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All ENTJ Strengths and Weaknesses You Should Know About

When talking about the ENTJ’s strengths and weaknesses, one can’t avoid starting with their most prominent personality trait – natural leaders. The Commander personality, as the ENTJ personality is commonly referred to, is the one that combines the extrovert, intuitive, thinking, and judging traits.

The ENTJ meaning comes from those traits or cognitive functions defined by the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator (click here to take a free MBTI test).

The cognitive functions distinguish these individuals as ambitious and charismatic problem-solvers who grasp the reality as it is just to create a better vision for the future. They see the world as a place filled with a myriad of potentials, and every problem is a new challenge for them. They are organized planners with big ideas who can easily draw crowds to achieve the ultimate goal.

The fact that it is one of the rarest MBTI personality type makes them unique in many aspects. Their strengths determine them as successful high-achievers, while their weaknesses point to the fact that ENTJs can flourish only if they acknowledge and accept them.

All ENTJ Strengths and Weaknesses You Should Know About

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Core ENTJ Strengths and Advantages


There isn’t a bigger joy for an ENTJ than reaching a goal, meeting a deadline, or completing a project. ENTJs are generally hard-working when they have set a target to accomplish.

Due to their innate leadership skills, they pass this motivation to anyone who is involved in working with them. They conceive the idea, make a perfectly-detailed plan, delegate responsibilities, monitor everyone’s performance, and push themselves and the other people forward.


Much of ENTJs’ success comes from their winning confidence.ENTJs are people who enchant others with their charisma and intelligence. Many people in their surroundings look up to them in admiration.

The intuitive nature of ENTJs can easily detect their dominance, pumping up the high self-esteem they already have. Commander personalities know their worth, trust their capabilities, and believe in themselves.


ENTJ Strengths and Advantages - Strategic

ENTJs know what they want, but they also know how to get there. They are planners, rational thinkers who are able to go in such detailed structuring that they foresee obstacles ahead.

Commander personalities never leave anything to chance and always have a back plan. Plus, they are good at assessing other people’s capabilities, which can make a difference when delegating tasks or putting trust in somebody.


You will hardly ever hear Commander personalities complain about a job difficulty, nor will you see them drained by their work.

ENTJs love to work, and much of their life occurrences orbit around career achievements and the prospects of learning.


If you don’t succeed at first, try and try again.” In times of difficulties, ENTJs stand out with their determination and eagerness to proceed.

Challenges unusually motivate ENTJs to think outside the box and try new approaches. It is not very common to see ENTJs give up and accept failures just because they didn’t think it was possible to go on.

Down to earth

ENTJs are people of vision and big ideas, but they are not daydreamers. When starting out a project or working on an idea, they analyze and assess all the factors that lead to their accomplishment.

They are rarely carried away by emotions, less frequently biased, so they exactly know what they have to deal with on the way to achieving their goals.

I would like to unlock the strengths and full potential of:

All ENTJ Weaknesses You Should Be Aware Of


All ENTJ Weaknesses You Should Be Aware Of - Impatient

When ENTJs have a goal in mind, they tend to pursue it with all their powers. Wasting time on unnecessary things that might slow down progress makes them impatient and intolerant.


It is hard for ENTJs to change their minds, and it is even harder for somebody else to convince them of taking up another approach or changing their decision.

This, however, might have negative consequences, particularly when ENTJs fail to recognize that they are heading in the wrong direction.


In cases when their determination and confidence overflow, ENTJs could oppose anyone who tries to point to another possibility, often to the point of conflict.

In such cases, they perceive the discussion as a battlefield that needs to be conquered rather than a mere exchange of opinions.


ENTJs are perfectionists who set high standards for them and the people around them, so naturally, mistakes are never part of the plan. Therefore, they can become very intolerant with people who make mistakes or are less effective than they are.

Plus, since ENTJs don’t value emotions very highly, all issues that might arise from emotional nature tend to be disregarded.

Lack of Emotional Skills

Even though ENTJs have an intuitive personality trait, it doesn’t work toward sensing their own and other people’s feelings.

ENTJs are notorious for their lack of emotional expression, making them appear incapable of loving and showing empathy. That’s far from being true, and when it comes to ENTJs and relationships, their behavior tends to change to a certain extent.

Ruthless and Cold

Many people perceive ENTJs as cold and cruel, particularly within business circles. Since ENTJs have a dominant thinking function, they approach things with rationality and common sense.

They love to talk through numbers and measures, so feelings don’t belong within this category.

ENTJ Growth, Development and Improvement

ENTJ Growth, Development and Improvement

ENTJs are top-notch professionals who are very insightful in what they do. But that doesn’t mean they are perfect.

