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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal values test?

The personal values test seeks to articulate your key, genuine motivations. To understand what this test outlines, you just understand what a value is first. Values are the beliefs you hold as rules. They are important elements of your worldview, and they describe how you view evil, what morality is, how one should act, and so on. In essence, values are present in your thoughts all of the time.

The personal values assessment outlines your specific values and how you use them. For instance, if you are someone who values health, then the test will display that you likely prefer bicycling to watching television on weekends. Your values are not determined simply from one question, though. The test takes into account many of your responses before assigning a value to you.

The way the values test functions shows that there is another definition to values that many overlook. Values are also interpreted by the creators of the values tests as long-term goals. This is why you see values shift as you get older. Consider how many young people start relationships recklessly. They surely have different aspirations, and values, from more traditional and committed older individuals.

The results shown on your personal values test are reflected in everything from how you raise your kids to how you perform in the workplace. Because of this, the test asks you about scenarios in many different settings. Your values typically do not change depending on your environment, after all.

How does the HIGH5 Personal Values test work?

HIGH5 test works by evaluating your responses to various scenarios and personality descriptors. Through multiple questions, it identifies patterns in your preferences and behaviors, then assigns a set of values and strengths based on these patterns.

The test creates a hierarchy of values and strengths, showing which are most crucial to you and how they influence your decisions. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of your core values and strengths.

Why is important to take a personal values assessment?

Understanding your distinct values can be a tremendous benefit to you. Whenever you make a decision, ensuring it is value-based will make you more likely to succeed and stay motivated. Values also reveal key information about what motivates you and which careers you should pursue.

Paying attention to your values will not only make you more likely to succeed, but it adds meaning and passion into your life. It can make you more vibrant in relationships or steers you away from making a catastrophic work decision.

Those who take an interest in their values are less likely to make rash decisions. While there are a plethora of benefits that come along with taking the value test, some key ones include:

  • Helps you make accurate decisions and avoid rushed and short-term decisions.
  • Allows you to recognize which elements of your life need the most attention while ignoring the clutter.
  • Assists you in choosing the career that is the best fit for your goals.
  • Allows you to build a stronger sense of self and gives you a deep sense of understanding of your desires.
  • Boosts your confidence whenever you do make a decision or choose to make a major life change.
  • Increases your overall satisfaction and fulfillment, both in work and with relationships.
  • Motivates you to overcome difficult situations and can be useful when implementing a growth mindset.
  • Encourages you to develop lifelong healthy habits while addressing your bad habits.
  • Reduces stress, levels of anxiety, and risk of depression.
  • Can inspire you to find like-minded and supportive partners.

For whom is a personal values test?

Personal values test can be taken by virtually anyone. If you are curious about what motivates you in life or generally want to know your values, this test is for you.

Anyone who wants to find a new career, have a breakthrough moment in their relationship, understand what they truly desire in a partner, and so on can gain valuable insight from the personal values test.

Many business leaders can get a plethora of insights from the personal values test. Values are needed to keep yourself satisfied, focused, and willing to battle through difficult times.

Without an understanding of your values, your life experience (and likelihood to succeed in the entrepreneurial world) significantly diminishes.

If you want to take your satisfaction and well-being to the next level, the personal values test is one way to do so. Many people are lost in life; they are simply surviving, and not thriving.

Values are what differentiate these two experiences. They give you meaning and purpose. Understanding your values will help you make more informed decisions. Over time, your quality of life will grow as a result of this decision-making.

How accurate is a personal values assessment?

The personal values test is quite accurate. This is especially true if you take your time when answering the questions, do not worry about the societal views of which values are more important, and genuinely evaluate each question.

Personal values tests are subjective. However, there is no objective way to evaluate values. They are only known by you.

The issue that some personal values tests encounter is because the test is subjective, and it may ask how you would act in certain scenarios, you may answer unrealistically.

Truly, you do not know how you would act under a stressful or difficult situation unless you are placed in it. Most people will choose answers that display the value they think is morally right under that circumstance, not what they may actually choose.

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