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ENTP (The Debater) Relationships Handbook – Compatibilities, Best Matches, Dating & Love

ENTP is one of the sixteen personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

ENTP stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving.

This personality type can be categorized into two groups: ENTP-A (Assertive) and ENTP-T (Turbulent).

In the workplace, ENTPs are often described as spontaneous, innovative and quick thinkers.

They are tenacious in the pursuit of their ambitions, regardless of whatever opposition they may face.

That’s why others often described them as ‘The Debater’, ‘The Innovator’ or ‘The Visionary’.

What about ENTPs’ personalities when it comes to love and interpersonal relationships?

We’ll talk about ENTPs’ strengths and weaknesses in relationships, as well as their compatibility with other personality types in this post.

You’ll also learn how ENTPs behave as lovers, parents, and friends, as well as how they handle breakups.

ENTP Relationships Guide - Matches, Compatibilities & Love

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How Do ENTPs Look at Dating and Falling in Love

When it comes to dating, ENTPs can be charming and easy-going. They like novelty and are comfortable dating casually for a while.

This, however, does not mean that ENTPs do not appreciate deeper relationships.

ENTPs will assess their partner during the first few meetings to determine if they are a suitable match romantically.

If they feel the person is right for them, they can make the first move to profess their love. They can also fall in love fast and commit to the relationship when they meet the right person.

ENTPs are drawn to someone who exudes calm and confident poise. A person who does not appear to rely on others for reassurance is more likely to attract ENTP’s attention and love.

How Do ENTPs Look at Dating and Falling in Love

They enjoy being with those who are independent thinkers and have their point of view.

ENTPs are attracted to a person who can give them surprises and who sees things differently than everyone else.

ENTPs will become more attracted to the person if they can learn something new from them or have their perspectives challenged.

ENTPs also like being with someone who can challenge and keep them guessing.

They are drawn to someone who appears a little mysterious and whose behaviors are not always predictable.

ENTPs also want to feel that their other half is encouraging them to grow, which ENTPs value greatly.

While ENTPs are drawn to people who have these enigmatic characteristics, they are also drawn to someone empathetic and kind.

They tend to become more attracted to someone who is affectionate and shows their love openly.

ENTPs love spending time on entertainment, films, cultural activities, and outdoor activities.

Thus, ENTPs want a partner who is eager to take part in any of these activities with them.

They desire a partner that is curious about life and is not scared to try new things and experiences.

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ENTPs Compatibilities and Best Matches for a Romantic Relationship

Intelligent and flexible individuals are most compatible with ENTPs.

ENTPs need someone with whom they can have an intellectual conversation or discussion.

As ENTPs dislike routine and conventional approaches, they get on well with someone that does not place a great emphasis on tradition.

ENTPs are easily bored.

Thus they tend to gravitate towards those who can keep them entertained in some way.

A person who is calm and peaceful can balance out the more wild and disorganized characteristics of ENTPs.

The personality types that are most compatible with ENTPs are INFJs or INTJs.

ENTPs’ extraverted intuition is best suited with the introverted intuition dominant personality types.

The compatibility of ENTP with other personality types is as follows:

ENTP – INFJ relationship:

ENTPs and INFJs are a perfect match in a romantic relationship.

Their personalities complement one another, and the relationship is harmonized through ENTPs’ intellectual appreciation and INFJs’ emotional affirmation.

The quiet, knowledgeable, and artistic traits of INFJs are attractive to ENTPs. INFJs can also assist ENTPs to stay on course of what they are doing.

Both personality types tend to engage in deep and long conversations.

The brilliance, confidence, and enthusiasm of ENTPs are appealing to INFJs.

ENTPs’ adventurousness may benefit INFJs in getting out of their comfort zone to try and experience new things.

ENTP – INTJ relationship:

ENTP – INTJ relationship

Another personality type that is a perfect match for ENTPs is INTJs.

The tenacious, passionate, and strong-willed characteristics of INTJs are what attract ENTPs.

INTJs also know how to keep ENTP’s attention and interest in a relationship.

INTJs enjoy being around ENTP for their energy and enthusiasm.

ENTPs can introduce INTJs to new exciting ideas or subjects that spark a lively discussion or debate between them.

ENTPs and INTJs are also likely to engage in open and honest communication with one another.

When they face any challenges, both ENTPs and INTJs will be frank about their feelings and work together to overcome the difficulties.

ENTP – ENTP relationship:

ENTPs have a lot of similarities with other ENTPs.

In case you are wondering if ENTPs can be attracted to a partner with a similar personality type, the answer is yes.

Opposites indeed attract, but it cannot deny that similarities may sometimes be appealing too.

ENTP partners are always looking for mental and intellectual stimulation, which is perfect in this personality match.

