50 Best Morning Routine Ideas & Examples for Your Perfect Morning

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50 Ideas to Help You Design Your Perfect Morning Routine

Most people think about having the perfect work routine but never consider having the perfect morning routine. This is a huge mistake because you can’t have one without the other.

Your habits kick in when the day starts. If you have a great morning routine then that sets the tone for the rest of your day.

It’s no different than how it is with work, if you start on a bad foot then the rest of your day will probably be bad too.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 50 different ideas to do in the morning that will get your day started right. Some of these are simple, and some are hard but all of them will get the job done.

Let’s get right into it.

Why a Morning Routine is Important & List of Benefits

Have you ever considered why you should have a morning routine? You might be thinking that if it were a good idea, more people would do it.

There are two main reasons why most people don’t.

The first thing is that they don’t think about having one. If they did then more people would have them.

The second reason is that it takes effort to get started with one; if you’re lazy then this might be hard for you but I promise you if you put in the work once, then it will pay off over and over again.

List of 10 Benefits After Establishing Morning Routines

Here are 10 benefits that you will get from having a morning routine.

  • You will be more productive
  • You will feel better
  • You will have better health
  • You will be more creative & inspired
  • You will accomplish your goals faster
  • Your memory & mental clarity will improve
  • Your confidence will skyrocket
  • People around you will want to be like you
  • You will have more free time
  • Your life will be much more balanced

If you want to make the most of your day (and not waste it) then keep reading to find out how you can do this.

50 Morning Routine Ideas for Adults & Students

The following is a list of 50 routines for both adults and students to follow.

1. Do a short exercise session

A short exercise session of around 30 minutes can help you to feel more energized, motivated and less stressed throughout the day.

The best way to have a short exercise session is to do one that will be effective without being too tiring.

2. Find a new healthy recipe

Creating a new healthy recipe to use in the future can be a great thing to do in your morning routine.

You must find one that will work for you, so try looking online and ensure that the recipe you choose makes use of ingredients that you have readily available.

3. Drink a full glass of water

The first thing to drink when you wake up should always be water, as this helps speed up the bodily functions that are dried up while we are sleeping, which also helps us feel more refreshed once we’ve woken up.

4. Drink coffee

A great way to wake up is with some nice hot coffee.

It doesn’t have to be too strong, so don’t worry if you are not a coffee drinker or can’t stand the taste of it – there are plenty of other options available.

However, if you feel like having some coffee then go ahead and enjoy it.

5. Drink tea

Tea is another excellent drink that will help you feel more awake and refreshed when consumed first thing in the morning.

There are many different types to choose from as well, so make sure that you find something that matches your preferences perfectly.

6. Brush your teeth

If you want a healthy mouth as well as a feeling of refreshment then you must take the time to brush your teeth as soon as you wake up.

To make sure that this habit is done successfully it can be a good idea to set an alarm for it, so you don’t forget.

7. Take a cold shower

Taking a cold shower first thing in the morning can help wake you up and give your body extra energy – however, if you are not used to taking them then it can be uncomfortable at first.

If you’re worried about taking one but still want the benefits, start by having just one minute of cold water and then gradually increase how long you stay under until eventually, you will enjoy starting your day with a refreshing cold shower.

8. Read for 15 minutes

One excellent way to get your mind and body ready for the day is by reading a little bit of something inspirational or informational, so set time aside in the morning where you will be able to read this material.

This can help improve your mood and give you ideas to use throughout the rest of your day, while also enabling you to feel more motivated and positive about what you’re doing.

9. Meditate

If you want to think clearly and feel refreshed then meditation should be one of the things that you include in your morning routine before other activities – even if it’s only for five minutes at first.

As long as you stick with it, meditating each morning will make you feel amazing and help you to stay more focused on the tasks that require your attention throughout the day.

10. Do yoga

Yoga can be done at any time during your day, but doing it first thing in the morning is one of the best times as it will act as a form of exercise that will be particularly beneficial for you.

This activity helps relax your muscles and soothes tension, while also allowing you to start feeling much calmer by focusing on your breathing.

11. Start your most important task of the day

The most important task is the one that will make the biggest impact on your life if you can do it successfully. This may be something for work or school, but it can also be a task related to self-improvement.

If you want to feel more motivated and productive then this is an effective way of doing so.

12. Do 3 sets of wall squats

Wall squats are great for improving how strong your legs are as well as giving you extra energy – all without having to set aside too much time in the morning.

