

Are Online Personality Tests Accurate?

Many individuals are skeptical of online personality assessments, as their accuracy has been questioned many times. However, assessments such as the MBTI and Enneagram are consistent and accurate (1). Decades of scientific research went into the test’s creation as well. Try to look for official versions of psychological tests, as they are often more accurate.

Can I Take Multiple Personality Tests to Get a More Comprehensive Understanding?

Every personality test focuses on something different. While some dive deep into your strengths, others focus on your career specifically. Therefore, to get a more comprehensive understanding of your personality, you should consider taking numerous different personality tests.

Can I Change My Personality Based on the Test Results?

Many of your core personality traits will stay the same for long periods. However, by being more careful and aware of your strengths/weaknesses, you can tweak them and make the most out of them.

Your positive qualities can be refined, and your weaknesses can be made less prominent. Remember that personality tests can highlight your top qualities, but that does not mean you will stay the same forever, especially after major life changes.

Are There Free Personality Tests Available?

Yes, there are many free personality assessments online. For instance, 16 Personalities, HIGH5, and the Enneagram (through sites such as Truity) are all available for free online. However, ensure that the assessment you choose is scientifically backed and accurate.

Some free online tests give inaccurate results and do not follow the proper psychological testing methodology. Therefore, choose reputable sites whenever possible.

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