Stop trying to be more of who you’re not, and start appreciating yourself for who you are.
HIGH5 Strengths Insights is designed to help you do just that by delivering
actionable & personalized strengths insights on weekly basis.

continue to develop your strengths


We know the feeling. You took the strengths test, got inspired, but after a week the question is: Now what? How do I actually use and grow my strengths?


We have studied over 300 000 people on how they use their strengths to become the best versions of themselves.


Insights from this in-depth research laid the foundation of the HIGH5 Strengths Insights to help everyone live their best life.


HIGH5 Strengths Insights has 3 core elements:


1. Weekly actionable insights that are delivered to your mailbox to help you use your strengths more;
2. Dedicated strengths coach who personalizes these insights based on your unique strengths sequence;
3. Your progress analytics across 4 main areas of your personal well-being.


It’s the most effective way to maximize your potential in all areas of your life.

do not stop growing your strengths
how do you grow your strengths


Once you enroll in HIGH5 Strengths Insights, you will be greeted by your dedicated strengths coach.


This person will be sending you weekly insights on how to understand, use and grow your strengths, based on your HIGH5 test results. That’s what our coaches are trained and experienced to do – to help people flourish.


They say: If you want to go fast – go alone. If you want to go far – go together.


Your success is our success. That’s why from day 1 we regularly measure your personal progress with respect to key aspects of your well-being:


Personal Wellbeing to have the energy to get things done;
Social Wellbeing to build positive social connections;
Purpose Wellbeing to find purpose in what you do;
Community Wellbeing to be engaged with the world.


Whether it’s at home or at work, it’s all in your hands if you commit to applying and growing your strengths.

continue growing your strengths


By taking the HIGH5 test, you are taking the first step towards the right direction. By joining the HIGH5 Strengths Insights, you are transforming this first step into a roadmap towards living your best life.


People who identified their HIGH5
strengths experienced an 8% boost
in life satisfaction


People who have not only identified
strengths, but also applied them
every day felt 73% happier


How can I grow in my career? How can I achieve my goals?
How do I build better relationships? How do I develop my greatest talents?


HIGH5 Strengths Insights has the answers.


Enroll on this page now: and get connected to your personal coach.
Your 14-day trial is free: pay nothing until your trial ends.
No risk: cancel your free trial anytime within the next 14 days.

$4 / mo

$0 for 14 days, then charged $4 monthly.

develop your strengths weekly

It’s weekly to develop the strengths-focused mindset

identify your strengths now

It’s hands-on to move from awareness to action

track your strengths growing progess

It’s result-oriented to track your personal progress

personalized strengths insights

It’s personalized to be as helpful for you as possible


1. How does it work?

Getting started is easy. Simply enroll into the program and you will be greeted by email by your dedicated coach. This person will be sending you insights on how to apply and grow your strengths, based on your HIGH5 test results.

2. I am a busy person - what kind of commitment are we looking at?

The intention of the program is to help you use and grow personal strengths every day. The actionable insights will always remain at hand in your mailbox, so you can come back to them whenever you have time. Whether you have 5 minutes a day or a few hours on the weekend, the program is flexible with respect to your availability.

3. Will there be someone helping me out?

Yes, every program participant gets a strengths coach assigned to them. Based on your HIGH5 test results, these trained people will send you personalized insights to unlock your full potential.

4. How much does it cost?

A subscription to the HIGH5 Strengths Insights costs just $4 per month.

5. Can I cancel my program membership anytime?

Of course! You can just reply to your weekly insights email and your dedicated coach will make sure your cancellation request is processed. No cancellation fees and no fiddling around with a complicated billing page either.

6. Wait, so what happens when I cancel?

Your account will expire at the end of your current billing period (or the same day if you’re on a free trial).

7. Can I use HIGH5 Strengths Insights with my team at work?

Sure, drop us a line at hello(at) and our team will get back to you with more information.

More questions? Contact us here.