They’re easy to do, with no equipment needed, and can help strengthen muscles while also waking up your body at the same time.

The best thing about them is that they only take a few minutes, but the benefits will last for the whole day.

13. Eat breakfast if you haven’t already been doing so.

If you haven’t been eating breakfast yet then it’s time to do so – and your body will thank you.

Depending on what you like and want, there are plenty of options that can be quickly and easily made and which give you lots of energy in the morning.

Eggs are an excellent choice as they contain so many nutrients and proteins, but alternatives such as fruit or cereal with milk provide lots of goodness too.

14. Make your bed before leaving the room

Making your bed before you leave the room is a simple technique, but it can make your bedroom look tidier and cleaner – which will, in turn, improve how great you feel about yourself.

It’s such a small thing that takes very little time, but if it makes you happier then it’s worth doing.

15. Listen to a new, inspiring music track

First of all, choose a short track that goes for no longer than five minutes.

That way, if you don’t like what you hear or don’t think it has the right effect on you then there isn’t much time wasted and could be something else added in its place instead.

It also means that if you do enjoy it and find the song helpful then there is plenty of time to enjoy it.

16. Clean something

When you start your morning by doing a task such as cleaning, it means that you can leave the house in a much tidier state than when you found it.

This provides an instant sense of accomplishment and feeling better about yourself – which is just what everyone wants when they wake up.

It also shows that taking care of yourself and others is important to you and will help motivate and inspire you throughout the day.

17. Play with your pet

Playing with an animal can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and create a bond between the two of you as well as making them happier too.

18. Try a new skill

If you want to improve yourself in any area – be it personal or work-related – then learning from those who have been successful before is always an effective method.

Self-improvement books teach you new skills and give ideas on how to develop your abilities, which means that you’ll be able to use these newfound skills right away.

This is a wonderful way to improve your life and gain confidence at the same time.

19. Write down three positive things that happened to you the previous day

Once you’ve woken up and performed your routine, it can be easy to focus on what is wrong or bad.

Choosing to write down three positive things instead is a great way of starting in a more positive frame of mind and also feeling happier and even thankful towards whatever these positives may be.

This in turn will help improve how motivated and happy you are all day long.

20. Start doing your work or study

If your day is going to start with work or study then you can choose to do this from the moment that you get up. That way, it’ll be over and done with before you know it.

This technique can help provide a feeling of accomplishment which will boost your motivation levels for the rest of the day.

21. Speak to your partner about something small

Spending with someone for a few minutes about a positive matter and in a friendly way can help improve moods and feelings towards each other – so it’s certainly worth doing.

It could even lead to having breakfast together or catching up on what’s been happening during their day too.

It doesn’t take long but makes such a difference to how you both feel and can lead to other positive things happening during the day.

22. Drink green juice or a smoothie with spinach, kale, broccoli, and celery

Green juice or a smoothie is a great way to start the day.

Leafy green vegetables help improve your immune system, metabolism, and energy levels – not to mention providing a whole load of different vitamins and nutrients that will make you feel better throughout the day.

This is a wonderful way of starting in a positive mood and boosting your motivation levels for the rest of the day. Add some chia seeds or flaxseeds too for an extra health boost.

23. Do 10 push-ups if possible on the stairs every morning when you wake up

If you can’t do ten push-ups yet then simply try a couple instead – until you have built your strength up so that you can work yourself up to ten.

Not only does this feel great and help build your body, but it can also create energy throughout the day which will motivate you onwards to succeed.

If stairs aren’t available, then simply do as many as possible on the ground or even against a wall.

What’s important is that you work towards doing ten every single morning, whether it be on the stairs or elsewhere.

24. Take deep breaths for 30 seconds

Taking a moment to take five deep breaths can make all of the difference when it comes to how well you perform and how motivated you are.

These breaths allow you to escape from everyday problems and clear away stress – making them beneficial in more ways than one.

Be sure to breathe from your belly rather than your chest, as this will provide a much deeper and more empowering breath.

25. Drink green tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants which can help with your immune system, metabolism and protect yourself against cancer.

It also provides you with a great energy boost throughout the day – without any negative side effects.

26. Eat a healthy snack

Snacking throughout the day can be very beneficial for both your mind and body.

Rather than struggling to prevent yourself from binging on unhealthy snacks that may cut into your savings or diet though, why not try having healthy ones instead?

You might find it easier to resist temptation if tasty snacks are waiting for you.

Some great ideas include; fruit, seeds, nuts, and vegetable sticks.

