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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a career strengths test?

The career strengths test is a self-assessment tool that helps individuals identify their strongest skills and qualities.

After completing the test, an individual can use this information to help them choose a career path that best suits their strengths and interests. The career strengths test is a helpful tool for those who are undecided about their career path or are interested in exploring different options.

The test is composed of a series of questions that evaluate an individual’s skills and qualities. These skills and qualities are then used to generate a report that provides insight into the individual’s strengths.

The report also includes career suggestions based on the findings of this test. There are many reasons why it can be beneficial to discover your career strengths.

First, knowing your strengths can help you better understand what careers may be a good fit for you. Additionally, understanding your strengths can help you focus your job search and develop a strategy for achieving your career goals.

Additionally, understanding your strengths can help you become a more successful employee by playing to your strengths and developing skills in other areas.

Finally, knowing your career strengths can give you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, which can be very rewarding.

Features of the HIGH5 Career Strengths test

The HIGH5 test is a well-regarded strengths assessment tool that offers a variety of features designed to help individuals and organizations identify and leverage their unique strengths.

Here are some key features of the HIGH5 test:

Free and Accessible: The HIGH5 test is free to take, making it accessible to a broad audience. This aligns with the mission to help as many people as possible understand and appreciate their strengths.

Scientifically Validated: The test is a 20-minute psychometric assessment, validated to ensure reliability and consistency. It is designed to identify the top 5 most significant strengths to the individual.

Immediate Actionability: The results are immediately actionable once the test is completed. The test provides detailed insights into personal strengths, potential areas for development, best partnership suggestions, and career advice.

Holistic Development: The test identifies strengths and suggests practical ways to apply them in personal and professional contexts. This includes recommendations for leveraging strengths in teamwork and avoiding the overuse of specific strengths.

Strengths-Based Collaboration: HIGH5 encourages using strengths in team settings, helping to build high-performance teams by understanding and complementing each other’s strengths. This particularly benefits companies aiming to improve team effectiveness and employee engagement.

Comprehensive Reports: Users receive a detailed report outlining their top 5 strengths, with actionable insights and areas to watch out for. More extensive reports and additional resources, such as coaching calls and ongoing feedback, are free.

Continuous Improvement: The test is continuously refined using big data from test-takers worldwide. This helps maintain the assessment’s precision and relevance over time.

Broad Application: The HIGH5 test is utilized by individuals, teams, organizations, coaches, and educational institutions. It aids in personal development, enhances teamwork, fosters strengths-based cultures, and supports coaching practices.

Positive Psychology Foundation: The test is rooted in positive psychology, aiming to shift focus from fixing weaknesses to building on strengths. This approach has improved life satisfaction, confidence, engagement, and relationships.

Global Reach and Impact: The HIGH5 test has been adopted by millions of users across various sectors, including leaders from 90% of Fortune 500 companies. This widespread adoption underscores its effectiveness and reliability.

By identifying and applying their strengths, users can achieve greater satisfaction and success in their personal and professional lives. The HIGH5 test offers a robust framework for understanding and leveraging strengths to foster growth and well-being.

What are the benefits of using the HIGH5 Career Strengths assessment?

The HIGH5 career strengths test provides users with a clear understanding of their top strengths, which can significantly enhance career satisfaction and success. By leveraging the HIGH5 platform’s scientifically developed methodology and personalized reports, individuals can make informed career choices and develop strategies to maximize their potential. The user-friendly interface and actionable insights further support continuous personal and professional growth.

How much does HIGH5’s Career Strengths test cost?

HIGH5’s Career Strengths Test costs $0 for the basic test, $29 for an individual in-depth report, $49 per employee for a team report, $96 per employee per year for full platform access, and offers custom pricing for organizational transformation​​

Is the HIGH5 scientifically validated?

Yes, the HIGH5 test is scientifically validated, built on robust research in psychology and human performance. Its methodology ensures reliable and accurate results, giving users confidence in the assessment’s ability to accurately identify their strengths.

How does a career strengths test work?

There are a plethora of different career strength tests available to the public. Each of them works slightly differently. In general, though, you will be asked a series of questions that relate to your personality, how you prefer to work, your goals, and other elements of the work experience.

Then, your answers to these questions is compared to the work environment and work requirements for certain jobs.