They tend to skip casual conversation in favor of stimulating discussions about science, technology, or culture.

As both of them are ENTPs, they are always preoccupied with their big and innovative ideas.

ENTPs may then overlook their emotional side, resulting in a monotonous relationship.

ENTP – ENFP relationship:

In romantic relationships, ENTPs and ENFPs are a great combination.

When it comes to their intellectual and emotional consciousness, they have a lot in common regarding their behavioral tendencies and academic preferences.

ENFPs are very supportive of their partners’ life goals.

Similar to ENTPs, they do not enjoy mundane and repetitive tasks and love stimulating and exciting activities.

ENTP Strengths in a Relationship


When it comes to protecting the people ENTPs care about, they are unexpectedly tenacious.

Although ENTPs appreciate someone who knows how to take care of themselves, this does not imply ENTPs will not defend the person they love.

ENTPs may become protective or defensive of their partner if others make a negative comment about them.

ENTPs refuse to let others push their partner down.

This is because ENTPs want their partner to be successful and reach their greatest potential in all areas of their life.


From the ENTP personality type guide, we know that personal development is essential to them.

This mindset is also reflected in ENTPs when they are in a relationship.

They are always looking for ways to improve themselves and their relationship.

ENTPs are willing to face any setbacks and challenges together with their partner too.

They view these challenges as opportunities to improve their relationship and become a better person in their relationship.

They hope that this love will motivate them to keep pushing ahead in life and their relationship.

When they are in love, ENTPs want to bring their partner to explore new locations and experience new things or activities with them.

Even when the ENTPs are physically separated from their partner, it seems that ENTPs are there to accompany their partner in spirit.

They are more likely to be inspired by this kind of love than they can show or that anybody would notice.


ENTP Strengths in a Relationship

While ENTPs may be unlikely to feel settled in one place, this is not always the case.

They prefer a spontaneous lifestyle and enjoy exploring new things, but that doesn’t imply they cannot commit to a relationship.

In a relationship, ENTPs do not make a promise until they are confident they can fulfill it.

When they realize there is not enough reason to keep them in a relationship, ENTPs do not appear to be able to show commitment.

ENTPs that are genuinely in love are willing to commit to their other half for the rest of their lives.

They only need to have the freedom to try new things in other areas of their life without feeling restricted by their relationship.


ENTPs have excellent communication skills.

ENTPs can understand and communicate well with their partner.

When their partner is unhappy, ENTPs can always come up with fresh and innovative ways to cheer their partner up.


ENTPs respect their partner for who they are, even when they have conflicting views on certain things.

They tend to communicate with their partner honestly and openly.

As ENTPs value logical and rational thinking, they tend to speak what is on their mind without beating around the bush.

ENTPs genuinely care about their spouse and want the best for them.

Thus they tend to be as honest and transparent as possible, saying precisely what is on their mind.


ENTP lovers tend to give their trust and loyalty to their partners.

When ENTPs decide to be in a relationship, they are prepared to settle down with this person.

ENTPs are people who dislike routine and do not prefer routine cognitive or task-oriented jobs.

Yet, they are willing to compromise this aspect of their personality and allow their partner to become a part of their daily routine.

It shows how much ENTPs are willing to sacrifice and invest in a relationship.

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ENTP Weaknesses in a Relationship and the Implications Upon Them


ENTP Weaknesses in a Relationship and the Implications Upon Them

Known as ‘The Debater’, ENTPs can be too aggressive in a relationship.

They do not know when to stop arguing and come to a common ground.

Their argumentative personality may annoy their other half, especially those who do not find the same pleasure of getting into a heated discussion and those who place great importance on harmony.


ENTPs are thrill-seekers. They are more inclined to take risks and engage in dangerous activities.

ENTPs also have an insatiable desire to explore new things and take part in a variety of activities.

They enjoy living life in the fast lane, which may lead to problems if their partner does not share a similar preference.

Their risky behaviors may also put their family into a difficult financial condition. And this can be quite a stressful situation for their partner.


Called ‘The Innovator’, ENTPs are never short of ideas.

But the problem is they do not always translate their ideas into actionable steps.

ENTPs tend to procrastinate when they lose interest in something or are trying to identify which is the most interesting choice.

It might be perplexing for their partner, especially if they are a more structured person who prefers having a schedule.


ENTPs have excellent communication skills and straightforwardness with their words.

However, they lack the ability to feel and express themselves emotionally.

ENTPs want their partner to see them as rational and sensible rather than emotional.

As a result, they may be frightened of expressing their true feelings out loud.

They are concerned that the words might not come out correctly, which may cause misunderstanding.

Poor follow-through

ENTPs are known for getting things started but not necessarily seeing them through to the end.

They could become bored and move on to something more interesting than what they are working on currently.

