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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FIRO-B Test?

The Firo-B assessment is a psychological assessment developed by a team of influential psychologists led by Dr. William Schutz. The goal of the assessment is to help the test taker understand their own behaviors as well as the behaviors of those around them.

The reasoning behind the assessment relies on the social learning theory. That is, if you understand the behaviors of those around you, you can connect to others better and improve team efficiency.

How Does FIRO-B Test Work?

Everyone has values and factors which motivate them. Most teams are made up of a wide variety of individuals whose values, personalities, and abilities all differ significantly. Because of this, uniting everyone to work together can be challenging. But, unity and understanding for one another could mean the difference between failing and succeeding.

The FIRO-B test recognizes the importance of understanding your behaviors and those of your team members. It is a series of questions that help shed light on your top behaviors as well as the top behaviors of other team members.

Human behavior is categorized into three main components within this assessment. These are inclusion, control, and affection. Almost every individual wants to be included, in control, and affectionate, but the degree of these factors’ prevalence in one’s behavior varies from person to person.

FIRO-B also makes a distinction between your wanted behaviors (behaviors you strive for but do not yet maintain) and your currently expressed behaviors. The test measures how often you perform certain behaviors, as well as when and why you do them. Elements of your personality are also shown through the test results.

For instance, the test measures your willingness to take the lead or follow others. It will measure how comfortable you are using control, affection, and inclusion at work. Plus, the assessment also quantifies how much you want to be included, controlled, and receive affection.

5 Features of the FIRO-B Test

The workplace is becoming increasingly competitive. Without an understanding of your behaviors, you could be holding yours,Ed and your team back. If you want to unlock your work potential, collaborate effectively, and become more confident, consider taking the FIRO-B test.

It comes with various key features, including:

  • Science-based. The FIRO-B test is based on decades of research by a group of eminent psychologists, including the renowned Dr. William Schultz. His work was inspired by other positive psychologists, including Sigmund Freud.
  • Whole team approach. Not only does the FIRO test allow you to gain personal insights, but you see how you fit into your team. Your team members can share their results for a cohesive group understanding of behavior.
  • You will be given insights into three main categories which reveal what motivates you: affection, control, or inclusion. The degree to which these factors influence your behavior is also discussed.
  • Insights into your values and personality. Not only will this test illustrate key facts about your behavior, but your values and personality are also detailed. You will be informed about your current expressed behaviors and your goal behaviors (which are associated with passions and values).
  • Unique results. There is virtually no one who has the exact same combination of behaviors and motivators that you do. The test results are unique to you specifically.

Benefits of FIRO-B Test Session

With so many different personality, values, and behavioral tests on the market, you may be wondering: what sets FIRO-B apart? In truth, it is one of the most comprehensive tests available. The creation of the test was based in science, and it continues to be used by top brands across the globe.

In addition to this, booking a FIRO-B testing session also offers these benefits:

  • Create a more united and cohesive team. When team members understand their own behaviors, and the behaviors of those around them, they are more likely to work together efficiently.
  • Achieve goals and boost profit. There is often a misalignment between the tasks an employee does and their optimal behaviors as well as motivating factors. By addressing this mismatch, you can boost profits.
  • Become more diverse and inclusive. Inclusion is one of the three main components measured by FIRO. Many employees may be uncomfortable voicing their loneliness or lack of inclusion. This test helps identify who needs more attention.
  • Encourage leadership. Those who score high on control factors are likely to be fit for leadership positions. They can be exposed to more responsibility and shadow current leaders to encourage leadership growth.
  • Conflict management and emotional intelligence boosts. These two factors are crucial in maintaining a solid team, and FIRO helps you effectively organize teams to decrease conflict and exposes you to the different needs of every employee.

For Whom Is The Fundamental Interpersonal Relationships Test?

Virtually any employee, or even manager, can benefit from taking the FIRO-B test. If you are unsure of your common habits, your behaviors, or how you fit into your team, this is the test you should take. However, this test can be more beneficial to some than others.

If you recently left your job or find yourself in unemployment, this assessment can help you realize the role you should seek. If you score high on controlling behaviors, for example, you should seek more leadership roles or roles where your work relies solely on you. Those that score high on inclusion should seek large teams.

In addition, if you see that you are constantly arguing with coworkers or becoming disengaged, this test can be useful to you. You may have been assigned tasks that are misaligned with your behavioral style and motivators. Then, you can change the activities you perform at work with the help of your manager and boost productivity.

How Helpful & Accurate Is The FIRO-B Test?

The FIRO-B test is quite an accurate assessment. It was created by a world-renowned professional in clinical psychology, Dr. William Schutz. Schutz wanted to ensure that teams worked as efficiently as possible, and recognized understanding one another’s behavior was key to this cohesiveness. Even the United States military trusted Schutz to use his model for the purpose of predicting soldier behavior.

The test is also personalized. If you answer genuinely, then you can expect results that are quite accurate. FIRO-B is currently used by businesses alongside individuals, showing it can be applied in multiple settings.

It is highly helpful, for it categorizes your behaviors into easy-to-understand reports. The test also includes a category for your wanted behaviors, which are often missed by behavioral assessments that only judge your current habits.

As with any test, though, FIRO-B is not perfect. The test is subjective. You will not be judged by someone who views your daily behavior. In fact, the test is entirely based on your own judgment and opinions.

Many people inaccurately judge how often they follow instead of lead, for instance. They may think that following is undesirable, and thus not report it on the test. However, if you are honest and try to be careful in how you evaluate your behavior, the test is useful and accurate.

What does FIRO-B stand for?

FIRO-B is a popular behavioral assessment developed by psychologist Dr. William Schutz. The acronym stands for Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – Behavior. The title articulates how Schutz viewed behavior as the key to developing interpersonal relationships and strengthening groups.

The test is sometimes also mistakenly shortened to simply FIRO. This refers to a different assessment, which tests for business and entrepreneurial values with involvement, influence, and connection tested instead of control, affection, and inclusion.

Disclaimer: HIGH5 does not intend to replicate or to substitute Firo Test as both tests follow different methodologies, yet bring value in similar ways. Both tests help test takers be more aware of their own personality. HIGH5 does not dispute or diminish the value of the Fundamental Interpersonal Relationships Test and encourages test takers to go through both assessments. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach us at hello(at)

All other trademarks not owned by HIGH5 Test that appear on this Web site are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with HIGH5 Test.

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