Simply cut them up into chunks at the start of the week or even prepare an entire week’s worth if it’s easier – then store them in individual containers ready to take with you throughout your day.

27. Pick out an outfit for the day and iron it so it’s ready to go when you are done getting dressed

No one likes having to rush around trying to choose what clothes to wear after they’ve woken up – which is why preparing an outfit ahead of time can be such a positive step toward having a wonderful morning.

It allows you time to wake up slowly without feeling overwhelmed by rushing around deciding what to wear – allowing you to focus on other tasks that need to be done instead.

28. Read a fiction book

There is a reason why so many people read for pleasure in their spare time and it’s not simply because it allows them to escape from reality.

Reading can have a huge number of benefits for both your mind and body, including promoting imagination, creativity and even relaxation.

It also makes you feel positive about yourself as you see the perspective of others brought to life.

The best thing about this though? It doesn’t matter what type of fiction book it is, just as long as it inspires or excites you.

29. Go outside and enjoy the sun

Spending time outside in the sun allows you to enjoy some much-needed vitamin D and exposure to sunlight.

Not only does this help keep your bones strong, teeth healthy, and skin looking great – but it also improves your mood.

Be sure that you go outside for at least 5 minutes or so, even if it’s just sitting on a chair.

30. Read a magazine

Just like reading a book, reading magazines you are currently interested in allows you to escape away from reality.

This can allow you to feel happier and more positive about life as well as improve your creativity – all of which are imperative to have the energy levels that you need throughout the day.

31. Send an inspirational self-development quote to someone on your contact list

An inspirational quote can have a huge impact on the way that you feel about yourself and the way that others feel about you.

They are often short, positive messages that help to motivate us during difficult times – allowing them to play a key role in being able to achieve your perfect morning routine.

32. Do some other type of exercise

Exercise has been scientifically proven to improve concentration levels as well as your memory – so why not combine these benefits with having a wonderful morning?

You may find it easier to wake up early if you know that you will be able to spend time exercising instead of simply lying down in bed.

Not only that, but exercise can release endorphins and help you feel more positive – which is always a great way to start the day.

33. Try not to look at your phone for 30 minutes

Chances are you already spend far too much time with your face on your smartphone or tablet. This often leads us to spend less time enjoying life and being with others, so why not change it around?

Give yourself 30 minutes without looking at any technology and enjoy this opportunity to have a wonderful morning.

34. Play with kids if you have them

It’s unlikely that many of us get enough time to play during the working week – meaning that most of our free time is spent relaxing.

We all know that children are full of energy though, which is what makes it so fun to play with them.

Surrounding yourself with these positive people – who appreciate the present moment – can help you feel more enthusiastic about life and will certainly improve your mood.

Not only that but playing with kids can act as an excellent way of working out our brains through tackling puzzles, thinking on the spot, and trying to keep up with their ever-changing plans.

35. Practice mindfulness for 10 minutes

There has been a huge increase in the amount of attention that is given to mindfulness over recent years.

This is due to it being scientifically proven that practicing this method leads us to feel calmer, happier, and more positive than before we started.

Why not try it out for 10 minutes in the morning to help you start your day on the right track?

Not only is this great for your physical health, but also allows you time with yourself and to appreciate the present moment.

36. Be conscious that each moment is precious

Most of us spend most of our days rushing around trying to get everything is done – which usually means that we don’t enjoy them as much as we can.

Chances are you will be able to accomplish more if you simply take a little bit more care when doing tasks. Therefore, slowing down your pace can be an excellent way of starting the day.

Take some time out during this period to make sure that everything gets done while appreciating the moment and making sure that you enjoy it.

This will ensure that your day is off to a great start.

37. Pray or do affirmations for 15 minutes

According to research, praying at least once a day can lead us to feel much more optimistic, happier, and even stronger when going about our daily lives.

If you don’t believe in a higher power then why not try some affirmations instead?

These are positive messages which we say out loud to ourselves – allowing them to have a significant impact on how we feel when we start each morning.

Why not give it a go now to create your perfect morning routine?

38. Read a self-development book

A self-development book is a great way to wake up your mind and get you feeling more motivated.

This is partly due to the advice they can offer, while also just being a relaxing activity which doesn’t have any negative impact on your mood.

See this as an opportunity to study or work – tackling something which may be causing you stress at the moment in a positive manner.

You could even use it as an excuse for some quiet time alone with yourself.

