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ENTP (The Debater) Strengths, Weaknesses & Growth Explained In-Depth

ENTP personality is one of the rarest personality types from Myers-Briggs’ 16 personalities, making up about 3% of the population. Known as Entrepreneurs, they are creative people, motivated to bring innovative solutions to complex problems.

People with the ENTP personality type feel comfortable while communicating and enjoy having deep conversations to inspire and entertain others. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a widely known personality tool that asks questions of different categories in order to identify people’s personality types, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

In this article, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of ENTP which is an acronym of extraversion (E), intuition (N), thinking (T), and perceiving (P). This personality type is further divided into ENTP-T and ENTP-A, Turbulent Debaters and Assertive Debaters respectively.

ENTP’s strengths and weaknesses are fundamentally determined by their personality traits and characteristics. They are charismatic, energetic people with an enthusiasm to deeply understand the world around them. On the other hand, they are also insensitive, quickly lose focus and hardly understand others’ emotions.

ENTP (A Debater) Strengths, Weaknesses & Growth Explained In-Depth

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All ENTP Strengths and Advantages

ENTP meaning can be completely understood only if we review the strengths and weaknesses of this personality type. The most obvious advantage of ENTP personality is that they have excellent debating skills. Most importantly, ENTPs tend to be confident in their own strength and passionate about debating. ENTPs possess plenty of character strengths, as they are innovative and expressive people eager to entertain others.

In this section, we will focus on the six major strengths of ENTPs:

  1. Knowledgeable
  2. Quick thinkers
  3. Original
  4. Excellent brainstormers
  5. Charismatic
  6. Energetic
All ENTP Strengths and Advantages


ENTPs tend to be eager to learn something new. They are very intelligent people who value knowledge and education and use all their effort to succeed. Consequently, they usually stand out with excellent academic performance and fascinate people with their achievements.

ENTPs are curious about the world around them. As a result, they try to absorb information from all areas of their everyday lives to keep in pace with the latest changes. Learning new things is quite easy for ENTPs. They are dedicated to studying hard and fulfilling all the objectives.

Being knowledgeable paves the way to ENTP career paths and helps them to make their professional dreams come true. Besides, they are results-oriented people, focused on future goals. High determination helps ENTPs to succeed.

Quick Thinkers

They tend to have very advanced cognitive skills which ease the thinking and problem-solving process of ENTPs. Not only are they logical and intelligent, but the process of thinking is very pleasant for ENTPs.

Even if they have the most complex problem ahead, they can find efficient solutions in minutes. The fact that they have fruitful imaginations could be the reason why they have so flexible minds.


Developing original and innovative ideas about different areas of life is very natural for ENTPs or the Debaters, as they are frequently referred to. People with ENTP personality type dislike routines and schedules and have a more flexible approach towards everyday life.

It doesn’t matter whether they dislike traditions because of having different values or just needing a change, they usually revise the existing system of traditions and try to bring their own original ideas.

Excellent Brainstormers

The Debaters are known as wonderful brainstormers which means that they possess a wide range of eccentric thinking skills. Being highly creative is indeed one of the main reasons why they tend to have unusual thinking patterns. Specifically, their ideas are mostly very inspiring, original, and efficient.

Brainstorming skills help ENTPs to analyze things from all the existing perspectives and find the most optimal solutions. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to beat the Debaters in brainstorming sessions.

ENTP Strengths and Advantages


Accordingly, ENTPs easily inspire people with their compelling charm. Their magnetic nature often drives people to them, making them loyal to ENTPs. Therefore, this personality strength positively affects ENTP’s relationships, helping them to convince everyone in whatever they think or believe.


The Entertainers’ inexhaustible energy often surprises people. Being energetic is another ENTP character strength that helps them to live active lives and be involved in a wide social circle. People with ENTP personalities never get tired of socializing. Communicating to people of different aims, characteristics, and qualities is a natural activity to them.

Are you an ENTP?

Take the free personality test to identify your true personality type. 16 Personality Types test reveals who you naturally are and why you do things the way you do. With this knowledge of yourself, you can build successful careers, find a dream job, build strong relationships, and live an authentic life.

All ENTP Weaknesses and Flows You Should Know

Even though the Entertainers have plenty of strengths and they feel confident about their excellent debating skills, ENTP personality doesn’t come without flows. After reviewing ENTP strengths, now we’ll focus on ENTP weaknesses and discuss why they tend to be intolerant sometimes, how they lose focus of important things, or why they find it hard to follow fixed schedules.

A few of them include:

  1. Very Argumentative
  2. Insensitive
  3. Intolerant
  4. Can Find It Difficult to Focus
  5. Dislike Practical Matters

Very Argumentative

ENTPs are also known as the Debaters because of their tendency to frequently take part in debates. At a first glance, the fondness of debates seems like a personality strength because it gives ENTPs an opportunity to express and prove their opinions with rational arguments.

All ENTP Weaknesses and Flows You Should Know


Just like the majority of MBTI personalities with the Thinking (T) trait, ENTPs are insensitive towards other people’s feelings. They don’t understand the importance of showing or feeling concerned about others’ needs and emotional states.

