Looking for a new opportunity?

There are a lot of unknowns in the world right now. But one thing is certain – HIGH5 is here for you.


Whether you got laid off due to COVID19 pandemic or simply decided to look for a new opportunity, we will help you get there by 1) recording a 1:1 interview focusing on what’s great about you; and then 2) making it visible to as many people as possible.


All of it – absolutely free of change and no strings attached.


It is a part of the overarching mission of HIGH5 to help people change their lives for good with the power of their strengths.


Our small way of helping you focus on your true North and remerge after the crisis stronger than ever before.



Schedule a 1:1 mini interview with one of HIGH5 team members, who will help you talk more about what you are really good at.


You will receive a personalized page featuring your recorded interview together with your strengths profile for others to understand better what truly makes you stand out.


Both you and us can share your unique profile with the world to make sure that it is visible to as many people as possible and that it lands in front of your future employer.

1:1 Interview Request Form

How can I grow in my career? How can I achieve my goals? How can I be more satisfied in life?


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1. Once again, how does it actually work?

Request a strengths interview in the form above. One of our team members will reach to you to schedule a 1:1 video interview focusing on what’s great about you. After the interview, the recorded version will be then uploaded online and will be made accessible on this website. Both you and us will share this video with as many people as possible so that it reaches your dream employer.

2. What will I get out of this?

First of all, you will get a recording of your 1:1 interview on what makes you stand out from the crowd. Secondly, you will get the personalized page highlighting your personal strengths profile. Thirdly, you will gain extra visibility by sharing your strengths profile with the world.

3. How will it help me find a job?

You’ll not only have digital presence outlining on your unique contribution to any potential employer, but also maximize your profile exposure to people beyond your personal network.

4. How much does it cost?

Our team does interviewing, profile creation and promotion – all pro bono.

5. Why do you do it for free?

We believe every crisis is an opportunity and we should treat the current global pandemic as such. This initiative goes in line with our mission of helping the people to improve their lives by focusing on what’s great about them.

6. What happens after I request the interview?

Your request will be added to the queue and, once it’s your turn, one of our team members will reach out to you to schedule a short 1:1 interview at a mutually convenient date & time.

7. What will happen during the interview?

The interview with one of our team members will help you talk about your greatest strengths and achievements you’re proud of. No need to worry about being put on the spot with Google-style riddles or consulting-style case studies. Our goal is to help you showcase yourself at your best!

8. Will the interview be recorded?

Yes, the interview will be recorded to give you an opportunity to share it with the rest of the world.

9. Can I share the video with my potential employer?

Absolutely! Feel free to share your entire strengths profile in a way that will be helpful in your job search process to demonstrate what you are naturally good at.

10. Can I help this wonderful initiative?

Sure! We are open to any kind of help that might be useful for the people to discover their new opportunity.

  • If you’re an individual, feel free to share the profiles of other people with your network or volunteer to conduct 1:1 interviews as part of this initiative.
  • If you’re a coach, you’re welcome to donate your coaching hours to those who have lost their job because of the COVID19 pandemic.
  • If you’re an employer, please take a look at our Strong People To Hire gallery to find the candidates that meet the needs of the available opportunity.