Find Your Career Strengths

 Life is too short for wasting your strengths in places where they are not appreciated.  

Strengths-Based Career Planning

The traditional career planning starts with the objective in mind. First, you choose the role you desire to land and, then, you work backwards to understand which skills you need to develop to suit that chosen role. The focus is on what’s not working, what’s lacking and what’s not performing – what stands on the way to the end goal.


The strengths-based career planning takes a contrary approach. It starts with choosing a career based on strengths – from what’s strong instead of what’s wrong. It takes the strengths of the individual as the starting point to discover where they could be leveraged the most.


While career plans should include getting out of the comfort zone, the research shows up to 25% boost in engagement and execution of career plans that focus on strengths.


If the strengths-based career yields better results and higher satisfaction along the way, why it’s not a common practice among everyone?


While the roots grow from the way the education systems are historically set up, the real reason is much more straightforward.


Building a career on strengths requires taking responsibility for your actions and decisions.


Instead, many people see their careers as observers and not as creators.


They see careers as a result of a good vs bad boss in a good vs bad company.


The research shows that those people who intentionally pick and own their careers report greater levels of engagement, happiness and confidence with their work.


No wonder – it was their choice to follow this direction.


Are you ready for the shift? Then it’s up to you to choose the company where your personal strengths will be bring the most benefit!


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