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Work with a certified coach who will help you understand your strengths, make better decisions and see your life with more clarity.


Your personalized one-on-one coaching conversation will last 45 minutes. It will take place on the phone at a time that is most convenient for you.


Based on your questions about HIGH5 results, your coach will personalize the discussion to address strengths in the areas of your life that matter the most to you.


As a result of this coaching call, you will build a greater understanding and appreciation of your personal strengths. Together with your coach, you will identify specific actions to apply your strengths in meaningful ways for pursuing the goals most important to you.

Positive Psychology Coaching Session Benefits


Learning to build a personal developmental strategy with your coach allows you to gain problem-solving skills and further insight into your abilities and individual strengths.

The strong coaching relationship built with your positive mentor will give you a supportive individual you can come back to at any time and feel comfortable speaking with.MAKE BETTER DECISIONS

The exact statistic is that 467/500 Fortune 500 companies use strengths assessments and encourage strength development, thus making the vast majority of these groups positive organizations.


They found that businesses using the approach had a 29% increase in profit, a 7% increase in consumer engagement, 72% less turnover, 59% fewer safety events, and a 15% increase in employee engagement.

A 7% increase in employee engagement is achieved just by allowing workers to take a strengths assessment. Clearly, there are revenue and business-related benefits of strength coaching.BUILD STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS

Those using this approach feel more confident and in control of their lives. Focusing on building upon your strengths instead of fixing your weaknesses generally fosters a positive attitude and increases resilience.

When you do have negative experiences, you will be able to calmly address the issue instead of frantically asking others to step in. This is so because positive psychology coaching helps you learn to apply your strengths in a variety of situations, both stressful, positive, negative, and so on.

Why Do You Need a Personal Positive Psychology Coach?

The positive coaching process allows individuals to quickly address their strengths. This way, they are more heavily involved in their personal development (it is a hands-on approach).

The therapist then relies on input from the client about their goals and aspirations and forms a diagnosis of strengths. Together, the coach and client form an individual development plan.

How Long Does Strength Coaching Last?

When you first start a session, you will likely be asked some basic questions about yourself before diving into more complex questions.

Strengths coaching can begin by answering a question such as: what is your current career? This is done to make you feel comfortable with your coach before they initiate any interventions.

Next, the questions get a bit more thoughtful. Likely, you will be asked about your short and long-term goals.

The length of your coaching depends on several factors. If you start having a more positive experience within your career and start feeling satisfied, you may end with direct assistance from a coach.

Also, if you feel you understand how to apply your strengths after a few sessions, you will not be pressured to continue.

Positive Psychology Coaching – Identifying and Applying Your Strengths in a New Way

Positive psychology helps you identify your strengths by asking you how, when, and why you have succeed.

The goal is to find skills, strategies, and strengths that have helped you in the past so you can develop them further and apply them to your current situation and future challenges.

When it comes to applying your strengths, coaches will help you examine your previously used successful methods and help you learn why they were successful.

They will help you reflect on unsuccessful strength applications, such as when a situation does not merit the use of a specific strength.

You can learn from these mistakes to avoid using certain strengths or strategies in particular situations.

Additionally, you will learn how to optimize your strengths, even in new environments or in different ways. Essentially, this means finding the best way to use a certain strength at specific moments.

Why focus on positivity?

Positive psychology research unanimously suggests that the strengths use is essential for human flourishing. People who are aware and frequently leverage their strengths are:

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