Have you ever wondered how to turn a group your individually outstanding employees into a ultra-high performing team? How to increase engagement of the team members yet also increase team efficiency? Or how to increase well-being of people and reduce costs of employee turnover?


HIGH 5 Test for teams gives you an opportunity to discover what your team members are naturally good at and how these strengths compliment each other within the team.

Strengths-Based Leadership

At the core of the strengths-based leadership is the underlying belief that people have several times more potential for growth building on their strengths rather than fixing their weaknesses. A strength is defined as the ability to exhibit near-perfect performance consistently in a given activity. Strengths-based organizations don’t ignore weaknesses, but rather, focuses on building talents and minimizing the negative effects of weaknesses. Strengths-based leaders are always investing in their strengths and the strengths of individuals on their team.


Over 100 000 people have taken the HIGH5 test to discover their strengths in organizations such as:


HIGH 5 Team Report enables the team leader and team to understand the strengths each individual brings, how to use these in complementary ways, required to translate these strengths into lasting success and change readiness.

The Team Leader receives:

You can preview the team report here.

Every Team Member receives:

You can preview the personal Deep Dive report here.


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