IKEA Strengths Profile


Self-Believers are independent and self-sufficient people, inspiring others with their certainty and confidence.


Brainstormers are excited when asked to come up with new no-limits ideas and to connect seemingly unconnectable.


Deliverers follow through on their commitments and they enjoy seeing how it builds more trust and respect among others.


Empathizers are great at noticing how others feel and using this understanding to do something good.


Optimists enjoy giving praise on what’s right about people and being grateful for what they have.

Careers at IKEA

Research shows that people who have a chance to apply their strengths at work report up to 3x higher engagement and up to 6x higher life satisfaction. If you feel there is a match between your strengths and Accenture, take a look at currently available opportunities:

About the Company

Since its founding in 1943, IKEA has offered a wide range of home furnishings and accessories of good design and function, at prices so low that the majority of the people can afford them. IKEA is recognized as a socially responsible company, and continuously supports initiatives that benefits causes such as children and the environment. Currently, IKEA has 163 stores in 30 countries, including 15 stores in the United States and seven stores in Canada.


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