Fortunately, ENTJs know this the best as they are well aware that without learning and perfecting one’s skills, it won’t be possible to keep up with modern trends.

Therefore, no matter if it comes to focusing on ENTJ career matches, friendships, or relationships, learning how to boost their potentials can open up new perspectives.

How to Boost and Maximize ENTJ’s Strengths

  • Make use of their intuitive function

ENTJs strive to dominate the social or business circles, and it is they who do the taking or draw attention. They are frequently in top positions leading teams or groups of people.

In such cases, it is advisable to understand people’s needs and what message they are trying to convey so that ENTJs can respond positively to their expectations.

ENTJs need to learn that when the team is satisfied, it is more productive and efficient.

  • Use their knowledge to help others

ENTJs boast high intellectual skills and the ability to see things beyond the present perspective. This means they are quick to see a potential solution to a problem and act accordingly.

However, not everybody has these skills, and many people struggle to find a way out, which can cause emotional overwhelming.

In such cases, instead of being critical and impatient, ENTJs are advised to show compassion and share their insights.

  • Use their potential in other areas of their lives

Instead of pouring themselves into their work, ENTJs should try and find balance in their lives by implementing their skills.

For instance, if they apply the same vigor to settle matters with their friends and family, they’ll leave a much better impression of being considerate and caring.

I would like to unlock the full potential of:

How to Minimize ENTJ’s Weaknesses

When ENTJs embrace their weaknesses as areas in their lives that have the potential to turn them into more successful individuals, they’ll flourish.

ENTJs should consider the following:

  • Learn to Value Emotions

As long as ENTJs fail to recognize and appreciate emotions, they are likely to bump into conflicts and disappointments.

They need to embrace differences and acknowledge that emotions play a central part in their lives for some people. This is particularly true for extroverted feeling personalities (Fe) who filter almost everything through their emotions.

  • Learn Compassion

Yes, ENTJs are witty, intelligent, and charming, but that doesn’t mean they always need to be right or win every possible argument.

Sometimes they need to show solidarity and compassion to people who might be wrong, but, at the same time, are struggling hard to overcome difficult life events.

  • Listen and focus on what others have to say

Sometimes, ENTJs can be so self-absorbed in a conversation that they ignore what others have to say. This makes them look arrogant and ruthless.

Instead, they should use their intelligence, rapid information processing skills, and intuition to know when to stop, listen, and then come to conclusions.

  • Slow Down

Among the things that ENTJs are not very fond of hearing are the phrases “Relax!” and “Slow Down!” but sometimes it is just what they need to do.

They are often so focused on pursuing their goals that they completely ignore everything else around them, including themselves. Needless to say, how detrimental an effect it can have on their wellbeing and the relationship with their friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions ENTJ

What are ENTJ strengths at work?

ENTJs are future-oriented individuals with superior organizational and analytical skills. They are good leaders who can inspire others to their maximum.

ENTJs can work on projects that require an immense focus on planning and structuring, anticipation, and supervision. They can recognize people’s potential and adequately delegate tasks.

Shortly said, Commander’s strengths revolve around visualizing new ideas, creating strict steps on accomplishing those ideas, and guiding people through the process.

What are ENTJ’s weaknesses at work?

ENTJs general weakness discussed above can influence their work success unless they try to manage them effectively.

Intolerance and impatience can cause considerable disagreements with other people in their team as ENTJs look for the same efficiency and performance level as they offer.

Considering that only about 3% of the general population is identified as ENTJ, this means that they are not very likely to get what they are looking for, so they need to learn patience.

What are ENTJ strengths in a relationship?

When ENTJ starts a relationship, they tend to take it seriously. Usually, that means spending their free time with the person they love, doing unusual and fun activities, and making memories.

They shower the person with gifts and respect his/her attitudes. ENTJs are very loyal partners with clearly defined expectations.

When they need something or face a challenge, they communicate their opinions and state their needs without much ambiguity.

What are ENTJ weaknesses in a relationship?

ENTJs don’t value sentiments to the same extent as they do other factual things in their life, so they find it hard to express their feelings or understand how other people feel. When they love someone, they tend to show it practically, but they hit a dead-end when it comes to verbalizing their feelings.

Their incompetence in dealing with feelings makes their partners insecure in their intentions, leading to frequent arguments and misunderstanding.


When considering ENTJs strengths and weaknesses, one needs to bear in mind that these do not apply to every ENTJ from the first to the last, and that there are nuances that color each personality in their own way.

Some ENTJs have overcome the maturing process and have seen ENTJ growth beyond their weaknesses.

Since ENTJs are frequently involved in learning and developing, they can quickly overcome the obstacles that stand on their way if they are willing to change their perceptions.

This basically means valuing and praising other people, getting in tune with their emotions, and accepting differences without feeling frustrated.

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