They may not always keep their promises, which can be stressful for their partner.

They risk losing their partner’s trust if this keeps happening in their relationship.

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ENTP as a Parent – Parental Relationship with Their Children

ENTP parents tend to allow their children more opportunities to explore their surroundings on their own.

They are fun-loving parents who find great pleasure in providing their children with a variety of experiences.

ENTPs will encourage their children to think freely and express their concerns, ideas, and opinions openly.

They want their children to be able to communicate their feelings and desires from a rational perspective.

This logical way of expressing their needs is more effective than sharing what makes them feel good.

That is also a possible reason why ENTPs may be seen as someone insensitive to emotions.

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ENTP as a Lover in a Sexual Relationship

When ENTPs meet the right person, they can easily fall in love. Once they are committed to a relationship, ENTP lovers are very protective and loyal to their other half.

They value open and honest communication in their relationships. ENTPs also appreciate being able to communicate their most vulnerable and profound emotions with their partner.

You will never get bored being around an ENTP. They are spontaneous and love exploring and trying out new things.

ENTP also appreciates someone who gives them the freedom to be themselves.

When ENTPs are in love, they will go out of their way to show romantic gestures to make their partner feel special and loved.

ENTPs are comfortable with casual sex.

However, ENTPs enjoy sex more when they are with someone with whom they feel compatible.

They can be adventurous and intense in the bedroom.

They are also curious and open to trying new ideas and experiences in the bedroom.

ENTPs in Friendships, What They Value, and How They Make Friends

ENTPs in Friendships, What They Value, and How They Make Friends

ENTPs enjoy interacting and making new friends. Their flexible and easy-going nature allows them to get along well with anybody.

They have an intuitive understanding of what makes people tick but may lack the capacity to relate to others who do not share their viewpoints.

They can be selective of the people around them.

They like to surround themselves with intelligent people.

Nothing makes them happier than a good discussion with someone who can keep up their end of the conversation.

ENTPs are imaginative and abstract thinkers who like nothing but sharing their ideas with others.

ENTPs prefer friends who can constantly exchange opinions and engage in heated intellectual discussion with them.

This may sometimes cause ENTPs to overlook the value of emotional connection in a friendship.

ENTP and Breakups

ENTPs are more likely to welcome their newfound freedom following a breakup.

They tend to forget what it feels like to be single and become energized and eager to go on dates.

These kinds of reactions, however, may only appear if ENTPs are in a casual relationship.

When they care and love someone deeply, ENTPs can be very devastated by the breakup.

It can also be difficult for ENTPs to move on from their breakups.

Because ENTPs want to know everything that went wrong in their relationship, it might be difficult for them to let go entirely after a breakup.

Breakups can affect ENTPs in different ways. As they are logical and rational thinkers, it usually entails finding out what went wrong in the relationship.

They will want to figure out how to solve the problem and reason with their ex to make things work again.

ENTPs may even try to keep in touch with their ex, hoping that one day they can reignite their love for one another.

Frequently Asked Questions About ENTP Relationships

What personality type is the best match for a romantic relationship with ENTP?

The personality types that are most compatible with ENTPs are INFJs or INTJs. ENTPs’ extraverted intuition is best suited with the introverted intuition dominant personality types.

How ENTP fall in love?

ENTPs will assess their partner during the first few meetings to determine if they are a suitable match romantically.

If they feel the person is right for them, they can make the first move to profess their love. They can also fall in love fast and commit to the relationship when they meet the right person.

What does an ENTP want in a relationship?

The thing that ENTPs are looking for in relationships is trust. They are looking for partners with whom they can have clear and honest communication, even about the tiniest details of their everyday lives.

They’re caring, compassionate partners who appreciate the same in relationships. They’re eager to have partners who will challenge them in their lives and help them progress personally or professionally.

What is an ENTP person like?

ENTPS are very friendly and charming people who find it easy to impress people and have an influence on them. They have a decent sense of humor, and as a result, people consider ENTPs to be clever, intelligent, and amusing individuals.

ENTPs are very curious about the world around them. They try to explore the world and to do this, they enjoy taking part in various types of activities before they find something they like the most.

ENTPs usually want to get the most out of life and use their full potential to take pleasure and enjoy living.

A Quick Overview of ENTP Relationships & Compatibilities

It’s wonderful to have someone like ENTPs as a romantic partner. They remind you of the good things in life.

You can gain a lot of knowledge and guidance from them because of their curiosity and love for learning. Being in a relationship with an ENTP is never dull.

ENTPs will never run out of new ideas or subjects to talk about. ENTPs are energetic and fun individuals who desire to enjoy life to the fullest with their partners.

They regard life as an adventure to be had and will seek fun and thrilling experiences that may be risky.

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