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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is The Signature Strengths Test Important & What Are Its Benefits?

Signature strengths tests offer numerous unique advantages throughout your career and with your relationships. They are simple to understand, give you confidence, and allow you to effectively use a strength-based approach.

In addition to that, they also give you the following benefits:

  • It helps you understand what activities and careers you can best succeed in, thus boosting productivity
  • Improves your self-awareness, reduces self-doubt, and gives you an accurate picture of your place in the workforce
  • Allows you to make decisions in a more decisive manner while increasing the odds of positive outcomes
  • As a manager, it helps you create a balanced team where everyone has tasks assigned to their strengths
  • If you are an employee, it gives you the vocabulary to best describe yourself, highlight your best qualities, and increase the odds of getting hired

How Does Signature Strengths Test Work?

The signature strengths test analyzes your top skills and abilities. It lists your top strengths and to what degree you have these strengths. Everyone has strengths that lead them daily. You may be unaware of what these strengths are and how you use them, though. This is what the signature strengths test quantifies.

There are many different types of strengths that the signature strengths test screens for. They include your ability to handle negative emotions, leadership skills, creative thinking, persistence, and so on.

You will be asked a series of questions to determine which of these strengths are your “signatures,” or most developed and most commonly used strengths. The key difference between other strength tests and the signature strengths test is which of your strengths are presented.

Some strengths tests show how developed each of the strengths in their database in you. However, the signature strengths test focuses only on your top strengths.

The test questions will ask you about how you react to problems, your greatest successes, your relationships, career history, and so on. All of these questions reveal which strengths lead you the most in your life.

The most signature strengths test will list which of your strengths is the most developed and include this in your final strengths report at the end of the test.

For Whom Is The Signature Strengths Test?

The signature strengths test can be beneficial and eye-opening to a broad range of individuals. In general, if you are unsure of your strengths, this test can clearly outline your best qualities.

Employees commonly use the signature strengths test when they are at a turning point in their lives. For example, getting fired or leaving work often leaves individuals confused and scared about the future.

By taking a signature strength test, these people get reassurance and confidence. They are equipped with the knowledge they need to convince interviewers they are the right candidate. And, if the employee is unsure of which career is best suited to their skills, a signature strengths test makes that clear.

Even employees who have stayed with a company for decades can benefit from the signature strengths test. Such tests can reinvigorate individuals, boost positive thinking, and allow people to find new ways to apply their strengths. It increases productivity and confidence in individuals who may need a boost, especially to unengaged employees.

It is not only new employees who use this test, though. Many HR managers incorporate it into their hiring protocol. They want to screen employees to ensure their teams are balanced and there are no skills gaps.

Managers and executives not only administer the test, but they also take it themselves. Based on a manager’s signature strengths, they can find the best department to work in. For instance, if a manager has strong creative thinking skills, they may be better suited in the design department than in system processing.

This test is not only used in workplace settings. The signature strengths test is useful for relationships, too. By understanding your best qualities, you can find better ways to communicate and solve problems with your spouse.

How Long Does Signature Test Last?

Signature strength tests are quick to complete. In general, you should be able to finish the assessment in one sitting. Expect the test to take around 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Your strengths change over time, though. This means that your results will not last for a life span. You need to consistently retest to get up-to-date information on your strengths. Generally, you should retake the signature strengths assessment after every major event in your life.

For example, after a breakup, make time to retake the strength test. After such a traumatic event, you will likely learn new strategies for dealing with pain. Certain qualities may be strengthened (like problem-solving or persistence), while other strengths may become weaker (such as confidence).

The same is true with getting a new job or having kids: these events can dramatically your signature strengths.

Even if no major event occurs for a few years, it is best to take the strengths assessment at least annually. It is quick, gives you confidence, and ensures that the tasks assigned to you are appropriate for your strengths profile.

How Accurate Is The Signature Strengths Test?

The signature strengths test is quite accurate. Strengths tests are based on research done by professional psychologists. They were created based on thorough data collected by Donald Clifton, Raymond Christal, and a plethora of other researchers.

The downside to many strength assessments such as the signature strengths test is that they rely on your own perception. Some people are very inaccurate when it comes to answering strength-related questions.

They may be impacted by the Dunning-Kruger effect, where individuals overestimate their intelligence or abilities unknowingly. Or, they may even purposefully answer dishonestly to make the test results align with their goals.

Test results are more objective when they are reviewed by a third party or when they are performance-based. Still, this does not mean that the signature strengths test is inaccurate. In fact, it can offer clear insights if you take the test with a humble and honest mindset.

Signature Strengths Assessment FAQ

How do I find my signature strengths?

The best and most efficient way to find your signature strengths is by taking a signature strengths test. By taking this test, you get quick and detailed results that reveal all of your top strengths.

Instead of searching for them on your own, you will save time and energy by taking this easy-to-understand online assessment. Then, you can begin learning about new ways to use your strengths and how to grow them even further.

What are the 24 character strengths?

There are many ways to classify strengths. As previously stated, there are 6 (sometimes 5) distinct strength categories. Numerous strengths make up those categories. In total, there are about 24 different character strengths.

They are: creativity, curiosity, judgment, love of learning, perspective, bravery, perseverance, honesty, enthusiasm, love, kindness, social and emotional intelligence, collaboration and teamwork, fairness, leadership, forgiveness, prudence, discipline, appreciation for beauty, gratitude, hope, humor, and spirituality.

What is the signature strength of Seligman?

The idea of signature strengths became popularized in psychologist Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson’s book Character Strengths and Virtues. In the text, a signature strength is defined as a quality or skill that is essential to your everyday life and even a key element of your personality. After taking a signature strengths test, the strengths appearing at the top of your report will be your most developed signature strengths.

How do you use signature strengths?

Signature strengths can be used in a wide variety of ways, depending on the specific type of strength. They are used in your everyday life, in your relationships, and during the work day.

For instance, a signature strength can help you make decisions with greater ease. A strength could help you strengthen the bond between you and your employees, your coworkers, or even your spouse. These strengths can give you confidence and help you understand what you are best at.

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