Ever wondered what your team is really great at? We present to you an easy step-by-step guide on how to create a team strengths assessment and to get your Team Strengths Report today.

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Step 1: Take the HIGH5 test

Take the HIGH5 strengths test here if you haven’t done it already. It takes only 15 minutes to complete and to discover your 5 most prominent strengths free of charge. If you already have your results – simply log into your profile here

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Step 2: Create Your Group

Once you are on your strengths profile, go to the ‘PEOPLE & GROUPS’ by clicking on the corresponding item in the top menu.

The section ‘Created Groups’ in the bottom right displays all groups of test takers you create. To create a new one, click on the ‘Create & Invite’ button next to the section header.

In the popup, specify the name of your new group and at least 3 participant email addresses. You will be able to add or remove group members afterwards as well. 


After clicking ‘Create & Invite’ all specified participants will receive an invitation in their mailbox with a unique link to join the group. 

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Step 3: Unlock The Team Report

Once at least 3 group members completed the strengths assessment, you will be able to unlock your team report. To do that, click the ‘Unlock Full Group Report’ button in the top right corner of the group view.

At the checkout, fill in your billing details, choose the preferred payment method and click the ‘PLACE ORDER’ button. Don’t forget to enter a coupon code if you have one.

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Congratulations! You have now unlocked your Team Report and can start building high-performing teams with HIGH5.


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