If your responses indicate that you enjoy a high-stress work environment, have experience in coding, enjoy working alone, and value salary above time off, you may be recommended to go into the coding or general software development field.

If you show that you are extroverted, enjoy working with kids, have a knack for staying patient, and love to inspire others, then you may be suggested to venture into a teaching career.

There is more than one field or career that is typically recommended. You may be given a list of all the valuable career options the test has and how well you align with the strengths required to succeed in each of these fields.

Usually, these tests focus more on soft skills than they do on hard skills. Keep in mind that if software development seems like the perfect career to you according to this strength test, you will still need to acquire technical skills to succeed in that field (and many others).

For whom is the career strengths test?

Career strengths tests are used by a wide array of individuals. If you are a student that is asking the question “which types of careers are right for me?” then the strengths test offers an excellent answer to this question.

It will pair you up with a career that maximizes your opportunities for career satisfaction and goal achievement without overwhelming you. Any student who is interested in narrowing down their career options should take such a career assessment based on personality traits.

However, career tests are not just beneficial to students. They can be extremely helpful and insightful to adults as well. For example, if you recently realized you are unhappy with your current career, you may be compelled to quit your job.

Then, the question arises: how will you find your next job, and what will that job be? If you thoroughly disliked the activities in your last job, simply finding a similar employer will not result in more satisfaction. You must find a new career, and this test can help you find one in which you are more likely to feel happy and find success.

Career strengths tests are used, albeit less commonly, as a way to track your development within your career of choice. If you know that adaptability is required in your career, bust the first time you took a career test you scored low on adaptability, such tests can help you track your career and skill growth. Thus, they can even be used when you are quite satisfied with your career but simply want to grow your skills and strengths.

How long does the career strengths test last?

Career strength tests do not take very long to administer. Approximately 15 minutes. However, you should try not to rush through these tests. Take your time, as this will ensure the results are as accurate as possible.

Career strength test results can be useful for many years to come. But, you should make it a priority to reevaluate your skills as often as you can. Doing so will ensure that you have up-to-date information on your abilities.

And, you will be able to target your skills that are less developed by consistently reevaluating your strengths and watching for strengths growth.

How accurate is a career strengths assessment?

Career strength tests can be quite accurate. These tests rely heavily on user input and self-evaluation. Individuals may not realize that they tend to be arrogant or sensitive, and thus their results may be skewed because of inaccurate evaluations.

If you take the career test with the goal of finding your ideal job, it will offer some accurate insights, but self-evaluation is its biggest issue. You may think that working in a faced-paced environment is thrilling.

That is, until you are truly placed in that position. Then, your perception on faced-paced work environments might change. So, you cannot expect the test results to be 100% accurate, regardless of whether you are a manager or an employee.

These tests offer valuable information, but they should be used alongside other assessments to form a more cohesive picture of the individual’s strengths.

Benefits of taking a career strengths test

The benefits that one gets when completing the test include:

  1. Helps individuals identify their strongest skills and qualities
  2. Career suggestions are made based on specific strengths
  3. Can better understand what options may be a good fit for you
  4. Focuses your job search
  5. Develops a strategy for achieving goals
  6. Helps one become a more successful employee
  7. Gives a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment
  8. Helps the person understand himself/herself better

Career strengths test FAQ

What are the examples of career assessment?

Many different types of career assessments can help you identify your strengths, skills, and interests. Some common examples include personality tests, aptitude tests, interest inventories, and vocational assessments like HIGH5 test.

These tools can provide valuable insight into your career preferences and help you determine the best career path for you.

How do you evaluate the results of a career assessment?

After completing a career assessment, it is important to take some time to review the results and consider how they relate to your professional goals and aspirations.

This may involve examining the findings in detail or comparing them with other assessments or feedback that you have received. Additionally, some people find it helpful to discuss their results with a career counselor or coach who can offer guidance and feedback.

How do I find what career is best for me?

  • Take a career assessment test like HIGH5.
  • Consult with a career counselor.
  • Explore internships and job shadowing opportunities.

What is the most accurate career aptitude test?

There is no single, definitive answer to this question, but we recommend taking HIGH5’s career assessment. 

Factors that can influence a test’s accuracy include its level of complexity, the specific skills and traits it measures, and how well it has been designed and validated.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which career assessments are most reliable and accurate is to try out a variety of tests and compare their results.

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