Being unable to feel empathy towards others and pay attention to their emotions is one of the greatest weaknesses of Entertainers. Lack of empathy sometimes presents ENTPs as unkind people who don’t care about others’ priorities at all. Actually, they are just too focused on rational thoughts and forget that emotions are no less important for making the right decisions.


The most negative thing about ENTPs’ intolerance is that they don’t just decline others’ ideas that contradict theirs, but also devalue the people themselves.

Therefore, despite their great communication skills, sometimes they’re seen as rather rigid people. Besides, they easily get mad about ideas or suggestions others make that contradict their own plans.

Can Find It Difficult to Focus

Even though ENTPs have excellent thinking and problem-solving skills, they often lose focus and find it difficult to stay attached to the current issues. The debaters are very flexible people but sometimes this personality characteristic can lead them to focus on current problems.

They easily get excited about new challenges but during these times, it’s hard for them to concentrate on ongoing tasks and problems. As a result, they easily get bored of old projects and sometimes even refuse to finish them. Focus on the future instead of present needs also represents a great weakness of ENTPs.

Dislike Practical Matters

Entertainers are rather impractical people. They enjoy debating about theoretical concepts and abstract ideas but when it comes to practice, they often lose focus. But all the innovative ideas developed by ENTPs need to be implemented into practice.

Since they dislike practical matters, sometimes it’s impossible for ENTPs to actually realize their plans and ideas. The reason is that they easily lose interest in the outcomes of their ideas.

ENTP Growth and Development

Being confident about the strengths such as being original, intelligent, and charismatic isn’t always enough for ENTPs to succeed. Sometimes the inability to concentrate on current goals and the tendency to argue leads ENTPs to confusion and disorganization.

Therefore, they need to focus on their strengths and deal with their weaknesses to fulfill the objectives. Let’s discuss the ways of maximizing ENTP strengths and minimizing ENTP weaknesses.

ENTP Growth and Development

How to Boost and Maximize ENTP’s Strengths & Advantages

In order to reach personal growth, ENTPs should analyze the received information from different perspectives and pay attention to others’ points of view. Here are some tips for ENTPs for boosting their strengths:

  • Try to follow rules and be more organized. The tendency to dislike schedules and fixed timetables leads ENTPs to a lack of organization which takes them away from the practical world. Following rules that are in line with your values will help you become more organized.
  • Use your charisma but control your temper. Charismatic personality traits help ENTPs to charm other people. But once they reveal their bad temper and start arguing, people start to avoid communicating with them. Controlling impulses will help you overcome this issue.
  • Stick to your original ideas. ENTPs generate plenty of innovative ideas but their excitement quickly turns to boredom. Try to create milestones in the process of achieving your creative goal in order not to lose focus.

How to Minimize and Deal with ENTP’s Weaknesses

Being unable to feel empathy towards others, not paying attention to practical reality, and arguing about theoretical concepts are some of the ENTP weaknesses that need improvement. Here are some tips for ENTPs to dealing with their weaknesses:

  • Try to get in touch with your own and others’ emotions. Realize that feelings are integral parts of effective problem-solving and relying only on your thoughts can take you in the wrong direction.
  • Focus on your present goals. Although thinking about the future helps you organize your current goals, remember that you need to achieve present objectives in order to perform better in the future.
  • Stay connected with practical reality. Taking part in the theoretical discussion isn’t enough to achieve your goals. Maintaining connection with the present will maximize your Strengths.

Are you an ENTP?

Take the free personality test to identify your true personality type. 16 Personality Types test reveals who you naturally are and why you do things the way you do. With this knowledge of yourself, you can build successful careers, find a dream job, build strong relationships, and live an authentic life.

ENTP Strengths and Weaknesses F.A.Q

What do ENTPs struggle with?

Since ENTPs are thinking (T) personalities, they struggle to understand other people’s emotions and accept the fact that feelings are an important part of our lives. They have trouble expressing their own feelings too and prefer to avoid sensitive situations at all.

Also, ENTPs struggle with sticking to a fixed schedule. They hate organizational work and can’t focus their attention on a single thing for too long. Instead, they focus on logic and prefer to face new challenges.

What is ENTP best at?

ENTPs are the best at generating a lot of creative ideas and transforming them into something useful. They are open-minded individuals who can critically assess various types of problems and reach the best possible solutions.

ENTPs are very good at keeping other people’s perspectives in mind. They enjoy playing with ideas and competing with other people. What’s more, ENTPs are excellent team players and can easily engage the team to achieve success.

What is special about ENTP?

ENTPs are exceptionally innovative and original individuals with excellent problem-solving skills. The reason is that they can consider many different perspectives, combine various ideas into one, and generate the most optimal solutions.

It’s hard to stop an ENTP when they’re motivated to do something because they’re hugely determined people who always manage to come up with clever ideas. Considering this, it’s not really surprising that ENTPs always stand out while working in teams.