Personal Strengths Coaching – Boost Yourself & Your Team

Work with a certified coach who will help you understand your strengths, make better decisions and see your life with more clarity.


Your personalized one-on-one coaching conversation will last 45 minutes. It will take place on the phone at a time that is most convenient for you.


Based on your questions about HIGH5 results, your coach will personalize the discussion to address strengths in the areas of your life that matter the most to you.


As a result of this coaching call, you will build a greater understanding and appreciation of your personal strengths. Together with your coach, you will identify specific actions to apply your strengths in meaningful ways for pursuing the goals most important to you.

Personal Coaching Session Benefits


Gain clarity about yourself to design the life that would enable to start living the best version of your life based on what motivates and energizes you.


Understand the core values that guide your decisions and priorities in life, which will enable your long-term personal and professional growth.


Learn what your strengths enable you to do and how they can help you find your dream job. Achieve greater performance and deliver better results by focusing on what you do best.


Learn how to tap into the strengths of people around you. Create true win-win partnerships where, instead of conflict and competition, you and others can be at your best.

Why Do You Need a Personal Strengths Coach?

Benefits from having a personal strengths coach

One-on-one coaching helps you find new ways to apply your strengths for improved performance at work and in your personal relationships. The strengths you use too often can often hinder your success.

These are called overdone strengths, and they can be easily identified through coaching sessions.

An effective coach will help you stay motivated and confident throughout your career journey. Instead of focusing on your flaws, they will ensure you feel like a capable leader and individual.

Understanding your strengths will assist you in creating productive relationships and finding solutions to challenges in ways you may have never previously considered.

However, understanding your strengths as a business leader also benefits your organization as a whole. You will be able to provide employees with a clear example of how to use your individual strengths while still maintaining a team-oriented mindset.

You can then also spot strengths in other employees and assign tasks based on strengths. You will likely see an increase in employee engagement and productivity since the tasks will now be personalized and optimized.

How Long Does Strength Coaching Last?

Coaching is highly individualized, so it is difficult to put a number on the exact amount of sessions you would need with a coach. There are, however, a few metrics you can look at and a few questions you can ask yourself to determine if you are done with direct coaching.

But, keep in mind that you will also need to continuously use the skills learned with your coach to address day-to-day challenges long after your coaching sessions.

Firstly, consider how often you would like to have coaching at first. How much time do you have to dedicate toward optimizing your performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? This will give you a baseline level of direct support for at least a few weeks or months.

Then, keep track of your productivity and success over time. How do you measure success, and what do you want to achieve with coaching?

Keep track of your progress, and once you have achieved your goals (or if you feel comfortable enough achieving your goals without direct assistance if you learned about strength application quickly) you can end the sessions and focus on continuing to use what you learned without the coach being there with you.

A Business Case for Strengths & Engagement Development

Would you consider investing time in an activity if over 90% of Fortune 500 companies do this activity? Well, this is the case with using strength-based assessments to identify employees’ skills.

These same companies then go on to use a strength-based approach to task delegation, and it is no surprise why their workers are so productive and motivated.

Many studies have proven there is a correlation between investing in employee strength development and business success. In 2015, Gallup did a meta-analysis that highlighted the benefits of using a strength-based approach for business owners.

They found that businesses using the approach had a 29% increase in profit, 7% increase in consumer engagement, 72% less turnover, 59% less safety events, and a 15% increase in employee engagement. A 7% increase in employee engagement is achieved just by allowing workers to take a strengths assessment (1).

Furthermore, allowing employees to focus on strengths increases workplace performance by a measure of up to 36.4% (2). It boosts employee satisfaction and makes workers happier. If employees use at least four strengths at work, they are more likely to call their job a passion.

A Proven Approach to get the Most out of People in a Turbulent World

Nowadays, the workplace can feel unstable and chaotic at times. Workers may not be engaged, or conflicts could be preventing your business from flourishing. As a leader, it is your job to bring everyone together under a common mission.

You must learn to bring out the best in every team member, but this cannot happen if you do not first learn about yourself and recognize your strengths.

Doing all of this research is almost impossible alone. In fact, it is incredibly inefficient for leaders as you might end up spending more time and resources trying to understand your strengths if you do so alone, as opposed to using a strengths coach. Strength coaches are trained to see your skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

They have specific methods for strength utilization that can be efficiently applied to your own personal life. On your own, you may not even be able to find what your strengths are. With a coach, you can find your strengths, develop them, strengthen the ways you use them at home and at work, find new strengths, and find new ways to use your strengths.

When you commit to using a strength-based approach and have a coach to support you, you will see improvements in your work ethic, productivity, interpersonal skills, empathy, problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and communication.

Employees will take notice and may even mimic some of your positive behaviors, simply because you set such a good example and proved a strength-based approach can help individuals succeed.

Why focus on strengths?

Positive psychology research unanimously suggests that the strengths use is essential for human flourishing. People who are aware and frequently leverage their strengths are:

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