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The self-assessment test is an excellent way to learn more about yourself. It can provide you with a general idea of your strengths, weaknesses, skills, values, interests, and preferences.

Once you understand this, you can apply this knowledge to find which career suits you best.  They will continue benefiting you long after you select your career.

What is the Self-Assessment Test & How Does it Help in Career Development?

Self-assessments are not traditional tests. Instead of seeing if you can achieve the desired outcome, they assess your strengths, values, interests, and weaknesses. There are no right or wrong answers on self-assessments as long as you answer honestly.

A number of different tools can be considered self-assessments. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, is one of the most common tests. Other tests include the Strong Interest Inventory, Career Beliefs Inventory, Values Assessment, and Kiersey Temperament Sorter.

All of these assessments have something in common: they evaluate your work-related values, strengths, interests, aptitude, and personality type. You can identify what motivates you through taking such tests.

There are a number of key career benefits provided by taking self-assessments. The main benefit is understanding which careers are most in line with your goals, interests, strengths, and values. Certain industries and jobs require certain personality traits in their employees. Through self assessment, you can evaluate how well your qualities align with the careers you are interested in.

However, that is not the only benefit of taking a self-assessment. You can notice the career values that are align with your personal values. Plus, the insights can help you decide if you need more experience/training to succeed in your career.

When you understand your skills, you could create a more compelling resume or cover letter. In fact, you could add skills you never knew you had to your resume. And, you will also find new careers which align with your strengths to explore.

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Benefits and Why You Should Do a Formal Self-Assessment

You may think you know lots about yourself. Usually, though, there are elements of your personality that remain hidden. Taking a self-assessment can reveal the hidden parts of your personality that are hard to see alone.

For instance, identifying your work-related values is usually difficult for most individuals. It is even more difficult to evaluate if your current actions are aligned with your values. The personality tests can reveal a plethora of strengths you never knew you had.

Usually, people are aware of only a fraction of their abilities. By uncovering all of your strengths, you can become more self-confident. This self-confidence leads to more rational risk-taking and career advancement. Getting a strength overview can motivate you to try new strength utilization strategies at work, too.

While understanding your skills is crucial, getting insight into your weaknesses is equally important. Tests such as the MBTI can reveal the tasks you should avoid in your career. Additional benefits of taking a self-assessment include:

  • feeling more motivated to learn new skills
  • setting clearer goals for the future
  • being more accountable for your success
  • feeling more engaged and passionate about your career
  • boost your self-esteem
  • becoming a more curious and better problem-solving skills
  • make corrections quicker
  • choose training programs that are in line with your interests and needs
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Self-Assessment Quiz FAQ

How do I do a self-assessment?

You can take a self-assessment in person or online. Taking a test is simple: select the test you would like to test, answer value, interest, strength, and weakness questions for appropriately 20-30 minutes, and receive your results.

How do I do a self-assessment for a job?

Self-assessments should be certified if you wish to mention them in a job application. For instance, simply taking the first unverified test you find is not enough to convince a job interviewer to believe the results.

If you take a verified test, then you can mention the results to your interviewer. When taking this test for an employer, be sure to answer honestly and take your time.

How do you answer a self-assessment question?

There are no right or wrong answers during a self-assessment. The key to taking such a test is to answer honestly. Do not answer in the most flattering way, but rather, the most authentic way.

If you have an opportunity to answer open-ended questions during the assessment, take that chance. They are more insightful and specific than simple yes or no questions. Ensure you answer the questions in the most detailed way you can, both for your positive and negative traits.


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