39. Take a hot shower

Unsurprisingly, bathing in hot water has been proven to improve our moods and make us feel more relaxed. This allows us to tackle the day’s tasks calmly and without too much stress.

Not only that but research shows that we feel most energetic when our bodies are warm.

Why not take advantage of this wonderful combination by taking a hot shower for 10 minutes every morning?

40. Study or do work ahead (if it’s possible for you)

If your job means that you have some quiet time to work then this is an excellent opportunity to get on top of some tasks which may be worrying you.

You could even use it as an excuse – just tell people that you need the extra time to yourself to study.

This will give you something positive to focus on which can help improve your mood and make sure that you are feeling 100% before tackling any problems.

41. Let someone else worry about the small stuff

Life is full of little niggles, but chances are there are probably a lot more important things to concern ourselves with.

Why not let someone else take the responsibility for some of these problems and try and enjoy yourself instead?

42. Affirm that you will move towards your goals today

Your goals are the things that will make your life better and happier – so affirming that you will move towards these can be a great way to guarantee yourself an excellent start to the day.

Of course, this doesn’t have to just apply to goals – it could also have something to do with an important meeting or anything else that is worth getting up for in the morning.

43. Visualize yourself living the life you desire

Visualization is proven again and again by psychologists to be an excellent tool for improving our moods.

All you need to do is close your eyes and picture what life would look like if everything worked out.

This can help motivate us through all of our daily activities, while also making sure that we are happy too.

44. Plan your day and write it down

This is a great way to ensure that you are getting things done throughout the day. It also means that you can work on each task immediately instead of spending time worrying about how long it might take.

Why not write out any ideas which come to mind during the morning?

This can be anything from paying bills, doing chores, or working on personal projects. It doesn’t matter what they are – just try and enjoy yourself as much as possible.

45. Write in a journal

Whether you keep this for writing down your thoughts, planning your day, or keeping track of dreams, having a journal can be an excellent way to improve your mood every morning.

Not only does it give you something positive to do with your time, but it also means that you can look back and think about the progress which you have made.

46. Listen to an inspirational track or audiobook

Listening to something motivational in the morning is a great way of making sure that we keep focusing on achieving what we want out of life.

This is because it allows us to be motivated without too much extra effort and provides us with new ideas for getting stuff done.

It’s also extremely relaxing and can reduce stress levels significantly before we even get started on our day. Why not give it a try?

47. Eat a healthy meal and go for a walk afterward for at least 30 minutes

Taking care of our bodies should always be one of our top priorities, especially if we are looking to improve our moods.

Eating something healthy is a great way of doing this because it means that we have the energy to get through whatever life throws at us during the day.

Going for a walk afterward is also an excellent idea. Not only does exercise help with blood flow and strengthen your muscles, but it can also make you feel much less stressed too.

48. Draw something that inspires you

Drawing is known to be one of the best ways of improving our moods through meditation. Why not try and think about some inspirational things while you’re drawing?

This could be anything from nature scenes to abstract art and provides us with another way of finding time to relax throughout the day.

49. Watch motivational videos

Motivational videos have been proven to be extremely effective in improving our moods, even when life feels like it is impossible to carry on.

So why not find a few inspiring videos online and treat yourself while you’re getting ready for work?

50. Do not check social media until later in the morning

Social media has been proven to be extremely addictive and can result in an overwhelming sense of guilt if we spend too long on it during the early hours.

So why not put your phone away while you’re taking care of your morning routine? This will free up your mind and allow you to focus on bigger goals without worrying about other people.

Why Do Successful People Have Morning Routines?

Successful people are always among the first to wake up. They tend to avoid hitting snooze on their alarm clocks, and they start their day with a positive attitude.   

It usually comes down to good habits.

People who have become successful in life almost always develop some type of morning routine that starts their day off right – whether it’s meditating, exercising, or eating breakfast while reading a newspaper.   

Everyone has heard about the importance of having goals each day but if you decide what needs to be done during your morning routine then you can make sure it gets completed.         

Successful people get up early and get the important things completed because that is how they get their day started.

They can then move on to completing many other tasks throughout the day without worrying if something else needs to be done.   

Frequently Asked Questions About Morning Routine

How do I create a daily routine?

Creating a daily routine is one of the most important steps in becoming more productive. If you’re struggling to create your own, try some of the above ideas to see which one works best for you.

What is the healthiest morning routine?

Eating a healthy meal and going for a walk are two of the best ways to start your day. Not only do they help you feel much more energized, but they also allow you to become much more productive too.

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