Team Building Coaching: Elevate Your Business & Team Members

One of the best ways to strengthen team relationships and boost productivity is through team-building coaching.

Team coaching is an activity that may seem tedious or unnecessary at first, but it truly has an incredible long-term benefit. When you hire a knowledgeable coach, your team will notice a plethora of (both collective and personal) tremendous benefits.

For instance, interpersonal skills are boosted, and a key difference between teams with and without a coach is their ability to mitigate conflicts. If you think these skills are crucial, and if you want an incredible productivity boost for your team, consider hiring a team coach.

What is Team Building Coaching? Meaning

Team building and team coaching are similar strategies that help your team become more united, productive, and fulfilled. With team building activities, you can strengthen binds through activities done outside of work.

For example, lunches and informal meetings are examples of such activities. Team coaching is more personalized and more effective than just team building.

Coaching a team involves hiring a trained professional to address the weaknesses of your team and grow upon their strengths.

Such coaches help team leaders identify team goals, build morale and fulfillment, establish a more productive team, help individuals add to their key leadership skills, can combine the goals of individual employees to formulate a cohesive personalized plan of accomplishment.

The aim of team coaching is simple, but broad: it is to simply improve your team and to help them achieve more than they thought was possible.

Coaches typically take a group approach to communication, meaning unlike in individual coaching, the suggestions are more generalized and apply to a large group of individuals.


What is Team Building Coaching Meaning


The team-building coach is also a great resource for businesses. They help remind leaders and employees of their goals and motivators when times are tough. In the end, this results in a more committed and joyful team, benefitting everyone involved with your company.

Why is Team Building Coaching Important & Their Benefits

Team coaching can be a crucial element of your business. It gives you a competitive advantage, for many other entrepreneurs overlook the importance of team development and growth.

Through a team coach, you get valuable insights into conflict management, goal setting, and generally how to build a kore effective team. These insights are not only valuable for your current team, though. They can also be used for future hires.

In addition to all of this, team coaches also:

  1. Overcome challenges better and become more resilient.
  2. Build loyalty in employees, thus decreasing staff turnover and increasing commitment.
  3. Encourage employees to uphold company values instead of ignoring them.
  4. Establish better bonds between employees and improve communication.
  5. Help set meaningful goals for a large group of individuals.
  6. Teach a team about their own strengths and weaknesses, thus increasing both confidence and team awareness.
  7. Boost the creativity and productivity of your employees.
  8. Foster a sense of passion in employees, which boosts happiness and morale.
  9. Encourages employees to be accountable and take care of one another.
  10. Helps leaders identify the types of employees they should hire and which to avoid.

Team Building Coaching Activities & Exercises For Managers And Supervisors

There are a plethora of both serious and playful activities you can perform to build team spirit and boost communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills. They do not have to be boring!

Before you start planning for team outings and activities, ensure that you are clear about what you want to gain from the activities. Are you looking to boost productivity, communication, or conflict mitigation? This can help you decide which activities to focus on.

Also, ensure you are clear about your team’s needs. If you only plan for this event yourself, you may overlook some large issues. Therefore, it is wise to involve employees and lower-ranked supervisors in the planning process.

Realize that adding a few team-building activities into your routine will not immediately stop all conflicts and troubles. Instead, it takes time to grow bonds. After you recognize that, it is time to consider which activities are right for your team.


Team Building Coaching Activities & Exercises For Managers And Supervisors


If you have team members that rarely talk, or your team is new, a get to know you activity may be the right option for you. Consider planning a low-key outing, such as a dinner or picnic.

When people are relaxed, they are more likely to be open. Such events will also show a more human side to the manager and build employee trust. For teams that need to trust each other more, you can play the well-known trust fall game.

Here, individuals will fall and another team member should be there to help them. Or, you could have your team try to assemble a desk or other item while blindfolded.

Other team members will dictate the instructions and help them put the item together, thus forcing them to rely on each other for support. These activities are both low cost and take very little time to accomplish.

For virtual teams, consider playing “three truths and a lie” to help the team get to know one another. This also helps virtual employees improve their communication skills.

Playing puzzles or chess virtually is also an effective way to establish connections, allow for friendly competition, and see your employees’ problems solve in real-time.

Pictionary is another classic game you can play with a virtual team to build rapport and encourage communication.

Tips To Become Team Building Coaches

If you want to become a team-building coach, it is important to get exposure early on in your career. The best way to learn about the dysfunctions of a team is to witness it firsthand. So, seek out entrepreneurs and ask them about their team troubles. Offer to help them for no cost at first.

Even before you begin searching for clients, make sure you are well informed on what it takes to be a great coach. You could get a degree in psychology to better understand what drives employee behavior. However, getting a certificate through a coach certification organization is equally valid. Such organizations include the Coach Training Alliance, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), Somatica, and hundreds of other groups.

After you have this baseline of knowledge, you are ready to venture out and begin advertising your services. Never stop learning about how to be a better coach. Try to attend meetings and conferences with other coaches so you can learn from their successes and failures.

Note that you may have to adapt your coaching strategies when they are not working efficiently for a certain team. So, it is crucial to keep in contact with team leaders to see which strategies are and are not working.

Team Building Coaching F.A.Q

What are the 6 elements of team building?

Team building is made up of numerous elements. 6 of these important aspects include clarity on tasks as well as roles, trust in all team members and leaders, job fulfillment, commitment to your company, a strong sense of motivation, and finally empowerment to achieve your goals.

If you are able to include all 6 of these elements in your team building plans, then you can expect team productivity and satisfaction to soar through the roof.

How coaching and mentoring can be effective in team building?

Coaching and mentoring are both crucial in team building. Employees need to know their managers and leaders are there to support them in times of need.

If you offer them mentorship, you build rapport with employees, establish a trusting relationship, and encourage employees to acquire new skills as well as achieve their goals.

Coaching a team offers similar benefits. For instance, coaching benefits teams by motivating employees, increasing accountability, empowering individuals to achieve their goals, as well as other benefits.

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Download a team activity (PDF)