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Strength Cards for Therapists, Coaches, Adults & Kids

Strength Cards are one of the key steps towards self-improvement. Many people often get lost on the path to realizing their full potential and it’s because they don’t have the needed awareness of their personal strengths.

Thoughts and inner beliefs can be like a noose around the neck, and sometimes we are often our own worst enemies.

The path to self-confidence and self-awareness can be long and difficult, especially if a person indulges in thinking about the problem instead of working on solving it.

In this article, you will learn what strength cards are and how they can help you understand and utilize your strengths.

Also, this article will define how strength cards can be used for children, and in the workplace. In addition to getting to know yourself, you will get to know others, too.

Strength Cards for Therapists and Coaches

Discover your strengths and unlock your potential with

What are Strength Cards? – Definition & Meaning

It’s important to note that building character strength is crucial for developing a person’s personality, and these cards can help with that.

Strength cards are a useful tool for coaches, managers, teachers, as well as anyone else who wants to help others or themselves.

Strength cards are often used in counseling environments, to help individuals realize their inner positives that they are not even aware of, as well as to understand and embrace them.

The approach that accompanies strength cards is based on emphasizing the fact that understanding one’s strengths can enable rapid personal growth. When practitioners use cards, they also use a character assessment method.

Character assessment itself helps an individual to create the proper mindset and it also provides a basis for expanding and facilitating the application of their strengths.

Discover your strengths and unlock your potential with

Benefits of Strength Cards

They help to get to know yourself and your strengths

Strength cards help individuals in many ways. Primarily, to get to know themselves and their current strengths, while also considering which ones they want to develop further. The cards can be integrated into any counseling session or even outside one, which is always a positive.

It’s an approach-based method, not an outcome-focused one

It is important to emphasize that the outcome itself as the end result is not the main motive. While in many other practices the focus is on achieving success at the end, when it comes to strength cards, the path and process itself are much more significant.

It determines each individual’s powers

Practitioners work with people to find out what their strengths are, as well as what is the best way for them to use those strengths in real-life situations. With the utilization of the newly discovered powers, each person can nurture and improve their general well-being as well as their future way of life.

Benefits of Strength Cards

Applications of Strength Cards

Using strength cards is a much more accessible way to help an individual think about the strengths they currently have and the ones they have yet to develop.

Visual accessibility allows people to easily channel their inner powers and to also discover, why they need to do that at this point in their lives.

They can also serve as a great reminder of our positive sides and thus generate good energy. Therapists often encourage their patients to carry their strength cards with them, so they will be reminded of their positive qualities in time of need.

This will also help them realize their potential in more difficult situations. The cards approach can be used in relationships and family counseling, where the emphasis is on understanding each other.

By using cards, it becomes easier to understand each other, both in the relationship and in the family. With their, the connection between family members as well as between couples can be effectively improved.

Strength cards can also be a great self-development tool. By using them, individuals can write down a list of personal strengths they would like to develop.

By doing so, people often expand their horizons, which enables them to start designing a plan on how they can achieve their goals for the future.

When a career coach uses the “strength cards” approach, they often want to help an individual understand how their actions or way of thinking negatively impacts their career path.

It often is a way to help people understand that by developing some personal strengths and expanding their own character awareness, they can get on the right path and thus increase their productivity and advance their careers.

Studies have shown that people are satisfied with the “strength cards” method, especially in the process of bettering their self-perception.

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Strength Card Sets for Adults

Adults can apply this “strength cards” approach in many ways, and together with a therapist or coach, improve their mindset.

The positive impact of the practice has been proven by many psychologists.

Benefits of Strength Card Sets for Adults

  1. By using the “strength cards” method an individual can better realize all their positive qualities and learn how to utilize them in a meaningful way
  2. Individuals get an improved awareness of their potential, which helps them achieve goals as well as work on weaknesses that they would like to turn into their strengths
  3. The use of these cards provides people with specific tools that help facilitate personal growth and the realization of their psychological well-being

How to Use Strengths Cards for Adult

They can be used as a self-discovery tool. In order to do that, a person should choose four cards that resonate with them the most.

Once the cards are selected, the individual needs to ask themselves whether these strengths describe their personality and whether they use them in real life.

Another use of the cards is in understanding the use of strengths. Here one needs to choose three cards that represent his top strengths.

After that, give a specific example that can be identified with the strengths he has chosen. From there, a person should determine how they will use those strengths in the future and whether they’re helpful in their particular life situation.

In order to achieve the best possible results, it’s a good practice for a person to first finish these two uses, before moving on to the more complex one.

Once the strengths that the person already possesses are established, a step further can be taken. From there the individual has to choose two strengths that he would like to develop in the future.

Discover your strengths and unlock your potential with

Strength Cards for Kids

When this method is used for children, the goal is to help them achieve better self-esteem and resilience to problems that may arise in later life.

Therapists often use these cards with kids to help them create awareness about their strengths from an early age. Along with that, they need to learn to focus on the things they’re actually good at.

In addition to that, with strength cards, children learn that working on themselves is important and that they can become everything they want to be if they’re willing to put the effort in.

Benefits of Strength Card for Kids

  1. The cards are often illustrated, so it’s easy to get kids interested, as it all looks like a game to them.
  2. Ideally, they can also be used in groups, which can help children get to know each other and learn to appreciate one another when promoting strengths or a character-based approach.
  3. In addition to appreciating themselves and their abilities, children realize that even though they have weaknesses, instead of being ashamed, they can start working on becoming better.

How to Use Strengths Cards for Kids

The first use is to have cards in front of the child. The child should choose the three cards that they think best describe it. After it chooses those cards, ask it to draw, write, or just give an example of times when it showed that strength.

By doing so, children start learning the practice of self-reflection. Another use begs the question of who’s who. The practitioner asks the child if there is a character that it looks up to.

When stating the name of that person, it is necessary to ask the child to state a few strengths that person possesses. You can also let the kid draw or write if it finds the exercise more interesting in that way.

As with adults, children are working on developing new strengths. One can ask them if there is something they would like to be better at.

Then, children can put these strengths in the “pond” (a pile of cards or a circle made of blue paper or fabric). When they do, let them “make a wish” for each strength.

Discover your strengths and unlock your potential with

Strength Cards in the Workplace

Understanding strengths to achieve a professional result is extremely helpful for any individual.

This use of strength cards is for career coaches who try to help aspiring professionals fulfill their full potential when it comes to their development.

Benefits of Workplace Strength Cards

  1. The main benefit is to help advance the career of any working person, by getting them to improve their mindset.
  2. By understanding their strengths, as well as their weaknesses, people can figure out what they need to work on, in order to achieve success in their chosen field.
Strength Cards in the Workplace

How to Use Strengths Cards at Workplace

The main use starts with thinking about what the individual ‘brings to the table’. People have to choose three cards that relate either to their strengths or to the strengths of their boss or some other colleague.

After the cards have been chosen, their definitions must be read out loud. Then the person has to give an example for each strength he has chosen. These examples have to be specific and applicable.

Also, people can create a strength-based resume. For this, they have to write four strength characteristics on cards. Then they have to give examples of times where they used these strengths, either in their current job or a previous one.

After these applications, if the person wants to continue to develop professionally, it is necessary to acquire new strengths. For this, each individual, willing to go on that journey, has to choose two areas in which they would like to improve.

After that, they have to name one person who possesses the qualities they wish to have. Then they must try to figure out a way with which they can advance their strengths in that particular field.


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